Chapter 466: A Feast of Lycans (5)

“Hunting Technique…” As this move appeared in their eyes, the gazes of countless people present turned somewhat red.

“This is the strongest attack style in the line of Savidean.”

“There are a total of seven moves, but no one’s seen the seventh. I heard it once beheaded an elder-dragon!”

“It’s a S-rank super magick, humans basically can’t resist it! Let alone this yellow-skinned human!”

“To be able to die to this move is Her Highness Elisana’s charity to him. I hope he can hold on a little more, I’ve never seen past the third style.”

“AWOOO!!!” Versailles reared his head back and howled. In the instant the Hunting Technique appeared, he was so pleasantly surprised in his heart that he was almost shaking.

He had a bitter hatred for this person, who had battered him into the ground and also profaned the Corvinus’s prestige. Today, granted in the presence of the fourth princess, he was going to shred the enemy to pieces! He didn’t want to leave anything behind whatsoever!

Even Savidean VII faintly opened his eye by a sliver. With great interest, he observed his younger sister’s hunt.

His finger propped against his chin gently tapped the bed as he watched their fight. He didn’t let the slightest hair slip by. This was his habit. Observation and analysis. His battle style was far more calm on the surface. Numerous opponents had suffered because they had mistakenly believed that they understood the essence of his physique arts.

“A pincer attack from above and below. He cannot escape. The Hunting Technique is the House of Savidean’s strongest magick apart from the forbidden arts. Elisana should be able to manage three styles… If he dodges, next she’ll certainly activate the second style ‘Hunting’. She will accurately calculate each movement from her prey.”

“He has no chance of escape. He can only face this move head-on. Elisana and him are both mid Marquises, and in addition to Versailles’s ambush… heh heh heh…” Savidean VII quietly mused to himself and extended his hand, planning to pick up the large bone goblet beside him.

And yet, in the instant he touched the goblet, a trembling sound suddenly came from his palm.

He looked over in shock and immediately discovered… 

That the scarlet liquid in his goblet was slightly swaying!

Even the bone goblet itself was audibly shaking!

“This…” He was a little amazed. Afterwards, he looked at his claw with some disbelief.

On his claw, layers of black fur, akin to steel needles, all pricked up!

Crash! He bolted up to his feet, and the unsteady goblet in his hand rolled onto the ground. Blood-red wine hit the ground, and Savidean VII’s golden eyes became serious for the first time.

This was an essence fluctuation.

His gaze rapidly scanned those in the vicinity. No one had paid attention. They were all closely watching the fight and heatedly discussing when Xu Yangyi would die. None of them had senses as sharp as his.

“He can threaten me to the point of essence fluctuation?” His scarlet tongue licked his shaggy lips, and he looked at Xu Yangyi a little incredulously.

Once an expert extended a hand, one would know whether or not they truly were a master.

Xu Yangyi’s right hand flashed with golden light, and the Fishbowel Sword appeared. His qi secretly poured into the sword, the Five Star-Deities on the blade already releasing a vast breadth of grand light.

The Fishbowel Sword in his hand contained his qi without flaring it outwards. Just as Versailles and Elisana attacked from above and below, his left hand gently traced the sword, and he murmured, “Arrival.”

The Realm Boundary Domain loudly erupted!

Hum… Elisana and Versailles felt indescribable shock in their hearts, and their divine abilities almost scattered away.

An irresistible feeling rose above their heads. Xu Yangyi’s figure in the air was suddenly tall and imposing like a sun god manifest, and they were just like the lowest insects. To even glance upon him was blasphemous.

These two had both been completely defeated by Xu Yangyi. The activation of the Art of Arrival had an even stronger effect on them!

“This…” An intense shock spread through Elisana’s mind, however… in the next instant all the people present heatedly discussing how many moves it would take to kill Xu Yangyi snapped their mouths shut.

Clack clack clack… The lycan band looked on in shock as the instruments in their hands slowly flew up. To their surprise, everyone else discovered that the carpet under their feet was rolling like a wave.

Hum… They realized that the carpet wasn’t rolling, but rather the ground!

The ground was collapsing!

The snow-white hand of a woman embraced Savidean VII’s awesome body from behind. Her body was shaking. Although her face was unseen, Savidean VII could still guess about her alarmed expression.

Without wasted words, his enormous claw tenderly stroked the woman’s head. Soon though, a crack rang out, and the woman’s head was twisted around by 180 degrees. Savidean VII, who had sat on the sofa since the beginning, was now fully standing.

This was out of his expectations.

He absolutely hadn’t thought that Xu Yangyi could threaten him!

He understood all too well how strong he was. He was one of the strongest figures under Grand Duke in America, without the slightest exaggeration. A move that could threaten him was enough to incinerate the entire hall to ashes!

“Heavenly Opening…” Xu Yangyi took a deep breath, and the Art of Arrival completely exhibited his Realm Boundary Treasure. As it caused Elisana’s and Versailles’s divine abilities to turn sluggish, the entire hall was already starting to light up with a ring of strange runes from the sides. And at the very nexus, endless red light and golden lotuses bursting from the earth frantically scattered!

Savidean VII trained his eyes on the surrounding space and clenched his fists. Alarm and anger mingled together in his heart.

