Chapter 470: Auction Fundraiser

Maybe! Zhao Ziqi quickly said, If it’s broken, then it wasn’t necessary to bring it to Vatican City! But… if a broken Holy Relic can accomplish this little bit… then how formidable is it when complete…? T-This is definitely something that overseers a nation’s destiny… How could China allow it to end up in a foreign country? America’s cultivation world can’t compare to China’s, right?

“America’s individual power is about the same as China’s, but there’s a pretty big gap in total power,” Xu Yangyi laughed, “But that’s leaving out that the vampire primogenitor and the lycan primogenitor might still be around. There’s no way China would attack rashly. Those two are old legendary monsters… I also understand the reason now why the Dracul were so hasty to transport that coffin. It’s bound to be related to the Holy War.”

“When it comes to the Holy Relic,I’m not surprised that they would fight to the bitter end.”

He mused to himself for a moment and had Zhao Ziqi go rest. As for him, he gazed at all of New York.

He couldn’t be considered too far from Core Formation anymore… If he could improve his odds at advancing by a fraction more, then that was worth ten times more the hard work! This was the true Dragon’s Gate. Once he jumped over it, he would be like a fish leaping through the broad seas, like a bird flying to heaven’s heights.

At that time, he would be able to rule over others. Not like in Nanzhou, where others had come to rule over him.

“Only Core Formation has the qualifications to search the world’s secrets… The qualifications to see cultivation’s extremes…” Stroking a window, he clenched his fist. “Not only do I have to participate in this Holy War, but I have to win an opportunity to comprehend the Holy Relic!”

“It’s just unfortunate that I don’t have much resources at hand right now. I only know that this is primarily the Holy War between the Corvinus and the Dracul. They’re mortal foes… and this is also why I have to get the Tullius Family to provide a Foundation Establishment pill as soon as possible. In all likelihood, they won’t dare to say ‘no’ to a ‘master spirit-technician’ with such great achievements who wants one of their spots. Even if a spot was more valuable.”

He licked his lips. “The bloodsucking Dracul and the arrogant Corvinus… I’ll make these two behemoths lower their heads. Apart from absolute strength, there’s no other path.”

Xu Yangyi thought to himself and picked up his phone again. This time, though, he repeatedly told the Tullius Family that no matter what in a month from now, all of ‘Master Spirit-Technician X’s’ invitations had to be delivered to the important figures of both houses.

Day after day, time passed.

A countless number of families in New York all received an invitation card from the Tullius Family. An invitation regarding the auction of Master Spirit-Technician X.

“You’re sure he’s a master spirit-technician?” The Tullius Family headquarters was a very old villa. No one knew that there was a paradise under the villa, but at this moment Vanessa was solemnly sitting on a couch. She wasn’t leaning against it in a relaxed manner, but rather as straight as a sword. She stared directly at the coldly sweating Laurent.

“Laurent W. Tullius. I think I don’t need to remind you about a master spirit-technician’s status. If we do poorly or make a mistake, it’ll blacken the Dracul’s face… You will not be the only one to die.” Vanessa revealed her fangs and lowly snarled. Her two several-centimeter-long canines made Laurent shiver involuntarily.

While Laurent merely shivered, his body stiffened at once. He clenched his teeth and said, “No! There’s no mistake! I swear it, I guarantee! He’s a genuine master spirit-technician who’s just snuck into America! There’s absolutely no mistake!”

Vanessa didn’t reply. She stood up and gently leaped up, her feet hanging from the ceiling as usual. Her figure was like a top, beginning to slightly spin. She carefully considered the credibility of Laurent’s words.

She wasn’t too worried about Laurent’s loyalty. No, she was worried about this master spirit-technician. What was his identity?

How could this be so coincidental? A master spirit-technician had arrived with only three months left until the Holy War?

“Any master spirit-technician is proficient in either forging, spirit-potions, or boundary fields. One can even help a large-scale family… This is an extremely valuable strategic resource…” A pair of bat wings whooshed out from her back and wrapped around her. “In that case, the product that he’s taking out this time represents his future symbol to stand in America.”

“Whichever craft it is, it’ll be enough to greatly increase our power before the Holy War. If he’s an actual master spirit-technician, then we must spare no effort to rope him in. But if it’s a mistake… it’ll be a massive joke.”

Silent for a long time, she said in an indifferent voice, “Why didn’t you notify the higher-ups? You directly invited the other families and even sent an invitation to those damn lycans?”

“Your Highness,” Laurent said promptly, “This was the master’s request!”

Vanessa nodded and expressed her understanding. The status of a master spirit-technician naturally sold for a high price. Even if the other reluctantly lowered their own status and went to contact a family, a harsh condition was bound to be raised. This explanation was in line with a master spirit-technician’s noble status and it made sense.

She didn’t care that the Corvinus had been invited. In fact, she had more or less guessed what this mystery master was proficient in.

The Tullius Family was a major cultivation pharmaceutical group. This master’s ability to find them obviously demonstrated that he favored their research ability and means. As long as the Dracul were considered first, that was still another fraction more of assurance, at the least.

“If that’s the case… why isn’t he meeting anyone?”

