Chapter 1012: Seeing Yao Lao Again

Chapter 1012: Seeing Yao Lao Again

The skinny figure stood in the sky. His body did not move, but his majestic aura was enough to cause this area to tremble.

Dou Zong, the true point when one could be considered a genuine expert on the continent. Only by successfully reaching this level would one gain the prerequisite that allowed one to survive in the Central Plains. Currently, Xiao Yan had reached this step at such an age. This achievement was impressive.

Rain poured down from the sky in all directions, wrapping the Heaven Eye Mountain within its grip. A pitter-platter sound appeared.

The figure stood in the distant empty air. No Dou Qi wings or bone wings appeared on his back. Walking through the air was a unique indicator of an elite Dou Zong.

A countless number of gazes passed through the rain and looked at the unmoving figure in the sky. In an instant, the entire Heaven Eye Mountain Range became completely silent. Only the sound of raindrops falling on tree leaves clearly resounded over the mountain.

The figure in the sky did not move. Each time the rain came into a radius within five feet of him, it would automatically scatter. That manner was as though there was an invisible barrier around Xiao Yan.

At this...

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