Chapter 1025: Accepting the Challenge

Chapter 1025: Accepting the Challenge

The ancient voice softly lingered over the entire Lightning Mountain. There seemed to be a demonic strength within this voice. All the surroundings became completely still when it sounded. The expressions on the faces of a countless number of people froze at this moment. A gentle breeze blew past, carrying a completely comical dullness.

No one knew just what exactly happened at this moment. However, the weight of Feng zun-zhe’s words appeared exceptionally clear in this place. It was likely that hardly anyone in this Dou Qi continent dared to doubt the weight of an elite Dou Zun.

At the edge of the arena, Mu Qing Luan was similarly widening her small mouth as she looked to where Feng zun-zhe was sitting. Her heart was filled with shock. She had never seen the free and easy Feng zun-zhe reveal such a decisive emotion despite having trained under him for so many years. She clearly understood what the words that Feng zun-zhe had uttered at this moment meant. If this matter was not resolved properly, they would likely become the enemies of the Wind Lightning Pavilion. Although the Falling Star Pavilion was not afraid of the Wind Lightning Pavilion, the implications of these two large factions going to war would really be a little terrifying…

Despite such a serious consequence, Feng zun-zhe had...

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