This Chinese cultivator truly dared to attack?

During the Holy War Feast of the Corvinus?

“No… this isn’t important. What matters…” He licked his lips. “Is whether I should attack or not!”

If, during the House of Corvinus’s Holy War Feast, someone was to injure his people… it nevertheless had to be a yellow monkey.

This was no less than a resounding slap to his face.

If he acted, then he was slapping himself. At the same time, though, this proved… that apart from himself, no one here in the House of Corvinus could beat the other! In the family, his reputation would be dragged through the mud. If word got out, the entire house would be dishonored!

“Fifth Erosion!”

Hum hum hum!!! Brilliant blood-red lights caused the great hall to seemingly plummet into hell. The faces of those who were still just discussing how long Xu Yangyi could hold on for all changed color in this moment.


“This is that Chinese cultivator?!”

“Impossible… so strong! I once saw Savidean VII attack with his full strength! S-Such intensity is practically on par with that time?!”

“How?! His Highness Savidean VII is counted as one of the powerhouses of the West! How could a minority jump out and match His Highness?!”

BOOM!!! Extremely concentrated qi was already forming a twisting red spirit-orb that was dozens of meters in size. In the next second, it was on the verge of loudly exploding. In the red light, Elisana and Versailles stopped dead in their tracks and looked at the red sphere with terrible shock.

Even if they were dumber, they’d still be able to sense the great terror of this orb’s explosion.

Yet at this time!

Enough to be said that it could cleave through the night, a beam of white light hacked towards the red orb. In the white light, a crescent moon was vaguely visible, bringing forth the dazzling brilliance of a skyful of stars.

Rumble! The crescent-shaped spiritual light dissipated and cleaved through the entire hall! It was as if the hall was severed down the middle! Countless gorgeous stone sculptures and exquisite crystal chandeliers were evenly bisected following all of this. In the great hall, hundreds of meters in size, a crack appeared at the center.

Savidean VII had acted.

He couldn’t not act. He was incapable of not acting. His prestige alone wasn’t as important as the prestige of the entire House of Corvinus.

Under a single claw, the entire hall was split in two!

Crash… Vast amounts of rubble fell. In the dust, Savidean VII’s ashen face looked to where Xu Yangyi was standing. This soundless slap was sharp and resounding. Xu Yangyi had used action to force him to swallow back all of his previous pride and prejudice. Still, in the next second, his pupils began to sharpen, and he couldn’t help but lowly cry out, “No…”

After his crescent moon’s severing, Xu Yangyi’s figure wasn’t in the air. Just as that essence, majestic like an ocean tide, vanished without a trace at the same time.

Savidean VII was only dazed for a mere thousandth of a second.

He had been played!

Damn! He had been played by this yellow monkey!

That attack moments ago… was a fake move! And the opponent’s true objective… 

Meanwhile, Xu Yangyi’s speed became several times faster than before, almost bordering on monstrous! He rushed straight towards the not-too-distant Versailles.

“Keep back! Begone!!!” Savidean VII transformed into white light and surged over like lightning!

“Too late.” Xu Yangyi swept over the beam of white light from the corner of his eye. In the exchange of moves between experts, a single move was enough to distinguish superiority. In the hundredths of a second that Versailles was stunned, his death sentence had already been pronounced.

Azure and white, two beams of spiritual light shot straight at Versailles as if at an angle. Versailles himself was already soaked to the bone in cold sweat.

A terrible murderous will completely shrouded him. The all-out eruption of Xu Yangyi’s strength, which far transcended mid Marquises of the same realm, loudly exploded. Surprisingly… he felt there wasn’t a single safe space in the sky above and the earth below!

“This is his true strength?! Where can I run? I-I can’t block that sword!”

“No! His Highness Savidean VII will save me! Definitely… definitely!”

He wanted to flee, but he discovered that this legs were so weak they couldn’t move. Sharp sword after sharp sword seemed to fill the entire area around him. In azure light, Xu Yangyi’s violently surging killing intent was immediately felt by Versailles. The lycan could even see that Xu Yangyi was slightly muttering something under his breath. No one could see it clearly, not even Savidean VII, but he himself saw it very distinctly.

Two words.

Drop dead.

Swoosh! Danger on the brink, a white steed flitting through a crack, and with the dire circumstances as to how antelopes hung their horns on trees to avoid peril, Xu Yangyi was already behind Versailles in the next second.

Dumb as a wooden chicken, Versailles stood in place. Savidean VII’s facial fur was continuously shaking, and Elisana took in everything before her eyes in shock.

But they were not alone. Everyone was stunned. All of them looked at Versailles Anthony.

“Save…” Versailles was trembling, but a bloody line suddenly appeared on his neck. Afterwards, florets of blood jetted into the air.


As soon as he said his last word, his large head loudly fell on the ground.

A single sword had beheaded him!

Silence, death-like silence. The lycans still madly raving moments ago were all mute now.


Truly powerful.

In a flash, the pursuer had been counter-killed. The hare rising and the falcon descending, no more than several breaths had passed. But in the midst of this… Savidean VII had taken action.

Xu Yangyi, who they had regarded as the hare, had reaped Versailles’s head with his sword. They simply didn’t dare to believe this fact!

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