Chapter 1020: Chaotic Filtering

Chapter 1020: Chaotic Filtering

After Lei zun-zhe words rang out, the atmosphere in the arena suddenly became tense. Fifty-three gazes swept across each other. Their eyes were filled with caution for the other party. In this kind of chaotic situation, all one needed to do was to get themselves to continue remaining in order to obtain victory. At the same time, however, most of the people knew that this selection was extremely harsh and cruel.

Only eight among the fifty-three people would remain. Four of these eight positions were already occupied by the people from the four pavilions. In other words, only four among the other forty-nine people would be able to remain.

Four out of forty-nine. One could just imagine just what kind of intense battle would erupt as a result of such a filtering method.

While the atmosphere in the arena was tense, the stadium around it also became quiet. Countless numbers of eyes were staring at the arena without blinking. The people inside were all considered the top among the younger generation. Other than a small portion of them, most of the people possessed a strength that they were really proud of. The battle that erupted between these people would naturally catch the attention of others.

Ever since Xiao Yan discovered Lin Yan’s figure, his eyes had remained focused on him. With his eyesight, he was naturally able to tell the latter’s strength at a glance. Four star Dou Huang. This strength might be considered quite good in other places, but it was barely considered to meet the requirement to participate in the competition...

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