Chapter 1004: Sonic Wave Face Off

Chapter 1004: Sonic Wave Face Off

After Xiao Yan’s feet stepped onto the rock stairs, the densely packed Gold Swallowing Mice around the rock stairs immediately opened their eyes. The hair on their bodies stood erect as a powerful sonic wave suddenly appeared, causing the energy in this place to swiftly fluctuate.

Nalan Yanran clenched her silver teeth after seeing Xiao Yan enter the rock stairs. She merely lifted her head and followed.

“Follow me!”

Xiao Yan’s gaze stared intently at the Gold Swallowing Mice around the rock stairs. An instant later, his throat suddenly emitted a low roar. His feet stomped violently on the ground after his roar sounded, and he transformed into a light figure, which shot toward the mountain top in a lightning-like manner. Behind him, Nalan Yanran also stimulated her Dou Qi to its limit and did her best to increase her speed while following close behind Xiao Yan.

The people on the platform as well as on the mountain top also swiftly threw their gazes over when they saw Xiao Yan and Nalan Yanran begin. Since the beginning, there had not been a precedent of people successfully passing the checkpoint in groups of two or more individuals. Everyone clearly...

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