Chapter 453: I’d Rather Betray the World

No one wanted to run. No one shifted a step away from where they stood. Xu Yangyi no longer had a choice to leave. Vanessa, Richard, and Vermilion Snow had surrounded him in a triangle.

Three Marquises! Three Foundation Establishment cultivators! One former half-step Core Formation and two initial Foundation Establishment.

Vermilion Snow was silent. Three seconds later, she raised her head and emotionlessly spat out, “Kill.”

“Even if power is displayed before mortals, even if someday Van Helsing or Gowers, or even Vatican City’s headquarters, hunts me, today, I must kill him.”

Xu Yangyi had already rocked her cultivated Dao. If she wasn’t able to kill him, he would instead become her heart devil. Her cultivation path would be thoroughly severed.

“Together.” Vanessa flew into the air, searching for an opportunity to act. “One minute.”

“In one minute, the Vatican’s foul insects will definitely hurry here. Overseer… don’t hold back anymore.”

“Fine.” Vermilion Snow coldly looked at Xu Yangyi. “I want him alive…”

“I’m going to leave him with one breath and slowly torture him! Little by little, I’ll rob his will to live but steal his chance at death!”

“Good!!!” Richard laughed heartily. Afterwards, his bat wings slowly unfolded, and he looked at Xu Yangyi and said, “Yellow monkey, you’re able to force three Marquises to attack you together. Even if you die, it’ll still be quite the honorable death.”

Hum… Three black whirlwinds suddenly stormed through the air. Even at night they were so distinct!

They… were the sounds of tens of thousands of bats and nine fox tails circling around!


“Look over there! What’s that!!!”

“Aliens?! Flying saucers?! God! What am I looking at?!”

But in comparison to the mortals who didn’t know the truth, the complexions of all the cultivators changed.

“They’re going to continue dueling?!”

“This is a fight to the death! They’re going to go at it until someone dies!”

“God… a battle to the death between Marquises…”

Xu Yangyi shot a glance at the trio and said in a dull voice, “You think I still won’t dare to attack even knowing that you guys are here? Why?”

“You really believe three Foundation Establishment cultivators can stop me?” He put away the Gold-Banded Staff and gripped the Fishbowel Sword in his left and right hands. On the blade’s surface, a domain of surging red light flared to life! In an instant, audible cries of alarm echoed throughout New York City.

Come on… Let it rip.

Who cared about showing power before mortals?!

Fuck these foreign cultivators!

Did they really believe he would care about the lives of another country’s citizens like the Holy Mother herself? He didn’t have such noble virtue and ethics.

Yes, he had still held back just now. He hadn’t used the Fishbowel Sword with the Heavenly Opening Great Explosion so he could defend against this attack!

“Get out the way.” His expression gradually turned cold. Fishbowel rose up, and qi that put everyone on alarm lingered upon it. “Otherwise, I don’t mind turning this place into scorched earth.”

“You dare?!?!” Richard gnashed his teeth as he watched the Fishbowel Sword. He felt the essence on it slowly strengthening. This move seemed to be the same move as that extremely strong attack from before. However, it was different. This time, the essence wasn’t radiating out, but rather being instilled into the odd sword. And in the wake of this essence injection, the sword’s body… gradually began to light up with five divine manifestations! 

“If you dare to attack New York, you won’t be the only one dead; it’ll be your entire family! Everyone you know!” Vermilion Snow coldly laughed. Not even she dared to do such a thing, let alone speak for Xu Yangyi. “Although I like this feeling very much, one of betraying the world instead of the world betraying oneself… You dare not!”

“Oh?” Xu Yangyi’s slender fingers slowly brushed over his sword. Presently, he was wanted in China, and he moreover hadn’t joined America’s cultivation world. Just because they didn’t dare to didn’t mean that he didn’t!

He wasn’t even a foreign cultivator; he was simply without the slightest qualm!

Boom! A red lotus madly burning over the sword answered everyone! Not only did Xu Yangyi not stow away his spiritual force, he instead energetically poured an even greater amount of power into the Fishbowel Sword. In an instant, the five manifestations on the blade twinkled even more brightly. A feeling that inspired fear blazed hotter and hotter!

“Get lost.” Xu Yangyi coldly watched the trio. “Otherwise… you can come try if I really don’t risk attacking New York!”

“You seriously think I care about the lives of foreigners? In situation that I can’t even defend myself in?”

Silence. Vanessa, Richard, and Vermilion Snow gritted their teeth without speaking. Xu Yangyi was actually such an unbridled cultivator! He didn’t even think about his family?

Still, they didn’t know that Xu Yangyi had always been a loner. He didn’t have a family, not anymore. While Chu Zhaonan could be considered his one and only friend, no one else had moved him.

He didn’t need to be worried.

“ATTACK!!!” Unable to wait longer, Vanessa roared, and her hands oddly grew out with snow-white bone claws that were over a meter long. Her entire body transformed into lightning that fluxed between black and white, and she brought forth a fierce wind pressure. In the sky, a terrible helix of wind pressure emerged, charging right at Xu Yangyi!

But in the next second, she screeched, “NOOO!!!”

The Fishbowel Sword… was unleashed!

Not at her though… but rather perpendicular to the ground… instilled with the Heavenly Opening Great Explosion, to fall directly on New York!

It wasn’t much… but the surrounding 500 meters were bound to be a second 9/11! [1]

“You actually dare!!!” Vanessa wildly shouted and threw herself at the Fishbowel Sword like a madwoman.

