Chapter 100: The Classification of One’s Potential

Chapter 100: The Classification of One’s Potential

The unexpected female voice was so gentle that it gave off a heartbreaking feeling. Under this tenderness, Xiao Yan felt a little absentminded despite his mental strength. A moment later, he finally followed the source of the voice and gazed into the tent.

In the shadows of the tent, a lady dressed in green was standing prettily with a grin. The smile on her pretty face was warm and her eyes looked around quickly. The tenderness in her gaze was like clear water quietly passing through, causing people to become intoxicated by the lady’s special vivid gentleness.

The lady looked much older than Xiao Yu and the others. The voluminous and exquisite posture, leaked out a mature loveliness that was molded by the years. This kind of natural loveliness far surpassed what Xiao Yu and these immature girls had.

Xiao Yan swept his gaze over the lady. Although this lady’s appearance was slightly inferior to Xun Er and Xiao Yu, her genuine gentle disposition was something that amazed Xiao Yan.

The lady on the opposite was as gentle as water, demonstrating the epitome of gentleness.

Ever since this lady appeared, Xiao Yan realised that the gaze of some of the young male students in the tent had quietly become passionate. The gazes that they gave her also contained an inexplicable sentiment.

Having discovered this phenomenon, Xiao Yan immediately shook his head quietly. It seemed that these guys had some sort of crush on the lady, which was not something surprising. The younger guys usually liked women who were more matured than them… Uh, this seemed to be called having a preference for a mature woman.

“Teacher Ruo Lin, ha ha, Yu\'er has missed you dearly.”

Seeing the gentle woman who had appeared in the tent, Xiao Yu immediately cried out in surprise. Following which, she pounced forward and with a smile, tightly hugged that seemingly plump but not fat waist.

“Hehe, Yu-er, are you enjoying your leave?” The gentle lady who was called Teacher Ruo Lin smilingly said as she embraced Xiao Yu.

“It has been not bad.” With a saucy smile, Xiao Yu bit Teaching Ruo Lin’s ears and joked softly, “Teacher’s becoming gentler and gentler. If this continues, any man who catches the eye of teacher in the future would be utterly trapped by this gentleness.”

A shallow redness appeared on her face as Teacher Ruo Lin shook her head helplessly. After spoiling Xiao Yu by patting her head, she abruptly faced Xiao Yan and the others and raised her chin. In her gentle voice, she said, “Are these the people you brought over? It seems that they are quite good.”

“Ha ha, of course.” Proudly lifting her chest, Xiao Yu tilted her head and fiercely stared at Luo Bu and complained softly, “That guy is becoming more and more arrogant.”

“Who told you to purposefully provoke him? You should know his feelings for you. After acting so intimately with another man before his eyes, it would be strange if he did not find an excuse to make things difficult.” Teacher Ruo Lin helplessly said

“That will only increase my dislike for him.” Xiao Yu curled her lips and said.

Shaking her head, Ruo Lin released Xiao Yu. She slowly walked forward and spoke with a smile to the ten plus students under the hot sun, “Dear students, come in.”

Hearing her open her mouth to speak, the new students who were perspiring under the hot sun were immediately filled with happiness. They quickly got up and entered the shade of the tent in a haggardly manner.

It must be said that even though this method of wearing down the spirit of the new students was a little merciless, it was effective. At the very least, the arrogance of the new students who were entering the tent was much diminished compared to when they had first arrived. All of them withdrew under the shadows of the tent, their eyes constantly roaming all over the interior of the tent.

Sweeping a smile that was overflowing with gentleness over everyone, Teacher Ruo Ning finally landed her gaze on Xiao Yan’s face. She smiled and said softly, “Luo Bu does not have any evil intentions. Before, he was only a little angry so his actions were a little reckless. Please don’t blame him.”

“Haha, Teacher must be joking. I’m a good natured person. Why would I blame Luo Bu senior.” Xiao Yan rubbed his head and ‘shyly’ smiled.

Hearing this, most of the people in the tent rolled their eyes and laughed in their hearts. Did this person not feel that saying these words after rudely knocking out a senior was a little burlesque?

After staring intently at the smiling young man in front of her, Teacher Ruo Ning blinked her long eyelashes. She had a foreboding that after so many years of being a teacher, she had finally met a student who would give her the greatest headache.

