Chapter 1017: Lightning Mountain

Chapter 1017: Lightning Mountain

Xiao Yan found a deserted spot on the mountain peak and landed on the ground. After which, he headed to the foot of the mountain. He helplessly shook his head when he saw the densely packed human flow outside of the Wind Lightning Mountain Range. It was likely that these people were all here because of the Four Pavilion Grand Meeting…

“I wonder if the Four Pavilion Grand Meeting has begun?” Xiao Yan muttered softly to himself before he suddenly took out a thin transparent skin-like item from his Storage Ring. After which, he covered it over his face. Almost instantly, some changes occurred on the contours of his face. If one did not look carefully, it would likely be difficult for one to recognize him.

This item, that could slightly alter one’s appearance, was a little thing the Little Fairy Doctor had given him when they headed to the Chu Yun Empire back then. It was unexpected that it would still be of use after so many years had passed.

He was hiding his appearance in order to save himself some trouble. Currently, everyone was aware of his enmity with the Wind Lightning Pavilion. If he were to openly appear in this place, it was likely that the Wind Lightning...

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