Chapter 1023: Six-Joint Flame

Chapter 1023: Six-Joint Flame

The Six-Joint Body Flowing Ruler was divided into three levels, Splitting Fire, Body Flowing Fire, and Six-Joint Fire. The difference in the strength of these three levels was also extremely great. However, Xiao Yan had seldom used the Six-Joint Body Flowing Ruler’s attacking technique ever since practicing this skill because the thing that he valued the most was the defensive ability of the Six-Joint Body Flowing Ruler. Of course, this did not mean that the Six-Joint Body Flowing Ruler did not possess any other good points. For it to be able to reach the Di class Middle level, the offensive strength of the Six-Joint Body Ruler would naturally be even more powerful than the Flame Splitting Tsunami if it was used well!

However, Xiao Yan of the past could at the very most use the Splitting Fire due to the limitations of his ability. He would have to strain himself if he used the Body Flowing Fire. The Six-Joint Fire was even more distant. However, his breakthrough to the Dou Zong class this time around had allowed all of his abilities to leap forward overnight. He had also strode to the Six-Joint Fire level of this Six-Joint Body Flowing Ruler.

This was one of the various benefits that advancing to the Dou Zong class had brought...

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