Chapter 1042: Competing for Wormhole

Chapter 1042: Competing for Wormhole

Xiao Yan and Lin Yan were walking toward the city when a majestic city wall, that carried a foreboding aura, appeared in front of them. Humans were coming and going under the towering city gate. The entire placed was filled with a noisy atmosphere.

The two of them smoothly entered the city. They looked at the spacious road and at the endless shops and buildings on both sides of the road. The black mass of human heads and the noise they created on the street transformed into a large sound wave that spread apart, charging to the clouds.

“Tianhuang City is really exuberant. It can likely even be compared with the few most prosperous cities within the Black-Corner Region.” Xiao Yan involuntarily clicked his tongue and praised as he looked over the mighty city and the human traffic.

“This is the Middle Region of the Central Plains, the entire continent’s central area. Although the Black-Corner Region is also quite strong, how could it compare with this place?” Lin Yan laughed. He immediately identified their route and led Xiao Yan to the location of the Liu clan’s home. He had once stayed in this place for a period of time. Hence, he was quite familiar with Tianhuang City.

Xiao Yan...

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