Chapter 1028: Holy Demon Phoenix Icon

Chapter 1028: Holy Demon Phoenix Icon

The jade-green fire lotus slowly bloomed like a delicate lotus. A fluorescent light lingered over it, giving it a soul-stirring beauty. However, under this shocking beauty hid a terrifyingly destructive, wild, violent strength.

The ray of light shot over just as the fire lotus was blooming. Immediately, it violently collided with the center of the fire lotus in front of innumerable eyes!

Two attacks that contained a frightening energy collided like meteorites at this moment!

The collision unexpectedly did not result in a loud noise. The intense light ray and the jade green light entangled with one another, repeatedly eroding each other. A tiny line spread from the empty air where the two lights collided.

The entire stadium was completely quiet. Everyone’s eyes were firmly staring at the point of collision of between the fire lotus and the light ray. Although the expected loud sound was absent, some of those with sharp senses could vaguely sense the might of the frightening energy.

The fire lotus slowly rotated. Its jade-green glow made it look like a green-colored crystal....

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