Chapter 104: Forcefully Resisting Middle Xuan Dou Skill: Water Python

Chapter 104: Forcefully Resisting Middle Xuan Dou Skill: Water Python

After watching the lightning fast exchanges on the battlefield, the surrounding audience gazed at Xiao Yan in surprise. They did not expect that this guy, in the face of a strong Da Dou Shi, would dare take the initiative and launch his own attack.

Although the attack did not achieve much effect, Xiao Yan was not too disheartened by it. He understood that had he not relied on “Vacuum Hand” and “Fire Palm”’s brilliant combination, he would have been defeated by an attack by the ghost like long whip. As Xiao Yan did not have a leveraging point in midair, his body began to quickly descend. When his body was about two or three meters from the ground, however, the blue long whip nestled up on the ground suddenly stood up like a venomous serpent and twirled towards Xiao Yan.

Curling up his palm, Xiao Yan aimed at the ground and sucked, allowing his descending body to suddenly land on the ground.

Once again, Xiao Yan borrowed the strength of “Vacuum Palm” to escape unharmed. Just as Xiao Yan feet touched the ground, he forcefully stepped off it and once again rushed forward. Finally, he was able to reach the attack range where he was at his best.

Xiao Yan was not good at using any weapons, preferring to use his body to fight. In the instance of a close range attack, the fist, head, elbow, leg… every part of the body could be turned into a lethal weapon. As long as he had sufficient speed, he could release a storm like rapid attack in an extremely short time.

As he approached Teacher Ruo Lin, Xiao Yan’s face became impassive. His fist, elbow and leg...

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