Chapter 1002: Breaking Through the Checkpoint

Chapter 1002: Breaking Through The Checkpoint

The atmosphere on the platform became tense the moment Jin Shi uttered those words. The countless numbers of enormous gold-colored mice around the rock stairs suddenly emitted a strange glow. Numerous eyes stared intently at the entrance of the rock stairs. The gold-colored hair on their bodies also began to stand on end, appearing just like a hedgehog.

For an instant, no one dared to randomly charge in after seeing the army of Gold Swallowing Mouse solemnly waiting. The great number was one that no one was aware of. Moreover, most of the people present were clearly aware of just what the sonic wave attack of the Gold Swallowing Mouse consisted of. That was something which was extremely difficult to block against. During the fight for the Heaven Mountain Blood Pool back then, these beasts had caused many experts to suffer.

“All of you only have one hour’s time. Those who fail to reach the mountain peak within an hour will be deemed to have failed.” Jin Shi did not press everyone when he saw that they were quiet. All he did was speak these words in an indifferent manner.

The expressions of quite a number of people changed upon hearing these words....

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