Chapter 1032: Ancient Phoenix Essence Blood

Chapter 1032: Ancient Phoenix Essence Blood

The gazes of the entire stadium solidified on the large hand placed on Feng Qing Er’s neck. Even the killing intent that had vaguely surfaced on Xiao Yan’s face was caught by the eyes of quite a number of people.

The entire Lightning Mountain became silent at this moment. Had the result of this much-anticipated top level fight between the younger generation finally been determined?

This final result had exceeded the expectations of most people. Feng Qing Er’s reputation and strength was something that everyone was aware of, yet this talented lady of the Wind Lightning Pavilion, who only appeared once every century, was defeated in the hands of this young man called Xiao Yan.

Quite a number of people also revealed somewhat gloomy faces within this quiet stadium. Lei zun-zhe’s face was as deep as water. He had similarly not expected Feng Qing Er to be defeated by Xiao Yan’s hands. Not only was he unable to make things difficult for Xiao Yan toda, but he had also allowed Xiao Yan to borrow Feng Qing Er’s reputation to immediately become famous. He really felt like he had suffered double the loss despite intending to take advantage of Xiao Yan.

The location where the Wind Lightning Pavilion was located was completely silent. Fei Tian and the others looked at each other. Although their faces were ugly, they did not open their mouths to say anything. The strength that Xiao Yan had displayed had caused even them to withdraw the estimations they had made at him in the past.

Compared to the gloomy faced Lei zun-zhe, Feng zun-zhe’s face was full of smiles. Xiao Yan’s performance today had truly subdued his high expectations.

“That stubborn old fellow’s eyes are still as sharp as ever. I wonder just where he obtained such an outstanding disciple.” Feng zun-zhe smiled and softly sighed in his heart.

In the arena, where everyone’s eyes were focused, Feng Qing Er lovely body had become much stiffer because of the cold hand around her neck. The little bit of genuine killing intent contained in Xiao Yan’s voice caused her to not doubt that the person in front of her would viciously destroy a flower if it really came to that point.

However, the faint fear had just risen within her heart when it was replaced by fury and humiliation. With her status and strength, when had she been treated in such a manner?

Feng Qing Er clenched her teeth tightly as her pretty eyes stared at Xiao Yan angrily, appearing just like a haughty phoenix. A strange, black flame slowly seeped out of her body.

A chill flashed across Xiao Yan’s eyes when he saw Feng Qing Er was still being stubborn. The Glazed Lotus Heart Flame suddenly surged out from his hand as he cried out in a low voice, “Get lost!”

The jade-green flame swiftly rushed out and collided with the strange black flame on Feng Qing Er’s body. Both parties engaged in an intense exchange, but the black flame hurriedly shrank back into her body while looking as though it had met with a great enemy in front of Feng Qing Er’s shocked eyes.

The Heavenly Flames reigned supreme among the tens of thousands of flames in the world. Moreover, Xiao Yan’s Glazed Lotus Heart Flame was formed from the merger of two types of Heavenly Flames. If one were to rank it, it was likely not difficult for it to enter the top ten. Although Feng Qing Er’s black flame was a little unique, it was still unable to gain any advantage in front of Xiao Yan’s Glazed Lotus Heart Flame.

“Do you really think that I don’t dare to kill you…”

Xiao Yan’s face turned cold and indifferent after having suppressed the black flame on Feng Qing Er’s body. However, his expression changed abruptly before his words sounded. He saw the Storage Ring on his hand trembling suddenly as a jade bottle appeared without any forewarning. The green-red blood within the jade bottle emitted a majestic energy fluctuation.

The sudden unexpected change caused many people to be stunned. Xiao Yan was the first to recover. With a wave of his hand, his jade-green flame wrapped around the jade bottle. After which, he stored it in his Storage Ring in a lightning-like manner.

Xiao Yan’s reaction was extremely quick. Many people did not even clearly see just what had happened. Even Lei zun-zhe and the others in the VIP seats only sensed a powerful energy ripple appearing before it swiftly vanished.

Xiao Yan’s expression became exceptionally dark and solemn after having returned the jade bottle into his Storage Ring. He swiftly took two steps back after discovering that the green-red blood felt an uncontrollable impulse as long as it was beside this woman. It was likely due to them both being Heaven Demon Phoenixes…

“Looks like I will need to find a time to settle this blood…”

This thought flashed through Xiao Yan’s heart as he raised his eyes. However, he saw that Feng Qing Er’s eyes were emitting an unusual heated glow at this moment.

Xiao Yan’s heart sank further when he saw this scene. He vaguely sensed that something was wrong…

Feng Qing Er’s pretty eyes stared at Xiao Yan’s Storage Ring. Xiao Yan’s reaction earlier was too quick. Hence, even she did not see just what that thing was. Although she did not clearly see it, she was able to clearly sense that the blood within her body had started boiling when that thing appeared. An extremely intense suction force surged within her heart.

“This kind of feeling…” Feng Qing Er descended deep into thought. Her tongue gently licked her red lips. This scene was indeed filled with an endless amount of doubt. This deep thought continued for a moment before her lovely body abruptly trembled. Both of her eyes gradually revealed shock.

