Chapter 102: Requesting for Leave

Chapter 102: Requesting for Leave

Eyeing Teacher Ruo Lin who was staring at him with a fake smile plastered across her face, Xiao Yan could not help but spread out his hands before feigning an evil and firm glance at Xun Er who had covered her mouth to hide her laughter.

“Hehe, let this conclude today’s registration; we will still be spending another seven days here. Congratulations to all the new students who have passed today; from now on you will be a member of Jia Nan Academy. I hope that all the students will finish their preparations within seven days, after which the Jia Nan Academy’s flying envoy will arrive at Wu Tan City and we will be able to fly directly to the academy.” Teacher Ruo Lin rolled up the sheepskin scroll in her hand as she softly laughed.

At these words, the faces of all the people in the tent lit up with happiness.

Xiao Yan gazed at the slightly smiling Teacher Ruo Lin as he took a step forward and made a dry smile, “Teacher Ruo Lin, I still have something else……”

“Oh? Xiao Yan, the little genius, what else do you have to discuss with teacher?”...

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