Chapter 102: Requesting for Leave

Chapter 102: Requesting for Leave

Eyeing Teacher Ruo Lin who was staring at him with a fake smile plastered across her face, Xiao Yan could not help but spread out his hands before feigning an evil and firm glance at Xun Er who had covered her mouth to hide her laughter.

“Hehe, let this conclude today’s registration; we will still be spending another seven days here. Congratulations to all the new students who have passed today; from now on you will be a member of Jia Nan Academy. I hope that all the students will finish their preparations within seven days, after which the Jia Nan Academy’s flying envoy will arrive at Wu Tan City and we will be able to fly directly to the academy.” Teacher Ruo Lin rolled up the sheepskin scroll in her hand as she softly laughed.

At these words, the faces of all the people in the tent lit up with happiness.

Xiao Yan gazed at the slightly smiling Teacher Ruo Lin as he took a step forward and made a dry smile, “Teacher Ruo Lin, I still have something else……”

“Oh? Xiao Yan, the little genius, what else do you have to discuss with teacher?” Teacher Ruo Lin lifted her pretty and charming face as she answered in a teasing tone.

The awkward nickname caused Xiao Yan to let out an embarrassed smile as he shook his head and probed, “Umm……. I’m thinking if I could possibly not follow you all to Jia Nan Academy because I still have an important thing I need to do. Teacher Ruo Lin, is it possible for me to request for some leave?”

“Request for leave?” Slightly stunned, Teacher Ruo Lin knitted her brows together before softly replying, “According to the rules, besides some designated days,, new students have no leaves during the school year.”

“But I have a truly important matter.” Xiao Yan shrugged his shoulders and added in a solemn voice, “Extremely important, to the extent that I have no choice but to go.”

Right beside him, Xun Er’s delicate face turned a shade darker at Xiao Yan’s words, her hands started to fiddle with her hair. She had originally thought that her journey to Jia Nan Academy would be in high spirits but now her enthusiasm suddenly waned.

“Requesting for leave?” Likewise, Xiao Yu was shocked at Xiao Yan’s words. She stared at Xiao Yan, unable to make heads or tails of the situation.

As Teacher Ruo Lin looked at Xiao Yan’s solemn face, her brows knitted together. A while later she finally gently nodded and softly said, “Okay then. How long a break do you need, if it is not too long I could possibly help you with the authority I have.”

Xiao Yan looked into Ruo Lin’s gentle eyes and suddenly felt his face flush. After a moment of silence, he awkwardly answered, “Probably…… about a year.”

Once these words left his mouth, the entire tent was suddenly quiet. One by one, astonished gazes rapidly turned towards the youth who was smiling awkwardly. About one year? At this moment, every person thought that there was a problem with their hearing. Even though they had seen requests for leave before…… requesting for a year’s leave just after registering…… this was the first time this had happened since the founding of Jia Nan Academy.

“Yu-er. This guy from your clan…… is way too overbearing right? One year? Does he intentionally not want to go to Jia Nan Academy?” Xue Ni stared at Xiao Yan, dumbstruck, as she rapidly shot questions at Xiao Yu in a startled voice.

Xiao Yu laughed bitterly as she shook her head, she too did not understand where Xiao Yan was coming from.

“..... Are you joking with me?” Teacher Ruo Lin blinked her long eyelashes as she did not know whether to laugh or cry at Xiao Yan’s words. Requesting for a year of leave? This was almost a third of the total time spent in the academy.

Xiao Yan helplessly shook his head and said, “I am seriously discussing this matter with teacher.”

With her black brows tightly knitted together, Teacher Ruo Lin looked at Xiao Yan’s face, even though there was a look of helplessness on it, she could not find even a tiny shred of that he was joking. Teacher Ruo Lin sighed as she shook her head before softly saying, “This leave is too long, I do not have the authority to approve it. You should just forgo it, judging by your potential, you will definitely get the best kind of training from the academy. Why would you waste your time by taking leave instead?”

Hearing Teacher Ruo Lin’s advice, Xiao Yan let out a bitter laugh, “This is already the most conservative estimate.”

Teacher Ruo Lin’s empty hand massaged her bright and clean forehead, as she had anticipated, this little bastard had already brought her such a difficult headache; inducing problems even before officially becoming her student. Looks like he had the potential to become a pain in the a** student.

“The leave is too long……” Once again shaking her head, Ruo Lin sighed, her words already held implications that she would reject it.

“If I am unable to take a year of leave, I think that I will have to withdraw. If I have a chance next year, I will once again participate in Jia Nan Academy’s enrollment.” Xiao Yan pursed his lips and said grudgingly in a soft voice.

“Withdraw?” Hearing these words from Xiao Yan, a disturbance started in the tent. To one side, Xiao Yu stamped her feet in worry.

Seeing that Xiao Yan was using withdrawing as a threat, there was finally a slight change in Teacher Ruo Lin’s gentle expression. She hated to part with a talented student that she had just recruited. After staring closely at that stubborn youngster, a moment later, her gentle voice said, “Xiao Yan, can you not make this hard for teacher? The leave that you request for is way too long.”

