Chapter 1039: Refining Beast Flame

Chapter 1039: Refining Beast Flame

Numerous rays of lights flashed in the spacious tunnel. One could even vaguely see the outline of some boats.

Lin Yan alone was sufficient to handle the matter of controlling the space boat. Hence, Xiao Yan did not need to divert any attention. He placed all his focus on the Flame Creation Skill. If he could learn this Flame Creation Skill within this one month long journey through the space tunnel, it would be advantageous to Xiao Yan.

Of course, this Flame Creation Skill was the top level Dou Technique of the Demon Flame Valley. There would naturally be something extraordinary to it, and it would likely be quite difficult if one wished to master it within a short period of time. However, this clearly did not obstruct Xiao Yan since he decided to practice it.

Xiao Yan’s attention became completely engrossed in the training method recorded in the scroll on the first day of travel. The ‘Flame Creation Skill’ of the past required three people to practice it together and sacrifice their life force in order to create the ‘Life Transforming Flame.’ However, after the added improvements...

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