Chapter 1022: Fighting Wang Chen

Chapter 1022: Fighting Wang Chen

The entire stadium let out a cheer when they saw Xiao Yan take a step forward. Regardless of whether he was Wang Chen’s match, just the boldness of stepping forward and facing his challenge head-on caused many people to let out quiet praises.

A dense smile flashed across Huang Quan zun-zhe’s withered-tree-like face while he sat in the VIP seats. Although the brat in front of him was a little strange, he also possessed confidence in Wang Chen. His actual strength had already reached the level of half a step into the Dou Zong class after having soaked in the Heaven Mountain Blood Pool. As long as he was given sufficient time, his entry into the Dou Zong class was a given. Moreover, Wang Chen was also able to fight with an ordinary Dou Zong if he went all out. There was even less need to mention the current situation…

“Lei zun-zhe, what do you say to me occupying a little of the competition’s time?” Huang Quan zun-zhe looked at Lei zun-zhe as he faintly laughed.

Lei zun-zhe smiled when he heard this, but did not reject him. Although Xiao Yan seemed a little strange, he was clearly far inferior to Huang Quan zun-zhe in his heart. It was only natural...

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