Mixed with a trace of beseechment, the combination of Teacher Ruo Lin’s gentle voice together with her sweet face pulled at mens’ heartstrings; most men were practically unable to reject her. Many of the male students within the tent were already involuntarily nodding their heads after hearing her words. It was only when they finally regained their senses did they flush red with embarrassment.

Under the attack of this delicate beauty, Xiao Yan’s heart was likewise beating rapidly, yet his self control was far stronger than that of a normal person. Slowly spitting out a breath, under everyone’s gaze, he shook his head and earnestly said, “Teacher Ruo Lin, I need this one year of leave! Nothing can change that.”

Teacher Ruo Lin eyed the youngster who had replied with extreme resolution, once again feeling a headache, her empty hand lightly massaged her bright and clean forehead again. A moment later, finally a little enraged by Xiao Yan’s stubborness, she suddenly sat up and while gritting her teeth. She quickly walked forward until she stopped in front of Xiao Yan, angrily saying to his face, “You little bastard, can’t you take my feelings into account? What good does asking for such a long leave have for you?”

“Ehhh……” Watching Teacher Ruo Lin, who had unexpectedly been angered by Xiao Yan, everyone’s faces were filled with shock, after which they could only helplessly shake their heads.

“This bastard could even infuriate a dead person to life, meeting him is really Teacher’s bad luck.” Xiao Yu recalled the times when she had been angered by Xiao Yan until she stamped her feet in fury; as a fellow victim she empathized with Teacher Ruo Lin’s feelings.

As Xiao Yan looked at Teacher Ruo Lin who was right in front of him, her pretty face twisted with anger, he could only laugh awkwardly. He definitely had some anger inducing skills to be able cause the gentle natured teacher to lose herself to this extent, yet, he would go to any lengths to obtain the leave today…...

Deeply breathing in the flowery fragrance from Teacher Ruo Lin’s body while stoically glancing at the other party’s exquisite and ample figure, Xiao Yan forcefully suppressed the excitement in his heart. With an unwavering gaze, he said: “Teacher, I have my own difficulties, please approve of my request, else…… I can only withdraw from the enrollment.”

“You dare!” Ruo Lin had gone through great difficulty to find what can be rated as a demon level student, how could she so easily let him go, her almond eyes immediately widened as she shouted out.

Xiao Yan shrugged his shoulders, declining to comment.

As Ruo Lin looked towards Xiao Yan’s couldn’t care less appearance, she realised that she had somewhat lost her self control, her charming face slightly blushed as she took a step back. A long long silence later, her beautiful eyes slightly slanted as she said in a dull voice: “Do you really plan to request for a year of leave regardless of anything?”

At Xiao Yan saw how Teacher Ruo Lin suddenly calm demeanor, his heart slightly tightened, staring back into her beautiful eyes, he found a trace of danger in them.

This sight of Teacher Ruo Lin caused Xiao Yu and others who had lived with her for over a year to have a sense of foreboding. The Teacher Ruo Lin at this instance was undoubtedly in a dangerous mode.

Although Xiao Yan had already sensed the signs of danger, at this time, even if he were faced with a mountain of daggers and a sea of flames, he could only brace himself. Swallowing a mouthful of saliva, he immediately gave a dry smile and nodded his head.

At Xiao Yan’s nod, Teacher Ruo Lin slowly sighed.

Heavily nodding her head, Teacher Ruo Lin’s thin fingers combed through her fine black hair as she coolly said: “Alright then, requesting for leave is not impossible.”

Hearing these words, Xiao Yan was not a least bit excited, rather he knew that there was a catch.

As Teacher Ruo Lin eyed the calm and collected Xiao Yan, her eyebrows arced up in amazement. Evidently, Xiao Yan’s self control had by far exceeded her expectations.

Lethargically glancing at Xiao Yan, Teacher Ruo Lin suddenly sent him a tender smile, but her soft and gentle voice caused everyone else to look to Xiao Yan in pity.

“If you can survive 20 rounds with teacher, the problems that will come up with your year of leave will be settled by teacher!”

At these words from Teacher Ruo Lin, Xue Ni and the other female students sighed on behalf of Xiao Yan. Shortly after, they looked towards Xiao Yu who was trying hard to force a smile with sympathy and consoled: “Yu-er, don’t be too sad.”

“This arrogant bastard.” Xiao Yu gritted her teeth as she fiercely stamped the ground. However within her eyes, a trace of worry could be seen.

“What now? Do you still want to request for leave?” Teacher Ruo Lin tenderly said while she smiled and gazed towards Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan’s lips split open as he scratched his head, in his pitch-black eyes, a trace of ridicule could almost be seen. Appearing to mutter to himself for a long while, Xiao Yan finally firmly nodded his head under everyone’s gazes.

“Of course!”

At these words, the smile on Teacher Ruo Lin’s turned even more beautiful and soul wrenching while…….. also more dangerous.

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