Chapter 1044: One Strike

Chapter 1044: One Strike

The majestic Spiritual Strength appeared just like unending mighty wave as it swept through the sky. It carried an unusually frightening pressure that rushed toward the purple-robed, old man in a lightning-like manner. Space trembled wherever it passed. Threads of dark-black lines quietly spread!

Although the Spiritual Strength was without form or color, anyone who possessed strength would be able to sense the frightening pressure that permeated the sky. This kind of pressure originated from deep within one’s soul, causing one to possess a fluttering feeling. At this moment, the many private conversations came to an abrupt stop. The expressions of some of the people who had scoff at Xiao Yan’s earlier arrogance stiffened. At a glance, they appeared exceptionally comical.

After having advanced to the Dou Zong class, the current Xiao Yan had likely reached the seventh tier if one were to talk about his alchemist tier. Moreover, due to his Spiritual Strength being outstanding to begin with, it was likely that he would not be inferior to some true tier 7 alchemists!

Such a...

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