Chapter 1037: Heading to the Pill Region

Chapter 1037: Heading to the Pill Region

Feng zun-zhe did not say anything more after seeing that Xiao Yan had made up his mind. He mused for a moment before taking out an old piece of jade from his Storage Ring. After which, he handed it to Xiao Yan and said, “Take this star jade. In the future, I will be able to rely on this thing to find you. Moreover, if you meet with any trouble that you cannot resolve, you can shatter it. I will be able to sense it.”

Xiao Yan tilted his head. He solemnly received the old piece of jade and placed it in his Storage Ring. After which, he cupped his hands to Feng zun-zhe and said with a deep voice, “Thank you Old Feng.”

Feng zun-zhe smiled and waved his hand. His palm patted Xiao Yan’s shoulder as he slowly said, “For Yao Chen to pass that Qi Method to you, it is enough to tell that he values you. Back then, that scum Han Feng coveted this Qi Method, but Yao Chen did not hand it over to him.”

Xiao Yan quietly nodded. Yao Lao had spent an immense amount of effort on him, something that Xiao Yan was naturally aware of. Hence, his heart treated Yao Lao like his father. During these years, he had personally put in a ton of effort in order to obtain the strength to rescue Yao Lao.

Xiao Yan’s training...

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