Chapter 1010: Soul Refining Effect

Chapter 1010: Soul Refining Effect

The dark-fiery-red bottom of the Blood Pool was completely silent. Everything was progressing amid this silence. Even time seemed to have lost its purpose in such a place.

A jade-green color was vaguely visible within the fiery-redness. It was exceptionally eye-catching. If one were to take a closer look, a figure, seated cross-legged, would finally be revealed. Naturally, that figure was Xiao Yan, who had entered the Blood Pool to train.

Xiao Yan had never exited his training state ever since he had entered it. He was just like an old monk maintaining an immovable posture as he absorbed the vast and mighty energy from around him. After which, he used it to refine his veins, bones, muscles, and even cells.

A dark-red-blood color covered every single inch of Xiao Yan’s body. Even his face was filled with this blood color. At a glance, Xiao Yan appeared savage. However, it was fortunate that there were no other people present other than him. Hence, no one saw this scene.

By estimating the time, Xiao Yan should...

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