Chapter 104: Forcefully Resisting Middle Xuan Dou Skill: Water Python

Chapter 104: Forcefully Resisting Middle Xuan Dou Skill: Water Python

After watching the lightning fast exchanges on the battlefield, the surrounding audience gazed at Xiao Yan in surprise. They did not expect that this guy, in the face of a strong Da Dou Shi, would dare take the initiative and launch his own attack.

Although the attack did not achieve much effect, Xiao Yan was not too disheartened by it. He understood that had he not relied on “Vacuum Hand” and “Fire Palm”’s brilliant combination, he would have been defeated by an attack by the ghost like long whip. As Xiao Yan did not have a leveraging point in midair, his body began to quickly descend. When his body was about two or three meters from the ground, however, the blue long whip nestled up on the ground suddenly stood up like a venomous serpent and twirled towards Xiao Yan.

Curling up his palm, Xiao Yan aimed at the ground and sucked, allowing his descending body to suddenly land on the ground.

Once again, Xiao Yan borrowed the strength of “Vacuum Palm” to escape unharmed. Just as Xiao Yan feet touched the ground, he forcefully stepped off it and once again rushed forward. Finally, he was able to reach the attack range where he was at his best.

Xiao Yan was not good at using any weapons, preferring to use his body to fight. In the instance of a close range attack, the fist, head, elbow, leg… every part of the body could be turned into a lethal weapon. As long as he had sufficient speed, he could release a storm like rapid attack in an extremely short time.

As he approached Teacher Ruo Lin, Xiao Yan’s face became impassive. His fist, elbow and leg swiftly and ferociously struck but each time, his attack was easily deflected.

“Heart Breaking Palm!”

“Rock Splitting Kick!”

“Heavy Elbow Strike!”

Finally getting a chance to launch rapid attacks after much effort, Xiao Yan displayed nearly all of the Dou Techniques that he had learnt. However, he gained nothing from these attacks.

According to Xiao Yan’s perception, the Teacher Ruo Lin in front of him seemed to have covered her body with a layer of cream like film. Each time he landed an attack on her body, his body part would strangely slide aside; his efforts seemingly fruitless.

During another attack, Xiao Yan’s gaze happened to coincide with Teacher Ruo Lin’s eyes. His entire body shook slightly as he discovered a mocking gaze in those pair of eyes.

Raising his alertness, Xiao Yan’s legs were about to move when he suddenly realised that there was a sticky force on his leg, pasting it to the ground and preventing him from moving.

The sudden unexpected change caused Xiao Yan’s eyes to narrow. Lifting his eyes, he caught a glimpse of Teacher Ruo Lin’s half smiling face. With his body unable to move, he tightened his fist instead. Using all of the Dou Qi remaining in him, he aimed at Teacher Ruo Lin and threw a heavy punch.

“Octane Blast!”

Following the explosive scream in Xiao Yan’s heart, the veins on his fist jumped up. A pale yellow Dou Qi encompassed his fist. Finally, the fist carried a sharp breaking wind as it murderously struck at Teacher Ruo Lin.

The sudden strengthening of Xiao Yan’s attack caused surprise to flash across Teacher Ruo Lin’s eyes. She rotated her hand, generating a compact water energy cyclone on her palm before making contact with Xiao Yan’s fist.


A thunder like sound exploded on the empty plaza, causing the audience to repeatedly throw sidelong glances at one another.

The fist and the palm were in contact for a brief moment before Teacher Ruo Lin took a few steps back. Her face was full of smiles as she said, “It seems that you will not be getting your leave.”

Only after his body violently shook a couple of times did the white faced Xiao Yan manage to dissipate the shock from the exchange. He lowered his head and glanced at his legs, only to realize that he had unknowingly stepped into a water trap created by the long blue whip.

“No wonder she did not retaliate when I was attacking. She was trying to lure me to step into the trap that she had set…” Thinking back to the previous scene, Xiao Yan finally understood Teacher Ruo Lin’s motive. She was trying to think of a method to counter the lightning like dodging speed he was so proud of.

“This woman is no lightweight…” Xiao Yan used all his strength and attempted to lift his leg. However, with Xiao Yan’s current strength, how could he escape a trap that a Da Dou Shi had meticulously set up?

“Haha, Xiao Yan. Everything will be over. This is the last round!”

With a smile at Xiao Yan’s irregular expression, Teacher Ruo Lin laughed. She extended a white hand and compelled the blue long whip to coil around her arm.

Teacher Ruo Lin’s palm tightly held the huge serpent’s mouth at the whip’s handle. Then she lifted her lips and suddenly spewed a strong ferocious dark blue Dou Qi into the long whip.

The enormous blue colored energy continuously churned in the sky, much like a water fountain. After a second, the churning energy had agglomerated into a giant water serpent about three to four meters long. The water serpent faced the sky and let out a soundless roar. Large drops of water dripped from its body, drenching the entire field.

After the roar, the water snake, under the control of Teacher Ruo Lin, displayed a frightening power as it pounced on the immobile Xiao Yan in an overwhelming manner.