After letting her imagination run wild, Teacher Ruo Lin shook her head and ordered two male students to bring the fainted Ge La in. She lowered her head and observed Ge La’s wounds. Immediately, she pressed her eyebrows together and stared at the innocent looking Xiao Yan with censure.

Being assaulted by the full force of her gaze, Xiao Yan felt his insides trembled. The corner of his mouth cracked but he was not distracted.

After thinking for a moment with a frown, Teacher Ruo Ning extended her clean white hand and instantly lightly touched Ge La’s hand under the envious gaze of the male students. A pale blue moist energy was guided by her hand as it entered Ge La’s body, helping calm the disordered Dou Qi in his body and healing some of the injuries caused by Xiao Yan.

Amongst the different classification of Dou Qi, the water type Dou Qi was the most gentle kind. In the absence of any healing medicine, water type Dou Qi was the most suitable choice to help treat wounds. Hence, water type Dou Qi practitioners were also commonly known as “Mobile Healing Medicine”. In many mercenary groups, someone who possessed the water element Qi Technique was a must. After all, when fellow members were severely injured, only water or wood type Dou Qi would be able to help the member gain sufficient time to heal.

Under the warmth of Teacher Ruo Ning’s Dou Qi, the unconscious Ge La quickly woke up with a groan. Opening his eyes and watching the smiling Teacher Ruo Ning beside him, the former’s eyes was filled with intoxication and worship. Instantly, he embarrassingly got up. His eyes swept across Xiao Yan and he cowardly hid his eyes.

“Are you alright?” Releasing his head, Ruo Lin gently asked.

“Thank you teacher.” Ge La gratefully nodded his head. “It’s good to know that you are fine.” Smiling, Teacher Ruo Lin turned around and elegantly sat down on the leader’s chair. With a full smile, she watched the new students gathered in the tent. She shook her white hand and a ring on her finger flickered while a green scroll made of goatskin and a pen appeared in her hands.

Lifting her eyes, Teacher Ruo Lin smiled in a lazy demeanor. “Dear students, congratulations on passing the test. Now, you can be considered to have entered the Jia Nan Academy. As the school needs to divide the students according to their potential, I will need to know your current actual strength.”

“8 Duan Qi would belong to the F class in terms of potential. This is the minimum requirement to enter Jia Nan Academy.”

“9 Duan Qi would belong to the E class in terms of potential.”

“A one star Dou Zhe, D class, two star Dou Zhe, C class. Continuing on in this manner, the highest class is the S class for those who are five star Dou Zhe. Of course, this is restricted to those who are younger than twenty.”

“Hehe. For over a decade, Jia Nan Academy has only seen one student who has S class potential. Now that little Witch is quite incredible in the academy.” Covering her red lips and softly laughing, Ruo Lin’s tall and slender eyelashes lightly blinked. “I don’t really have extravagant hopes of meeting someone in the same class as the little Witch but if I can obtain some in the B or C classes, I will be satisfied.”

Speaking to this point, Ruo Lin stealthily swept across Xiao Yan and Xun Er. From her perception, out of all those in the tent, only these two gave her an unpredictable feeling. She forecasted that the strength of the two of them would not be lower than the C class.

She was not the only one who was guessing. All those in the tent who had witnessed Xiao Yan in action were also guessing in their heart. What class did the potential of this seemingly abnormal person belong to?

“Alright. Begin. Starting from the left, report your name, your Dou Qi level and age.” Ruo Lin’s empty hand held the ink brush and gently smiled.

Seeing that the registration was about to begin, Xiao Yu and the others in the tent were filled with interest and idly sat down in one corner.

“Heh, Yu er, what level does your clan’s Xiao Yan belong to?” The few beautiful female students squeezing with Xiao Yu curiously inquired.

Hearing this, Xiao Yu narrowed her eyebrows and became silent for a moment. She had never seen Xiao Yan test his Dou Qi. Hence, she did not dare to say too much least she caused Xiao Yan embarrassment should she make a mistake. The current Xiao Yu, for no apparent reason, was strangely beginning to think for Xiao Yan. If it was in the past, she would likely be happier at the embarrassment Xiao Yan faced.

After some hesitation, Xiao Yu gave a somewhat conservative answer, “I think that he should be able to achieve C or B class.”

