Chapter 1030: Demon Phoenix Bell

Chapter 1030: Demon Phoenix Bell

Following Xiao Yan’s loud laughter, that descended mightily from the sky, the washbasin-sized three-colored fire lotus in his hands suddenly transformed into a fire glow that shot toward Feng Qing Er in the sky!

Space fluctuated intensely wherever the fire lotus passed. A dark-black spatial line appeared to be just like ink being scattered over the empty sky wherever the fire lotus flew by. That endless darkness caused one to feel shocked.

The fire lotus flew out, appearing to spur the energy of this entire place. Wild wind was stirred as the natural energy of the world also became violent. This unusual phenomenon caused a countless of people watching it to be stunned. Such frightening might was something that even those experts, who been in the Dou Zong class for many years, had difficulty triggering.

From the sky, Feng Qing Er looked at the fire lotus that had transformed into a fire glow that rushed over. Her ice-cold expression had changed for the first time. She really sensed an annihilating aura from the fire lotus. Under such an aura, a storm involuntarily rose in her heart despite her status....

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