Chapter 1034: Absorption

Chapter 1034: Absorption

The jade-green flame fiercely burned. A high temperature spread from it, causing the surrounding fierce wind to become much hotter as a result. However, no one paid any attention to this. The eyes of Feng zun-zhe and the others were merely staring at the interior of the flame. There were three droplets of red-green blood rotating inside.

“It is indeed the Ancient Phoenix Essence Blood. Moreover, the color is so dense. It is likely that it can only be refined from the blood of some Heaven Demon Phoenix who have reached the Dou Zun class…” Mu Qing Luan’s pretty face changed by the side when she saw the three droplets of green-red blood. At the same time, she also let out an exclamation. She was a member of the Mythical Bird Tribe. Although her tribe could not be compared with the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe, she did have a great understanding of their tribe. Hence, she was able to see just how precious these three droplets of green-red blood were at a glance.

Even the expression of Feng zun-zhe changed when he heard Mu Qing Luan’s words. A Dou Zun class Heaven Demon Phoenix? Such a strength would definitely be ranked among those old...

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