Chapter 1013: One Star Dou Zong

Chapter 1013: One Star Dou Zong

Yao Lao within the light cluster looked at the frowning purple-clothed, old man in the large, dark-black hall. He involuntarily laughed, “Qin Tian, are you feeling an uneasiness?”

The expression of the purple-clothed, old man became slightly cold when he heard Yao Lao’s words. He faintly said, “Yao Chen, you should just look after yourself. If the hall’s chief did not fancy your alchemist skill, do you think that you would have lived until now?”

Yao Lao’s head moved a little. It caused the chain to emit a ‘clang’ sound. His eyelids were slowly shut as he coldly laughed, “The old me is not a softie like you.”

“A wise person would recognize the situation. Putting up a futile resistance is the most foolish thing to do. With your alchemist skills, the only people on this Dou Qi continent who could compare with you are likely only those few old people who will not die in the Pill Tower. If you join the ‘Hall of Souls,’ your position will definitely be even higher than mine. Why do you want to suffer in this place?” The purple-clothed, old man slowly spoke.

Ridicule surfaced on Yao Lao’s face, but he was too lazy to bother with...

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