Chapter 1041: Middle Region, Tianhuang City

Chapter 1041: Middle Region, Tianhuang City

In a spacious open ground, that was covered in rock fragments, was an enormous stone stage. A hundreds-foot-wide dark-black Wormhole was right at the top of the stone platform. It was slowly rotating while a shocking spatial fluctuation was seeping out.

“Chi! Chi!”

The silence of the rock fragments in the open ground continued for a short before a deep sound suddenly appeared. Following its appearance, one could see the Wormhole form wave after wave of intense spatial ripples. Numerous human figures rushed out of it in a straight line. All of them landed steadily in the open ground.

“We have finally come out. This damn space Wormhole is really too tough…” Lin Yan landed on the ground and immediately inhaled a breath of fresh air from the outside world. He was laughing as though he had managed to extricate himself from something.

Xiao Yan also nodded with the same thoughts beside Lin Yan. His eyes swept in all directions. At this moment, there were quite a number of human figures who had exited the Wormhole. Hence, this open ground quickly became lively.

“Is this place the Pill Region?” Xiao Yan rubbed his hands together, withdrew his curious...

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