Chapter 491: Grand Duke Versus Throneless Grand Duke (3)

Without responding, Xu Yangyi only hacked out a glob of spit. Five glorious lights then collectively brightened over the Fishbowel Sword!

The Art of Arrival was unleashed!

“In that case…” Bloody Moon sighed regretfully, his expression ice-cold. “Die like a maggot…”

Hum… But in the instant Bloody Moon  raised his hand, he suddenly stopped. He looked at his hand in shock. Just now, in his heart… had a sliver of timidness arose?

No… this was impossible. He could kill Xu Yangyi in at most seventy to eighty moves. Between two Marquises, this wouldn’t take more than an hour. And this was under the premise that he wanted to torture the other.

But if so… what was this?

Forcing down the shock in his heart, he knew that if he was against an equal expert right now that he would already be at an enormous disadvantage.

“Interesting.” In the same exact moment, he also fell into a sudden daze. In his momentary lapse, his surroundings actually started to flash with endless red light!

Stupid! He snorted disdainfully, stretched out his hands, and squeezed with all of his strength, “Waltz… Third Chapter, Rhapsody!”

Ruuumble! Swift to act, the slender arcing red light frantically leaped and formed a crimson screen of light in front of Xu Yangyi!

He… was going to cut Xu Yangyi into pieces!

Streaks of dreadful murderous will closed in on Xu Yangyi. He didn’t dare to think of more. The Heavenly Opening Great Explosion was already in his grasp, and the Five Star-Deities were shaped. There was virtually no choice but to use this attack.

“It’s unfortunate… just unfortunate!” Xu Yangyi lamented. “If I was able to keep up with his speed, I definitely wouldn’t be so passive!”

“The Art of Arrival might not be able to kill him. This is my trump. If I use it now, and if I can’t kill him… I’ll be fucked afterwards!”

However, if he didn’t use it now then there wouldn’t be an afterwards!

“Heavenly Opening…” His expression also grew cold, and his qi wildly poured into his sword. But in that twinkling the red light emerged… he suddenly saw!

He didn’t know why, but he felt his body become light. At the same time… he clearly saw what that throbbing red light was.

It… was a snake sword.

A serpentine sword forged entirely from human bone! It was dyed crimson by blood. It was just that the bones were extremely tiny, so it looked like a red rope.

Bang bang bang! Xu Yangyi dodged to the side unhesitatingly. All of the speed-increasing divine abilities he could use were all layered on top of each other. As soon as he left where he was standing, the sword moved like a horde of serpents and turned the area where he was standing into ruins.

“This…” He looked over his body in shock. He found it a little hard to believe. Why was he able to suddenly see through Bloody Moon’s speed?

Nonetheless, he wasn’t the only one shocked. Bloody Moon was also looking at him in surprise.

Swish… Swish… Something was fluttering in the air. Xu Yangyi then realized that not only had he moved away, but… without any spiritual force, he was actually floating?

Something black was dancing around him. He stroked it and finally realized what had happened.

The Dream Eater!

The Dream Eater had appeared!

Presently, a pair of black wings were on his back. But on the Dream Eater’s black wings… there were four eyes.

In this moment, these four similarly blood-red eyes were covered in veins. They didn’t blink once as they stared at Bloody Moon.

With six eyes, Xu Yangyi was finally able to see through Bloody Moon’s speed. The added support from the Dream Eater had reeled his life back as it hung on a thread.

“Interesting.” After a brief spell, Bloody Moon regained his wits and coldly said, “Mr. X, it seems you have many good treasures.”

“But I am sorry. It will be mine very soon.” He right hand spread out. A crystal skull was faintly visible, and through the mist, Xu Yanyi could see that the surface was engraved with countless runes. “The night is long. You know… in order to guarantee this operation’s success, I specifically took a certain treasure… It is called ‘The Arcanum of Angelo’. It can isolate the aura here for four hours. I want to say that it’s true that I value you very much.”

“So… you absolutely won’t be able to run out.”

Little by little, Xu Yangyi’s heart sank.

Four hours… even with the Dream Eater’s support currently, he couldn’t possibly last that long against a Throneless Grand Duke.

What to do… What was he supposed to do?

But as his anxiety blazed, he eyes suddenly shone.

No… there was still a chance.

After all, this was to the side of Daomaster Yue’s territory. As long as a sliver made its way out… and the other Chinatown cultivators felt the commotion here, Yue Congrao was bound to valiantly act.

An attack next to a Core Formation Dao Master’s territory, this was a provocation against Core Formation!


At this time, he sucked in deeply and glared daggers at Bloody Moon. “You really are fucking crazy.”

A morbid scarlet smile twinkled on Bloody Moon’s pale face. “Oh?”

“You’re framing the Man from Chinatown.” Xu Yangyi wracked his brain for a way to escape, forcing himself to talk. “I understand. I didn’t know he was hiding in Chinatown, so I didn’t invite him. This could be considered disrespect to a Grand Duke. Therefore, he has a very slight reason to kill me.”

“If you kill me here, no one will know you attacked me. They’ll only think of him. And no one will dare to find trouble with him. Because he himself has no worries.”

He fixed his eyes on Bloody Moon, and the qi in his body madly gushed into the Fishbowel Sword. This was his strongest move. If this move didn’t break through, he wouldn’t have a chance afterwards.

