Chapter 1040: Fire Seed

Chapter 1040: Fire Seed

Xiao Yan’s eyes were focused on the three wisps of flames on his fingers. A moment later, he raised his head and smiled apologetically to Lin Yan at the front of the boat. He said, “It is likely that you will need to control the space boat during the remaining journey. This Dou Skill that I am practicing still lacks the final step.”

Lin Yan grinned and nodded when he heard this. He said, “This is a small matter. You can just relax and train as long as no unexpected circumstances occur. Additionally, there should be another ten days or so until the end of the wormhole. You must wake up before we leave. There will be some bumps when leaving the wormhole, and they might end up disturbing you.”

Xiao Yan slightly smiled. His eyes returned to the three small wisps of flame. His expression gradually became solemn. His success in practicing the Flame Creation Skill would determine whether he could continue using that Extermination Fire Lotus of his. That was Xiao Yan’s killing move. It would be a great loss if he could no longer use it.


Xiao Yan gently exhaled a breath and once again slowly...

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