Chapter 1019: The Commencement of the Grand Meeting

Chapter 1019: The Commencement of the Grand Meeting

The enormous green-colored whirlwind appeared to be twinkling as it materialized in the sky above the enormous stadium within a couple of breaths. The whirlwind gently shook and suddenly paused. After which, it transformed into a countless number of light spots, which scattered. Two figures rode a breeze as they slowly landed next to their seats.

“It is actually Feng zun-zhe? Unexpectedly, four zun-zhe (Dou Zun) have arrived at this Grand Meeting. This trip has indeed been worthwhile.”

“Usually, it is difficult to see even an elite Dou Zun, yet four of them have appeared together at this moment. The Four Pavilion Grand Meeting is extremely grand. No wonder it attracts so many people.”

“Hee hee, I wonder just who will be the final victor of the Grand Meeting this time around?”

The two people, who were the last to appear, naturally attracted the gazes of the entire stadium, more so for Xiao Yan. The two figures had just appeared when his gaze instantly turned to them.

Xiao Yan had already met the green-clothed Mu Qing Luan. Hence, his eyes did not pause for long on her before they suddenly paused on the old man in...

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