Chapter 1032: Ancient Phoenix Essence Blood

Chapter 1032: Ancient Phoenix Essence Blood

The gazes of the entire stadium solidified on the large hand placed on Feng Qing Er’s neck. Even the killing intent that had vaguely surfaced on Xiao Yan’s face was caught by the eyes of quite a number of people.

The entire Lightning Mountain became silent at this moment. Had the result of this much-anticipated top level fight between the younger generation finally been determined?

This final result had exceeded the expectations of most people. Feng Qing Er’s reputation and strength was something that everyone was aware of, yet this talented lady of the Wind Lightning Pavilion, who only appeared once every century, was defeated in the hands of this young man called Xiao Yan.

Quite a number of people also revealed somewhat gloomy faces within this quiet stadium. Lei zun-zhe’s face was as deep as water. He had similarly not expected Feng Qing Er to be defeated by Xiao Yan’s hands. Not only was he unable to make things difficult for Xiao Yan toda, but he had also allowed Xiao Yan to borrow Feng Qing Er’s reputation to immediately become famous. He really felt like he had suffered double...

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