Chapter 1008: Entering the Blood Pool

Chapter 1008: Entering the Blood Pool

The sudden unexpected change in situation caused everyone present to become startled. By the time they had recovered, they only saw the white-clothed man on the ground. The hearts of everyone other than Feng Qing Er’s four person group felt a chill. Their gazes contained an additional fear when looking at Xiao Yan.

The white-clothed man’s body collapsed on an enormous rock. His body was covered with blood traces and was involuntarily twitching. The punch from Xiao Yan earlier might not have taken his life, but it had left him unable to move. With his strength as a seven star Dou Huang, it was impossible for him to forcefully endure a punch from Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan’s eyes swept indifferently over this fellow. He slowly turned around and the coldness of his face swiftly melted. He grinned to everyone else and softly asked, “Isn’t there the right number of people now?”

Feng Qing Er’s gaze swept over Xiao Yan’s face. She coldly laughed, “You are extremely overbearing. It is likely that my Wind Lightning Pavilion cannot be compared with you when it comes to doing such things.”

Xiao Yan merely...

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