Eyeing the giant water serpent rotating in midair, all those who were watching let out a surprised cry.

“Middle Xuan Dou Skill: Water Python?”

“Oh god, Teacher Ruo Lin even used this technique? It seems that Xiao Yan is in for some pain.” Xue Ni exclaimed in surprise as she shook her head. She immediately threw a sympathetic gaze at the immobile Xiao Yan.

“Teacher is trying to show this guy who’s the boss. With his unruly character, even teacher Ruo Lin would have difficulty disciplining him in the future, unless of course, he is given a good fright.” Xiao Yu helplessly sighed. At a glance, she could see Teacher Ruo Lin’s intention.

Although Teacher Ruo Lin had used a Middle Xuan Technique, Xiao Yu was not too worried. She knew that Teacher Ruo Lin would not really harm Xiao Yan. Otherwise, given her strength, her “Water Python” Technique would not have so little power.

Back at the academy, Xiao Yu was fortunate to have witnessed Teacher Ruo Lin use “Water Python” with her full strength. The water serpent produced by the Dou Qi was seven or eight meters long, far exceeding what this smaller version.

Coldly watching as Xiao Yan fell into deep trouble, the corner of Luo Bu’s mouth lifted in a gloating icy grin. In his heart, he viciously cursed Xiao Yan to meet his end under Teacher Ruo Lin’s attack.

On the battlefield, the giant water serpent dived down onto Xiao Yan. The enormous wind pressure tightly pressed Xiao Yan’s clothes to his body.

The tremendous force from above him caused Xiao Yan to helplessly sigh. The strength of a Da Dou Shi was indeed frightening. The current Ruo Lin had not even used half of her strength while he had already exhausted himself.

Gradually lifting his head, Xiao Yan faced the giant water serpent which appeared somewhat sinister under the afterglow of the setting sun. He closed his eyes and he bitterly laughed as he whispered, “Oh. Yao Lao, do it. A Da Dou Shi is not someone I can fight against with my current strength.”

“Haha. Little boy. You finally understand your current strength. In the eyes of a true strong person you are actually nothing. You have only took a single step on the road to becoming strong.” A bland, aged voice sounded within Xiao Yan’s heart.

“ indeed very strong.”

Xiao Yan nodded and tightened his fist. His narrowed gaze passed through the transparent water snake and stared at the smiling gentle beauty standing a distance away. “But I believe that I will be much stronger than her in the future.”


The giant serpent was finally just above Xiao Yan’s head. Finally, it ferociously exploded onto Xiao Yan’s body. The ground trembled and water sprayed high into the sky.

Watching the location where a curtain of water had almost concealed everything from sight, Teacher Ruo Lin smiled. Considering the strength that she had used, this attack should be sufficient to barely knock Xiao Yan out.

“Yu\'er, please carry him out. Soaking in the water for too long is not good for the ...” Teacher Ruo Lin tilted her head and said to Xiao Yu. Before she could finish her sentence, however, her face abruptly changed. She gradually turned her head back and stared intently at the water filled field with her pair of pretty eyes. A faint fog penetrated throughout the small plaza. Light footsteps could be heard from inside the mist as a young man’s tall figure slowly walked out. Finally, he paused in the middle of the plaza and observed Teacher Ruo Lin’s astonished face. The young man rubbed his head and laughed, “Teacher Ruo Lin, I’m sorry. It seems that you cannot run away from this one year leave…”

Seeing the smiling face of the young man standing under the mist, everyone’s face registered a great shock.

Eyeing Xiao Yan whose clothes were not even the least bit wet despite standing under the curtain of water, the shock on Teacher Ruo Lin’s face slowly receded. After observing the smiling young man once again, she gently said, “Little boy seems to have some ability. I seem to have underestimated you.”

“Ha Ha, I was only lucky. Had Teacher Ruo Lin used her full strength, I would not have been able to hold out for three rounds.” Xiao Yan said as he shook his head.

“If I had to use my full strength against a new student who is a four star Dou Zhe, how would I continue to survive at the academy?” Hearing his words, Teacher Ruo Lin threw Xiao Yan a disdainful look and said in a displeased voice.

“Since you have met my condition, I will grant you this one year leave. Uh…” Teacher Ruo Lin lightly sighed and shook her head as she said helplessly. It was clear that even after Xiao Yan had met her condition, she was still unwilling to approve the one year long leave.

“Ha ha. Thank you for your help, Teacher Ruo Lin.” Hearing her approval, Xiao Yan, in his heart heaved a great sigh of relief. On his face, there was a glut of happiness.

“Eh, other people anxiously wish to spend more time at the academy, but you, little freak, want to take such a long break? You really know how to give people a headache. After returning to the academy, I will be busy settling your leave problem for quite a while.” Teacher Ruo Lin smiled bitterly as she watch Xiao Yan’s excited manner.

Xiao Yan gave an embarrassed smile but he remained silent. Regarding such matters, he did not want to say more than what was necessary.

