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Hellsing (厄夜怪客)
Translator’s Synopsis:
Qi Condensation. Foundation Establishment. Core Formation. On modern 21st century Earth, only these three realms are known to be achievable. Nascent Soul is but a legend and the realms above it lost to the long river of time. The current era is known as Cultivation Civilization, a balance of power and civility, excess and moderation. While cultivation remains a secret practice, it has long since exposed itself to the mundane world, quietly intertwined with each facet of society. While the world appears to be at peace, what lies underneath is a conflict between human, cultivator, and demon, brewing for ages and waiting to implode. Yet in the wake of humanity’s rapid industrialization, qi—and consequently cultivation—is dying. 
Besieged on all sides by forces both human and demon, Xu Yangyi, our protagonist, strives to reach the apex, armed only with esoteric knowledge and his cool pragmatism, and to avenge the unjust deaths of both his parents. Embroiled in conspiracy and with adversity waiting at each turn, he is undeterred in his conquest to seek the Grand Dao and break free of this world’s shackles, claiming his title as the pioneer of an era!
Translator’s Technical Synopsis: 
Archfiend is a novel on Zongheng categorized as a “different city” novel. It starts in the year 2016 and is supposed to exist in our world. The novel combines elements from the modern city genre and the classic xianxia genre to create a story that I feel is very different from what most readers are used to. Archfiend draws heavily on Chinese myth, history, and culture to form an engrossing, but slow, plotline. 
The author’s past works include Super Entertainment Dynasty and The Emperor’s Super Star Cultivation System. Both of them are classified as city novels. Hellsing is primarily known as a “city-genre” writer. Archfiend is his first foray into writing a more action-packed story and what he considers his “transformative work”. Due to his background in the city genre, the author gives Archfiend with what I feel is a fuller and deeper feeling. I will say that reading and treating this novel as a normal cultivation story isn’t the right approach.
Author's Synopsis: 
As others blindly search for the truth, remember every living thing is false. As others are restricted by morality and law, remember that all matters are permitted. We walk in darkness and serve in the light. I am Xu Yangyi, I am… a demon slayer.
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4 years ago
I loved it. It's gone now. Guess it indeed is a Tragedy novel.

(U know cause the tag says tragedy?)

Fine fine I'll see myself out before you guys kick me.

Whoever discovers this note, please do try the novel cause it's quite good.

Rating- 7.5/10

All the best if you read

So guys no im just typing random stuff to make up for the word caount cause i require a 100 words. Don.t worry we are like 27 words away from it. I wonder, is this how writers feel when they write filler arcs? I absolutely have no clue. HOW AM I NOT DONE YET??!!

Oh, done


4 years ago
I've been wanna write a review for a long time, But here it is, my first review was a critique for the WW management team!

it has nothing to do with quality (since the quality of this novel translation is great). So this has nothing to do with Translator.

so don't get me wrong with my criticism.

How do they manage the people who are supposed to translate novels.

Don't you have a lot of great translation teams? Whether haven't there Plan B or even C? A solution to dealing with a work whose fate is suddenly unknown? (dropped/hiatus, Translator lazy, translator sick or even dead?, translators cranky for small wages?)

For a large Community like WW to not have proper Management to handle trivial matters like this is really hard to believe.

Cause some people like me have to go to the RAW site to read the rest of the chapters (luckily there are some very good ones).

I hope my criticism can wake WW, who has either been sleeping comfortably all this time ...

My apologies if my words cause bad feelings in your heart. But where do you get a criticism that's as sweet as honey?

3 years ago
Not recommended
I've been wanting to read this a while. Been waiting for the translator to pick it back up. That...m hasn't happened for quite a while now. I don't really understand why the translator hasn't been replaced, honestly. Anyway, I've personally heard nothing but good about this webnovel. But if you're anything like me, it you prefer to not read something without an end, don't pick this up. Honestly, the translation situation with this is so exceptionally stupid im not sure what to think. I don't know why it's on hiatus, but frankly, unless it's due to licensing, there's absolutely zero excuse for this having been left like this. Its awful.

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Archfiend Hiatus

4 years ago

Archfiend Chapter 500 Milestone!

5 years ago

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