Chapter 101: The Most Frightening One

Chapter 101: The Most Frightening One

The young lady’s lively voice caused a dead silence within the tent. Everyone’s gaze was dully focused on the smiling young lady in green beside Xiao Yan. They had yet to recover from the shock delivered by Xiao Yan when they were struck by one with a far greater surprise, ruthlessly pressing down on their heads.

Six star Dou Zhe… sixteen years old… This kind of potential seems to have exceeded that of the S class. This talent was even greater than that Witch in the academy.

Watching the silent tent, Xiao Yan bitterly smiled and shook his head. The information that Xun Er had reported was also beyond his expectations. He had originally predicted that Xun Er’s strength would be around that of a five star Dou Zhe. He had never expected that this girl would be so terrifying. Her potential had actually exceeded the S class; even he was slightly shocked at this kind of bizarre training speed.

Within the tent, Xiao Yu was also totally stunned upon hearing Xun Er’s words. In their clan’s home, she had never witnessed Xun Er fight, so she was uncertain of her exact strength. Additionally, no one had ever told her about Xun Er’s secret identity. In her eyes, Xun Er was just a member of the younger generation in the Xiao Clan who was blessed with great talent. She had never expected that her talent would actually be this great.

“...The Witch in the academy will finally meet her match.” Xiao Yu suddenly muttered as she laughed bitterly and shook her head.

At the corner of the tent, Luo Bo and Ge La stared at the green-clad young lady with their faces filled with terror. Recalling their previous attempt at making things difficult, cold perspiration immediately appeared. In their hearts, they silently rejoiced. Luckily, they had not really offended the little beauty just now.

As the pair rejoiced, however, they did not know that from the moment they provoked Xiao Yan, they had already left the worst possible impression in Xun Er’s heart.

The silence in the tent continued for a long while before everyone slowly began to recover. They exchanged glances with each other, their hearts palpitating slightly.

“Tsk tsk, I did not expect that I would actually meet a new student whose potential exceeds S class. Ke ke, it seems I really have good luck.” The shock on her face slowly receded as Teacher Ruo Lin’s glowing eyes stared at Xun Er. A moment later, she abruptly smiled, “This time around, the most outstanding new student in Jia Nan Academy is undoubtedly Xun Er.”

Hearing Teacher Ruo Lin’s evaluation, Xun Er smiled but, contrary to expectations, she shook her head.

“Uh…” Being stunned by Xun Er’s action, Ruo Lin uncertainly blinked her eyes and hesitatingly asked in a disbelieving voice, “Is there someone more outstanding than you?”

“Yes, Teacher Ruo Lin.” Xun Er crisply nodded her head. Her limpid eyes formed a moon like smile, looking extremely cute. “Compared to him, Xun Er is nothing great.”

“Eh?” Teacher Ruo Lin’s eyebrows twitched without leaving any trace. A sixteen year old six star Dou Zhe. This was actually nothing in that person’s eyes? Teacher Ruo Lin shook her head. Although deep within her heart she did not believe this. she still asked, somewhat curious, “Who is he?”

Beside Xun Er, Xiao Yan felt uneasy as he heard her words. Sure enough, after Teacher Ruo Lin posed her question, Xun Er quietly tilted her beautiful face, her eyes filled with mischief as she stared at Xiao Yan.

All the gazes in the tent followed Xun Er’s line of sight, finally landing on Xiao Yan who helplessly gave up.

Seeing the person who Xun Er’s gaze had pointed out, Teacher Ruo Lin was stunned for moment as she immediately said, “Xun Er, Xiao Yan’s talent is indeed extraordinary. An A class potential would put him amongst the top one hundred of the new students in the academy. But… this is still weaker than yours.”

“Ha, correct. Xun Er junior, his talent may be quite good, but when compared to you, he still has a long way to go.” At one corner, Luo Bu sunnily laughed.

In reality, Luo Bu was not the only one with this line of thought. Within the entire tent, other than two or three people, the rest were all suspiciously looking at Xiao Yan. After all, an A class potential was indeed very strong but Xun Er’s potential which exceeded that of an S class, was outrageously stronger. When comparing the two, there was a large gap that was difficult to bridge.

Xun Er blankly stared at Luo Bu, who was full of smiles but did not bother answering him. Her coldness caused Luo Bu, who had wanted to have a closer relationship, to feel embarrassed.

Seeing the manner with which Xun Er stared at Xiao Yan, Teacher Ruo Lin pressed her eyebrows together. Her thoughtful gaze shifted to the helpless looking Xiao Yan and gently said, “Unless, Xiao Yan was concealing something?”

“Hey, Yu er, what are they trying to do? Don’t tell me it is really as Teacher has said and Xiao Yan was still concealing something?” Watching the situation in the tent, the female students beside Xiao Yu asked curiously.