“Wow, that is quite good already. He can be considered amongst the more talented ones entering Jia Nan Academy. When our potential was evaluated back then, the best was only a D class.” Hearing this, some of the female students said with an envious gaze.

Xiao Yu lightly smiled but did not continue speaking. Her gaze was focused on the evaluation that had already begun in the middle of the tent.

“Hei Yan, Ninth stage Duan Qi, Twenty years old.”

The slightly black skinned young man sitting on the left most corner announced his information with a slightly red face.

Smiling and nodding her head, Teacher Ruo Lin quickly recorded the student’s information. Her red lips parted: “E class.”

“Lin Dun, Eight Duan Qi, Nineteen years old.”

“F class.”

“Ke Li, Nine Duan Qi, Seventeen years old.”

“E class.”


At the same time everyone took turns to report their information, a few new students who just passed the test outside would occasionally enter the tent. After they were strictly warned by the seniors, they quickly and obediently stood behind the queue and waited to report their information.

Amongst the twenty odd people who had reported their information, most of them were weaker than a Dou Zhe. Naturally, there were a couple of new students who originally had Nine Duan Qi but were downgraded to an eight Duan Qi after failing to become a Dou Zhe.

Prior to Xiao Yan’s turn, the most outstanding one in the group was a seventeen year old one star Dou Zhe. According to his potential calculation, this was only a D class. Even if it was only this, it gave Ruo Lin some happiness. After all, for a seventeen year old to reach a one star Dou Zhe meant that he had potential.

After the new student in front of Xiao Yan finished reporting his information, all the gazes in the tent immediately focused on the young man who was about to fall asleep from the long wait.

“Xiao Yan ge-ge, it’s your turn.” Seeing the hazy eyes of Xiao Yan beside her, Xun Er helplessly tried to wake him.

“Oh.” Xiao Yan, who had just woken up, quickly rubbed the non-existent saliva from his mouth. His gaze shifted towards the front only to find the beautiful Teacher Ruo Lin smiling widely at him. With an awkward smile, Xiao Yan flipped his hand and revealed his clean white teeth. “I cannot be compared to the Little Witch that teacher had mentioned. After calculating everything and weighing myself repeatedly… It seems that I can barely be counted as an A class.”

“Uh…” Xiao Yan’s somewhat regretful words barely left his mouth when the tent which was full of whispers, suddenly became silent.

At one corner, Luo Bu’s face twitched. He did not expect that this young man of sixteen or seventeen years of age would actually be of equal strength to him.

Beside Luo Bu, Ge La’s face had slightly whitened. His face was full of bitterness. No wonder he lost so terribly. This guy was a wolf in sheep’s skin.

“Yu-er… you… Didn’t you say that he was at most only a C or B class? Why did it jump to an A class. During each recruitment of the Jia Nan Academy, there will not be more than a hundred students who possess a class A potential.” A few female students muttered as they stared at Xiao Yan with open mouths.

Staring intently at the young man’s delicate face, Xiao Yu helplessly sighed and muttered, “How would I know that this guy is becoming more abnormal?”

“A class?” Ruo Lin blinked long eyelashes in wonderment. A moment later, she smiled brilliantly.

“It seems that I have found a treasure… it was true.” Acting like a young lady, Teacher Ruo Ning saucily blinked her eyes. This loveliness caused some of the men in the tent to widen their eyes.

Xiao Yan rubbed his nose as Xun Er beside him suddenly laughed slightly, “Xiao Yan ge-ge, you have created a sensation once again.”

“Tsk, I know that you are stronger than me. I’m afraid that the S class should be yours.” Xiao Yan rolled his eyes and snapped.

“Uh… Then should I give false information?” In the time that everyone had yet to recover from their shock, Xun Er pulled Xiao Yan clothes and secretly asked.

“Just report your real strength. Do you think I will be jealous of you? Letting the academy know some of your potential would be good for your future development. Of course, you may not be concerned about all this.” Xiao Yan shrugged his shoulder and smiled.

Xun Er pursed her lips and nodded her small head as she said lovably: “Then I will listen to Xiao Yan ge-ge.” As she spoke, she took a step forward. The agile and moving voice of the young lady reverberated throughout the tent.

“Xiao Xun Er, a six star Dou Zhe. Age… sixteen…”

On the leader’s seat, Ruo Lin, who had just raised her pen in preparation to record the information felt her hand stiffen. Her gentle face finally revealed an astonished expression!

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