A faint but obvious teasing look hung on Bloody Moon’s face. Two seconds later he said calmly, “Look at your shameful state.”

“To temporarily prolong your life, you waste all of your mental and physical strength to say this pointless nonsense… I was originally planning on giving you a gorgeous death, but now you’ve really disappointed me too much. A perfect work of art should maintain its peerless style before death. The you of now is just a cheap one dollar hot dog on the street. Cheap and expired meat then paired with disgusting spice. Truly, this sickens me.” He extended his pale hand and beckoned. “Come. Use your strongest move. After all, you, who was once resplendent, deserve this pity.”

“As you wish.” On Xu Yangyi’s sword, five runes brightened in succession.

Star-Deity Sui, Star-Deity Jin, Star-Deity Chen, Star-Deity Yinghuo, and Star-Deity Zhen. Amidst a domain of golden brilliance, his body flew back and then the entire blood-colored boundary field rumbled and exploded with streaks of red light!

Heavenly Opening Great Explosion!

In these ten seconds, Xu Yangyi was pushing the Heavenly Opening Great Explosion to peak power. At the same time, he clenched a Qi Explosion Pill in his hand and swallowed it without hesitation.

Huuummm. Endless talismans circled all around. Bloody Moon’s complexion slightly changed, but he calmed down at once.

A cornered dog jumping over a wall? His narrowed eyes gravely looked around. Talisman after talisman manifested at lightning speed. An omnipresent killing aura flooded the street like quicksilver. He tightly pursed his lips as he lowered his head and used his cloak to wrap himself up.

“HIIISSS!!!” In the next second, following a world-shaking roar, his black cloak scattered into pieces, and an incomparably horrible spiritual force loudly detonated!

Swish! A bat wing rose up and concealed the world.

Swoosh… A scarlet eye opened, like a blood-colored moon in the night.

Rows of sharp fangs, and a body covered in black fur like steel needles. In a second, before the Heavenly Opening Great Explosion was completed, a giant bat no less than 300 meters in size roared in front of Xu Yangyi.

“Screech!!!” The bat let loose an ear-splitting snarl, and the entire blood fog trembled. It was to the extent… that Xu Yangyi clearly sensed that the ground under his feet was being shaken up by half a meter!

As the bat’s wings swooped down, the tall buildings in the boundary field instantly collapsed and vanished into red fog.

BOOM!!!!!! A gigantic fireball was wildly exploding in the red light. In bat form, Bloody Moon’s ugly face was shined upon by a stretch of deathly scarlet.

Frantic, red light reached the summit, and the terrible shock wave made the ground rise with a giant wave of rubble. The light screamed and set out all around. Wherever it passed, it was already blowing all the hair on Bloody Moon’s body and his gigantic ears backwards. However, a cruel arc rose up at the corner of his giant mouth.

His chest rapidly swelled, and endless red light flared in his mouth, bringing with it black spirits of vengeance, which seemed to open hell’s door.

“The perfect beginning I bestowed you shall be written with a period for the ugly curtain fall of your life!”

“Scarlet Offering!!!” Just as the Heavenly Opening Great Explosion’s shock wave appeared before his eyes, Bloody Moon howled thunderously, and his entire body swelled up. The spiritual pressure of a Throneless Grand Duke swept over everyone present like a tsunami. Subsequently… a blood-red moon appeared in his giant mouth!

I can’t kill him!

In the instant this blood moon appeared, Xu Yangyi came to an understanding.

Such rampaging spiritual force was terrible. But even more terrible was that spiritual force which transcended a Marquis! A tenth of a Grand Duke’s might!

Even if the Heavenly Opening Great Explosion hit Bloody Moon, it was still impossible to kill!

“Despair, tremble, and then… die!!! Hahaha!” Bloody Moon reared his head back and cackled. But in the next second, his voice came to a guttural stop.

The swelling Bloody Moon, along with the Grand Duke might in his attack, vanished without a trace!

Just like neither had ever appeared!

“This is…” Bloody Moon was dazed for a second, but soon his fur stood on edge as he cried out in fear, “Grand Duke!”

“Hehe…” Dull laughter instantly shattered the boundary field that Bloody Moon had just said to be unbreakable. Immediately, the incomparably pure essence of a Grand Duke, far beyond Bloody Moon, erupted in the street!

As profound as the highest mountain peak, as unrestrained as the tides!

“To have the impertinence to dare injure This Dao Master’s son-in-law in front of me… who gave you such dog courage!”

Boom! As the giant bat screamed, this angry shout followed. In the sky, a huge golden hand slammed down, and a miserable cry rang out. While he was boasting of his own strength moments ago, Bloody Moon was now rammed into the ground like a housefly.

“Daring to cause trouble in Chinatown… do you think I won’t kill you?!”

Bang! Slap! The golden hand casually swung out, and Bloody Moon’s unique, sharp screech punched through the sky. This sound of the giant bat being slapped into the boundary field was crisp. Boom! The boundary field fiercely trembled. Afterwards, like Bloody Moon had slammed into a glass window, he gently slid down.

“Go back and ask the old ghost of your Dracul if anyone has dared to cause trouble for me in a hundred years! They dare not, but a little junior like you has the cheek to grab a tiger’s tail?!”

Pow! Another crisp slap rang out. The red moon in Bloody Moon’s mouth had long since vanished. Like a kite cut of its string, he flew away.

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