Chapter 1018: Four Great Zun-zhe

Chapter 1018: Four Great Zun-zhe

The rock road was extremely long. At a glance, it was just like a large meandering snake that followed the mountain range to the top before disappearing in the distant dark clouds. One would feel exceptionally small while walking it.

Xiao Yan’s footsteps proceeded at a steady pace as he slowly walked to the top of the mountain. Both sides of the mountain road were covered with large silver-colored tree. Such a tree was quite strange. This kind of tree did not have any leaves. Its entire being was just like a straight pillar. The thing that caused Xiao Yan to be surprised was that the interior of this enormous silver-colored tree contained a dense lightning energy. If one used one’s Spiritual Strength to sense it, one would be able to discover a wave of lightning aura at the top of the enormous tree that repeatedly surged out. Finally, it rose into the dark clouds in the sky.

Xiao Yan halted his feet as he looked at this scene, falling deep into thought as he did so. The reason the Lightning Mountain possessed such a frightening Wind Lightning Strength was probably related to these unusual trees. With the silver trees providing a lightning strength, the dark clouds in the sky would never scatter. Thus, one would be able to achieve double...

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