“Alright, let’s end today’s recruitment. For the next seven days, we will continue to be in the city recruiting new students.” Seeing that Xiao Yan had no intention of explaining himself, Teacher Ruo Lin could only helplessly shake her head and return her long whip as she gently spoke.

Xiao Yan nodded. At that moment, the burden in his chest was completely lifted. Now that most of the matters in Wu Tang City were settled, he would only require another two or three days of preparation before he could reassuringly leave with Yao Lao to train.

“Teacher, during the time you spend in Wu Tang City, why don’t you come to the Xiao Clan to stay?” Eyeing Teacher Ruo Lin who was about to turn around to leave, Xiao Yu hurried forward and pulled her hand as she said with a smile.

“Go to the Xiao Clan?’

Slightly stunned, Teacher Ruo Lin pressed her eyebrows and asked with hesitation, “The Jia Nan Academy already has a special reception area in Wu Tang City. And going to the Xiao Clan’s home, won’t it be a bother?”

“Haha. It is not a problem. It is our clan’s honor to be able to invite a teacher from Jia Nan Academy. I think that everyone in the Xiao Clan would be more than happy to have Teacher Ruo Lin as a guest.” Xiao Yan said as he slowly stepped forward.

Being a renowned academy in the Dou Qi continent, Jia Nan Academy’s influence in Jia Ma empire was extremely great. If one were to compare the strength and ability, even the Primer Auction House was a far cry from them.

As an extremely strong power, Jia Nan Academy adopted a condescending attitude to the small local forces in Wu Tan City. Because of this attitude, the recruitment party over the years had little interaction with the different forces in Wu Tan City, much less accepting an invitation to stay at a clan’s home.

Under such circumstances, the various forces in the city also knew their limits. They understood the gap between them. Can the weak expect the strong to be polite towards them?

With such a mindset present, none of the various forces in Wu Tan City were crazy enough to have their good intentions snubbed. Hence, when it came to the recruitment party from Jia Nan Academy, they had kept a respectful attitude from afar. They neither dared to offend nor did they thicken their skin and try to form a relationship lest they end up becoming a mockery.

After living in Wu Tang City for over ten years, Xiao Yan naturally understood just what kind of aloof force the Jia Nan Academy recruitment party was. If he could let Teacher Ruo Lin stay in the Xiao Clan’s home, it would once again significantly raise the influence of the Xiao Clan in Wu Tan City to the extent that it may not be weaker than the Primer Auction house.

With Teacher Ruo Lin’s special status, as long as she expressed a favorable impression of any force, regardless of how small they were, that party would experience an unending stream of visitors the next day.

Putting it in this manner may be exaggerating, but when all was said and done, Teacher Ruo Lin held the power to decide who could enter the Jia Nan Academy. For those who were anxious to send their children into the academy, they would not give up even the slightest bit of chance to do so.

Thus, as long as Teacher Ruo Lin accepted Xiao Yu’s invitation and stayed at the Xiao Clan’s home, every force in Wu Tan City would express more goodwill towards the Xiao Clan for this very reason. After having raked in huge profits from the sale of healing medicine some time ago, having Teacher Ruo Lin show her favor towards the Xiao Clan would beautifully conclude any problems caused during the Xiao Clan’s recent rapid expansion.

Just by temporarily staying for a couple of days would give the Xiao Clan have numerous advantages. It was of little wonder why Xiao Yan would recommend it.

Listening to Xiao Yu’s invitation, Teacher Ruo Lin pressed her small moist red mouth together. With her experience, she would naturally understand what kind of influence her status had within Wu Tan City. Based on common sense, the recruitment teachers in the previous years would usually ignore these invitations from forces in the city.

However, now that Xiao Yan had personally given an invitation, Teacher Ruo Lin found it difficult to reject him. Faced with this person who was known as the student with the most monstrous potential in the last hundred years of Jia Nan Academy, she would not carelessly ignore his words. Otherwise, if this little guy decided to get angry and run away, she would have a very difficult time finding another student who was as outstanding as him.

Teacher Ruo Lin pressed her eyebrows together and muttered to herself for a moment before she finally nodded and said with a smile, “Alright. I’ll be in the care of the Xiao Clan for the next few days.”

Seeing Teacher Ruo Lin nodding her head and agreeing, Xiao Yu immediately lifted her smiling face and hugged the formers soft and gentle waist.

“Luo Bu, you should return with Ge La and the others to the reception area, Tomorrow, we will be continuing here. Take note. Do not cause any trouble!” Patting Xiao Yu’s head dotingly, Teacher Ruo Lin tilted her head towards Luo Bu and ordered.


With a dry face, Luo Bu nodded his head, staring at the back of a group of girls who were laughing with loveliness and playfully fighting with one another as they gradually moved further away. Luo Bu could only helplessly shake his head. Without an invitation from Xiao Yu, none of them had the face to forcefully follow. Thus, the group of male students could only downheartedly pack up without the company of any beauties before weakly walking towards the exterior of the plaza.

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