Chapter 1035: Bone Wing’s Transformation

Chapter 1035: Bone Wing’s Transformation

On the enormous fierce wind eagle, Lin Yan watched Xiao Yan’s body as the blood-red color gradually diminished. He let out a sigh of relief. It seemed that he was gradually absorbing the Ancient Phoenix Essence Blood within his body…

“This fellow is actually absorbing the Ancient Phoenix Essence Blood?” Mu Qing Luan by the side was startled when she saw this scene. She immediately voiced her surprise.

Feng zun-zhe slightly nodded. Although there was no change in Xiao Yan’s aura, he was still able to sense his strength increasing by relying on the sharp senses of of an elite Dou Zun.

“The Ancient Phoenix Essence Blood does possess a great effect in raising the strength of a person’s body. However, once the body is unable to endure that kind of strengthening, it is likely that it will end up exploding.” Mu Qing Luan knit her eyebrows as she softly said.

Lin Yan was startled when he heard this. Immediately, the expression in his eyes changed while he was looking at Xiao Yan. He hurriedly said, “It seems that something is not quite right…”

Feng zun-zhe and Mu Qing Luan quickly turned their eyes to Xiao Yan when...

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