“Ancient Phoenix Essence Blood?”

Feng Qing Er slowly raised her eyes and stared at Xiao Yan without blinking. There was some shock in her tone as she articulated each word with a pause between them.

“Ancient Phoenix Essence Blood?”

Xiao Yan’s heart jumped when he heard this. However, his face did not reveal any changes. His tone was calm when he asked, “What do you mean?”

“Hand over that thing from earlier!” Feng Qing Er’s pretty eyes were searing hot as they stared at Xiao Yan. Her cold laugh was not hidden. Instead, it spread over the entire stadium, “You are really very bold. You dare to lay your hands on something that belongs to my Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe?”

The sudden change in the arena also caused quite a number of people, who were unaware of the situation, to become a little stunned. Numerous gazes swept around the stadium.

Lei zun-zhe and the rest in the VIP seats had also become stunned because of this. They stood up from their chairs, strode forward, and appeared in the arena. After glancing at the two of them, Lei zun-zhe asked in a deep voice, “Qing Er, what’s the matter?”

Feng zun-zhe had also appeared beside Xiao Yan when Lei zun-zhe had appeared. He took a step forward and coincidentally blocked Xiao Yan behind him. His eyebrows knit slightly as looked at Feng Qing Er and said in a faint voice, “Winning and losing is commonplace in a competition. Although you are a member of the Heaven Demon Phoenix, do not think that the Heaven Demon Phoenixes can roam this Central Plains without fear.”

Feng Qing Er’s teeth bit her lower red lip. Her eyes still remained locked on Xiao Yan. A moment later, she coldly laughed, “Feng zun-zhe, this is not something that Qing Er has randomly made up. The item that I sensed earlier is clearly my tribe’s Ancient Phoenix Essence Blood. With your status, you should be aware of the rules of my Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe. Any tribe member’s corpse must not land in the hands of an outsider. This Ancient Phoenix Essence Blood must be refined from my tribe’s Demon Phoenix bloodline.This act has broken a great taboo of my tribe. If this matter is spread to my tribe, the enforcement troop of my tribe will take action…”

Everyone was stunned when they heard this. All of their faces underwent their own changes.

The smile on Feng zun-zhe’s face diminished a little. The Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe was not the Wind Lightning Pavilion. The overbearing manner of those fellows was something that he had personally experienced back then.

Lei zun-zhe and the rest did not speak at this moment. This matter implicated the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe. Hence, it was best to let Feng zun-zhe get a headache over it. Moreover, they were happy to see anything that could reduce the strength of the Falling Star Pavilion.

“I am unaware of what you are talking about. It is merely a match. Winning and losing is a small matter. Miss Feng Qing Er need not accuse me of such a serious offense.” Xiao Yan frowned while speaking with a somewhat cold voice.

“Are you saying that I have wronged you?” Feng Qing Er’s pretty face became slightly cold while she spoke.

“If you wish to condemn someone, you can always find the charges.” Xiao Yan faintly replied.

“Do you dare allow me to search your Storage Ring?” Feng Qing Er furiously laughed. She was definitely not mistaken about the feeling of her blood boiling earlier.

Quite a number of people frowned in the face of Feng Qing Er’s words. Searching someone else’s storage ring was not much different than searching someone’s body. This request was a little overboard.

“Although the Falling Star Pavilion cannot compare with the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe, it is not something that can be bullied by others as they wish. This venerable self (Dou Zun) has also met with some of the old fellows in the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe. You wish to search someone else’s Storage Ring with just your words alone? It is likely that no one will be able to simply endure this.” Feng zun-zhe’s expression sank as he spoke.

Feng Qing Er did not dare to say anything to contradict Feng zun-zhe once he spoke. A Dou Zun was considered a peak expert even within their Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe. Moreover, there was the Falling Star Pavilion behind him. However, if she was unwilling to just simply step back. The Ancient Phoenix Essence Blood was of great use to the Demon Phoenix tribe. If she could obtain it, her bloodline strength would definitely become much stronger. Hence, Feng Qing Er clenched her teeth and said in a deep voice, “It is fine if you do not allow Qing Er to search his Storage Ring. However, I must use a kind of searching skill according to the rules of my clan. If it still yields no results, I can apologize for my actions.”

Feng zun-zhe appeared startled when he heard this. He hesitated a little in his heart as he turned his head to Xiao Yan. He was also aware of some of the rules of the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe. Feng Qing Er’s request was reasonable. However, he was a little worried that Xiao Yan possessed whatever Ancient Phoenix Essence Blood with him as Feng Qing Er had claimed. At that time, it would likely alarm the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe if it was really found. Things would become a little troublesome then…

Xiao Yan also sensed Feng zun-zhe’s eyes. His eyes flickered when he did so.

“This searching skill will only react to the Ancient Phoenix Essence Blood. What is there to be worried about if I have wronged you?” Feng Qing Er coldly laughed when she saw that Xiao Yan had remained quiet.

Xiao Yan glanced at her faintly. The glint in his eyes gradually disappeared. The corner of his mouth was lifted into a cold smile. He nodded unexpectedly and said, “Alright, I shall allow you to use your searching skill!”

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