“Your Highness…” Laurent quickly gave the excuse he had come up with earlier, “He said that he will appear on the day of the auction, but he doesn’t want to have private contact with any family right now.”

A typical case of waiting for a good offer. The light of Vanessa’s eyes flashed. This wasn’t odd either.

But strangely… she had only obtained this information in the past couple days. The House of Dracul disposed of a good amount of Chinese spies, but there were no clues about any Chinese master spirit-technician who had defected to America.

“Could it really be a noble hermit?” she said again after a long time. “We’ll treat him according to the standards of a master spirit-technician. Whatever he wants, we’ll give.”

“But… he better pray that he’s an actual master technician, or else…” She licked her lips in a blood-thirsty manner. “The price of making fools out of the Dracul is very steep…”

“Express our stance to the outside world. Two Second Bitten, five Third Bitten, and a total of twenty-eight family soldiers will participate in this ‘Master Spirit-Technician X’s’ auction.”

Laurent immediately nodded. In his heart, he became nervous for the first time.

Such high standards!

Second Bitten were at least quasi Grand Dukes! To the point that they were already Throneless Grand Dukes. They were no more than a step away from the true throne of Grand Duke!

The true, ordinarily unseen elites of the Dracul had also mobilized a Second Bitten for their Holy War Feast two weeks ago. This was also because the House of Corvinus had dispatched the infamous Savidean VII. Currently, because of the never-before-seen Master Spirit-Technician X’s auction, they prepared themselves to cheer him on.

Nonetheless, Laurent was nervous… The greater the standard, the heavier the killing intent!

If Xu Yangyi wasn’t an actual master, then he wouldn’t even have the qualifications to step out from Sotheby’s Magick Auction Hall! He would be shredded into pieces by the two furious clans. Not even Vatican City would interfere!

Pretending to be a master spirit-technician was a capital offense.

He was silent for a few seconds, but he couldn’t contain himself, “What if… this master spirit-technician once offended the House of Dracul?”

“Then that depends on how great his offense is.” Vanessa looked at Laurent with seemingly deep meaning. “The Dracul has never acted wickedly against a master spirit-technician… Laurent… do you know something? Or perhaps… have you guessed something?”

“No… nothing at all! Please believe me, my lady!”

Vanessa didn’t reply. She eventually said, “In fact, as long as it isn’t a blood feud, a so-called crime isn’t impossible to settle. Everything just depends on the item he’s bringing, his technique, and the price of whether the Dracul can let go of this enmity.”

“If not, then it is enmity. If so, there is nothing.”

At the same time, the House of Corvinus’s headquarters, Northumberland, Chillingham Castle. Since long ago, this castle was closed to tourists. On the third floor of the castle, there were three hardy, old men with full heads of white hair who were gathered together and gracefully holding glasses of wine.

“A newly advanced master spirit-technician has appeared in New York.”

“Yes, the origin of the news is accurate. They’ve already sent the master spirit-technician’s invitation letter.”

“However, his very first choice was the Dracul’s Tullius branch.”

“The first chosen doesn’t represent a gone conclusion.” The leader was a white-haired old man. At his side, Savidean VII was surprisingly sitting next to him. The old man said deeply, “There’s less than three months until the Holy War. A master spirit-technician’s appearance at this time is an opportunity but also a provocation. Grand Duke Pendrel has already issued a directive. Even if we can’t get him, the Dracul must not be allowed to get him at such a time.”

“He’s bound to pick from one of the families.” For some unknown reason, Savidean VII felt a slight upheaval in his heart. He remembered that Chinese cultivator’s silhouette. At the time, the other had also said he was a master spirit-technician. Still, the other’s skeletal age and cultivation time couldn’t support the majestic knowledge of a master spirit-technician. Right now… was this master spirit-technician really someone behind that Chinese cultivator?

Or… he himself?

No! No! No! Savidean VII quickly shook his head and scattered away this terrible thought in his mind.

If it was that Chinese cultivator himself… once the House of Corvinus learned that he had previously provoked a master spirit-technician, even with his noble status as a Half Moon Marquis, perhaps he would be instantly sent away to the Vatican City battlefront, the frontline of the Alps! Instead of staying in springtime-warm New York!

“If we want him to choose the Corvinus then the cost might be a lot greater than the Dracul’s,” another middle-aged man said in a low voice. “I already have people gathering this master’s information, but it’s just like he suddenly appeared. There isn’t the slightest outline.”

Savidean VII became a little jittery in his heart. He couldn’t help but say, “What if there’s enmity between this person and our House of Corvinus?”

The old man’s and the middle-aged man’s gazes immediately looked over. The leading old man narrowed his eyes. “Savidean… do you know something?”

Savidean VII’s answer was no different than Laurent’s at this moment. “I don’t know a thing. I’m only making a possible theory.”

The old man’s answer and Vanessa’s answers were practically the same.

“So-called enmity is only the premise that the settlement price isn’t enough. Perhaps like our centuries-old blood feud with the Dracul… In front of a master spirit-technician, in front of a figure that can spur a family’s growth, I don’t believe there would be a blood feud, because there’s not any clan that would do such folly. Savidean… you’re not hiding something from us, are you?”

“Of course,” Savidean VII could only reply.

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