Chapter 1027: Wind Killing Finger

Chapter 1027: Wind Killing Finger

Following the green-silver change in Feng Qing Er’s eyes, a deep-green Dou Qi storm instantly erupted with her at the center. A vague-silver lightning flashed within the storm while the loud rumbling sound cause one’s heart to tremble.

The enormous Dou Qi storm was nearly a hundred feet large. Everyone in the stadium was completely stunned when they saw the energy pressure that spread from it. Such a spectacular scene was created by Feng Qing Er by completely relying on the Dou Qi within her body. The Dou Qi within her body was really vast and majestic.

A wild, violent suction force was emitted from the Dou Qi storm, and the tough sliver wood stadium seemed to have experienced an earthquake under the tearing force of the wild storm. Arm thick cracks were spreading. The entire arena had begun to tremble at this moment.

Xiao Yan’s body seemed to adhere to the arena. His body remained completely still regardless of how the storm sucked. His gaze was firmly locked onto the storm. He could vaguely see a blurry figure within the storm.

“Wind Lightning Dou Qi…”

Xiao Yan’s eyes...

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