Chapter 1011: Breakthrough! Dou Zong!

Chapter 1011: Breakthrough! Dou Zong!

A wild gale raged outside of the volcano’s mouth, whistling repeatedly as it did so. Two old figures were standing with their hands behind them in a rock pavilion not far from the mouth of the volcano.

“It has already been two and a half months…” Jin Shi knit his brows and looked to the mouth of the volcano. The Heaven Mountain Blood Pool at that spot had already fallen from its filled condition back then to an extremely shallow level. Moreover, the blood color within the liquid had become much paler. At a glance, it did not appear much different from ordinary lake water. The energy within it had also paled to a level that was impossible to absorb.

Jin Gu by the side also bitterly laughed when he heard this. He immediately said with some hesitation, “Could something have happened? The Heaven Mountain Fire Poison below is overly dense. Even I do not dare to proceed too deep…”

“That should not be the case. Although the Heaven Mountain Fire Poison is extremely fierce, it does not pose much of a threat to a ‘Heavenly Flame’.” Jin Shi shook his head and spoke in a deep voice. For some unknown reason, however,...

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