Chapter 1021: Come

Chapter 1021: Come

The voice that had suddenly sounded by the side of his ear caused Lin Yan to be startled. The thoughts in his mind became dull for a moment before his eyes suddenly widened. He suddenly turned around. Both of his eyes revealed a wild joy and surprise when he saw that familiar face.

“Shh, don’t say anything…”

Xiao Yan merely smiled and whispered when he saw Lin Yan’s stunned expression.

Lin Yan immediately reacted upon hearing this familiar voice again. An excitement that was difficult to describe swiftly surged into his eyes. He parted his mouth and nodded. Using a voice that only the two of them could hear, he said, “Good fellow, why have you come to the Central Plains?”

Xiao Yan grinned in the face of Lin Yan’s excited expression. After which, he waved his hand, indicating that this was not the place to chat.

Lin Yan also woke up when he saw this. His gaze swept around. The sudden unexpected situation back then had clearly attracted the gazes of everyone present. All of them were able to see Xiao Yan suddenly entering the arena to rescue him from Wang Chen’s hands with a Blitzkrieg tactic.

Quite a number of Wind Lightning Pavilion’s expert guards around the arena immediately rushed over when they what Xiao Yan did. A furious sound was emitted from the arena, “Who are you? Why...

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