Chapter 1014: Gu Realm

Chapter 1014: Gu Realm

Xiao Yan’s heart tightened when he saw the change of Jin Shi’s expression. It seemed that he was aware of some information that was related to the Gu clan.

“Little friend Xiao Yan, why have you suddenly mentioned the Gu clan? Don’t tell me that you have a conflict with them?” Jin Shi also gradually recovered a moment later and spoke with some worry. This Gu clan was not the Wind Lightning Pavilion. Xiao Yan might still be able to live happily even after offending the Wind Lightning Pavilion. However, if he were to form an enmity with this mysterious Gu clan, the result…

Xiao Yan shook his head and smiled as he said, “I have never met this Gu clan. How could there be any conflict? It is just that I wish to know some information related to this Gu clan. Is it possible for elder Jin Shi to tell me about them?”

Jin Shi sighed in relief. He wiped off the cold sweat on his forehead as he said, “It is best if this is the case. Throughout the Central Plains region, the human’s ‘Hall of Souls,’ and Pill Hall or the three great ancient families in the Magical Beast world fear this Gu clan.”

Xiao Yan also felt slightly startled when he heard this. Although...

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