Chapter 1006: Transaction

Chapter 1006: Transaction

The attempt to breakthrough the sonic wave checkpoint had gradually reached the end by the time Xiao Yan returned to the rock platform. The thing that caused him to be stunned was that three people had successfully reached the mountain top during this short period of time. Thus, there were nine people on the rock platform. However, after putting aside the two spots for the Gold Swallowing Mouse, there were only eight spots for the Heaven Mountain Blood Pool remaining. In other words, there was one person among the nine of them who would lose the opportunity to enter the Heaven Mountain Blood Pool.

Xiao Yan looked at the person who was the last to charge through the checkpoint after landing on the rock platform. After which, he sensed the strength of the sonic wave and involuntarily frowned. It seemed that the current sonic wave was much weaker than before.

Xiao Yan’s heart contained some doubt as he fell deep into thought. A moment later, he looked at the somewhat weary-looking Gold Swallowing Mouse and immediately understood the reason. He let out a bitter laugh. It was unexpected that the people behind him had...

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