Xiao Yu did not reply. She narrowed her eyebrows while the expression on her face changed. At Xun Er’s reminder, she had suddenly remembered that Xiao Yan… seemed to have a three year gap in his training. During that three years, due to some strange reason, his strength not only did not rise, it actually got weaker and weaker.

Then in this one and a half years, Xiao Yan seemed to… forcefully rise from having a three Duan Qi to become a four star Dou Zhe. If one were to break it down into different time blocks, this frightening training speed was something even Xun Er would not be able to compete with.

Recalling this information that was almost forgotten due to Xiao Yan’s strength, Xiao Yu gradually let out a cold sigh. Only now did she truly understand how terrifying that young man who usually loved to infuriate her was.

“It cannot be considered as concealing. My situation is something that everyone in Wu Tan City would know a little about.” Being the focus of everyone’s attention, Xiao Yan was first silent before he shrugged his shoulders and smiled.

“Can you tell me about it? Allowing the academy to have a clear idea of every student’s potential will allow the academy to better help them. There is no harm done.” Lightly putting down her pen, Teacher Ruo Lin touched her cheeks and with a smile, watched the tall handsome young man. Her gentle voice made it difficult for any man to refuse her.

“Allow me to tell it. Xiao Yan ge-ge does not like to bring up the past.” Seeing the hesitation on Xiao Yan’s face, the understanding Xun Er quickly said.

“Hehe, it is just as well.” Teacher Ruo Ning nodded her head. The gaze she gave Xun Er was a searching one. With Ruo Lin’s experience, she had naturally discovered some clues from the way Xun Er constantly attempted to protect Xiao Yan.

From the manner Xun Er was acting, it was obvious that she was trying to brag to everyone about something that she was most proud of. No one was allowed to tarnish this thing that she was meticulously protecting.

“This guy seems to have very good luck with women.” Teacher Ruo Lin laughed in her heart as she lazily threw a glance at Xiao Yan.

Having reached this stage, Xiao Yan had little choice but to nod his head.

Seeing Xiao Yan nodding his head, Xun Er smiled sweetly. She knitted her eyebrows and arranged her memories before she slowly began, “Xiao Yan ge-ge started training Dou Qi at the age of four.”

Listening to the first sentence, Teacher Ruo Lin nodded her head. Starting to train Dou Qi at the age of four was considered neither early nor late.

“He reached nine Duan Qi at the age of ten.”

The soft voice that Xun Er continued with caused all those in the tent to be shocked. The early stages of training Dou Zhi Li were very tough. This was something recognised by everyone. Usually, if one started Dou Qi training at the age of four, even with better than average talent, one should be around fifteen year old before he could reach nine Duan Qi. For those who are more outstanding, they may be able to achieve this at the age of thirteen or fourteen. Reaching nine Duan Qi at ten was a frightening speed.

“At eleven, he was promoted to a Dou Zhe.” After listening to this point, the gaze that everyone gave Xiao Yan turned slightly strange. An eleven-year-old Dou Zhe… This was something that no one in Jia Nan Academy could compete with.

Following Xun Er’s words, Teacher Ruo Lin eyes grew brighter and brighter as she sat on the leader’s chair. Her beautiful eyes were filled with radiance.

“Uh.. next…” At this point, Xun Er pursed her lips and said softly, “From twelve to fifteen, Xiao Yan ge-ge was demoted from a Dou Zhe to someone with three Duan Qi.”

“Uh...” Hearing this, the numerous side conversations in the tent died down. The face of most people petrified.

“Demoted to three Duan Qi?”

These words that seemed to have come from some fantasy novel caused Teacher Ruo Lin’s beautiful face to register a stunned expression. This ever-changing situation gave her the feeling that she was listening to a tale.

Teacher Ruo Lin covered her red red lips. It was a long while later when she finally recovered from the strange situation. Immediately, she hurriedly asked, “What happened next?”

“Next, Xiao Yan ge-ge, who was unable to train for three years, once again recovered his frightening and incredible talent. After he was fifteen, he managed to rise from having three Duan Qi to a four star Dou Zhe within one and a half years.” Pouting her small mouth, Xun Er said with a smile, “So, Xiao Yan ge-ge’s current strength is the result of his one and a half years of training while my strength is the result of sixteen years of training. You can easily tell the stronger one from the weaker one.”


As Xun Er’s words died down, everyone in the tent once again took in a cold breath. Each and every gaze that was directed at Xiao Yan was filled with shock in the face of his terrifying talent.

In a corner, Luo Bu and Ge La forcefully swallowed their saliva. They looked at each other, finding fear and horror in each other’s eyes.

Teacher Ruo Lin shrunk her eyes and gradually sighed. She slowly opened her beautiful eyes and stared at the young man. In a gentle voice, she said, “Unexpectedly, you are the most frightening of all, you silent boy. Had Xun Er not said anything this time, you would have really escaped unnoticed.”

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