Chapter 103: First Fight with a Da Dou Shi

Chapter 103: First Fight with a Da Dou Shi

Listening to Xiao Yan agreeing with Teacher Ruo Lin’s condition, everyone threw him a “respectful” gaze.

Although Xiao Yan was extremely gifted, the huge gap between him and Teacher Ruo Lin was very difficult to overcome. The difference between a Dou Zhe and Da Dou Shi was not something that one could make up through one’s talent.

Xiao Yu was also stunned by Xiao Yan’s response. A moment later, she helplessly sighed. It seemed that this guy would not turn back until he hit a wall.

“This place is a little small. Let’s go outside.”

Smiling at Xiao Yan, Teacher Ruo Lin led them out of the tent. In the blink of an eye, her voluminous and exquisite figure released a mature and attractive loveliness.

Xiao Yan rubbed his nose, nodded and followed. After a brief hesitation, everyone in the tent also came rushing out.

The sun was already setting. Its last pale red light covered the plaza with a layer of red carpet. The rocks and ground were also beginning to cool after being baked under the sun for an entire day. Standing...

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