Yes, Xu Yangyi could in spite of everything. However, they didn’t have such a luxury! This was their foundation in question! If an incident happened, then the future criticism and compensation would be enough to force them to never pop their heads out from their family again!

“I’d rather betray foreigners then have foreigners betray me,” Xu Yangyi said calmly. “Five seconds.”

“Five seconds is the limit I can pull it back. Otherwise, you’ll have to take responsibility for the consequences.”

Down below, all the cultivators were stunned.

Yes, Xu Yangyi was perhaps only bluffing, and yet… even Qi Condensation cultivators could see that if the man holding this sword wasn’t bluffing by some infinitesimally small chance… perhaps New York would immediately turn upside down! 

“Run! RUN QUICKLY!!!” New York’s cultivators who were just watching this excitement instantly went lifeless. They screamed as they fled far away in all directions “He’s crazy! This Marquis is crazy!!!”

“God… w-what is he going to do?”

“Quit minding what someone else is doing! If we stick around, are we going to wait to die?!”

“Run! This Marquis is a god of murder!”

On the sword, red light shined down upon the ignorant crowds. At this moment, however, the entire space swayed. Everything disappeared.

In the eyes of mortals, only bright black clouds remained.

In the next second, all of them seethed to a boil.

And at the same time, Xu Yangyi, Vermilion Snow, Vanessa, and Richard almost turned their heads around in sync.

Xu Yangyi took advantage of the opportunity to wave his hand. Fishbowel shook and flew back into his hand.

Something had come… all of them could feel that a powerful spiritual force, no weaker than theirs, was hurrying over at lightning speed.

Three seconds later, an expanse of golden light flashed in the sky.

It was a horse.

A golden steed galloped in the sky. Its body was formed from golden spiritual light, and where its hooves trod in the air, boundless holy white feathers fluttered down. An avenue of holy light seemed to be drawn in the sky.

“Neigh!” The horse whinnied and stopped thirty meters away from everyone. Xu Yangyi looked over. In this second, his breath was stolen away.

It was a black-haired woman.

However, she was an archetypal western woman.

Her stature was not short, on the contrary around 1.75 meters tall, the height of a standard fashion model. Her face was cold and stern, and her eyes were as lustrous as jade, like the purest lakewater from the Alps. Her skin was snow-white, akin to mountain snow. All of this served to frame her beauty, which was like the face of a jade-blue lake, deep and serene. To put it otherwise, stars cupped the moon, and the moon reflected the splendor of stars.

Her tall nose was smooth and straight, and her small mouth was delicate like a cherry. The characteristic of a western woman—deep-set bones—reflected even more depth to her own. Her slightly curled, long, and wavy hair spilled over her shoulders. In the wake of her golden steeds’ charge, it flipped back in the air. She was dressed in a woman’s suit, but it was still hard for the clothing to wrap around her ample bosom, drawing the intoxicating curve of her waist.

She was no princess. She was a marshal of heroic beauty.


The steed was gently reined in, lifting its front hooves up. Her incredibly beautiful face resembled the ice and snow of the Alps that hadn’t thawed for ten thousand years. Her gaze was without a trace of emotion as she looked at everyone. “Vatican City’s law order.”

“You four are already in violation of international cultivation law. Immediately desist, or else…”

“Or else what?” Richard laughed coldly and waved his wings. “Like you can use Vatican City to pressure Marquises.”

The woman stared at him with her icy-cold gaze and said emotionlessly, “Or else, the Church’s Army will immediately mobilize. Furthermore, Devil-hunters Gowers and Van Helsing are presently in New York. They should already be on their way here.”

“Hiss…” These two names caused Vanessa and Richard two gasp at the same time.

Gowers and Van Helsing were two legendary-rank devil-hunters!

Two quasi Grand Dukes! Known as one of New York’s greatest military powers!

In addition… not only were their realms high, their inheritances originated from the oldest devil-hunter Geralt! From an ancient noble family that existed since the era of constitutional monarchies! [2]

“And the crusader of the Church’s Army, ‘Holy Whip’ Lawrence, is also in New York.” Upon seeing the vampires’ gazes, the woman added another remark.

“The Holy Whip is also here?” Vanessa’s gaze rapidly flickered. She knew that she definitely couldn’t continue fighting today.

Devil-hunters were just like bloodhounds. Regarding heretics, fiends, and eastern demons such as Xu Yangyi, Vanessa, Richard, and Vermilion Snow, they would exterminate them without stopping for rest. If it was only Gowers and Van Helsing then that was fine. After all, in their struggle against vampires and lycans in the past hundred years, the two veteran hunters weren’t pedantic about the rules. They had their own system of values. At the same time, they also knew that the House of Dracul didn’t have many direct descendants like Richard and Vanessa. If nothing major happened, they wouldn’t haphazardly attack. Otherwise, this would bring New York’s underworld to shake and be restless.

Still… the Holy Whip was different.

1. 9/11 is an event in American history where two planes crashed into New York’s Twin Towers. This was done by terrorists.

2. I might be wrong, by Geralt is probably a reference from Geralt of Rivia from The Witcher series. He hunts all kinds of monsters.

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Extended Note: This note is regarding the chapter title “I’d Rather Betray the World”. Literally, this line is “I’d rather let down the world’s people”. It is allegedly said by Cao Cao after he kills Lü Boshe and the entire Lü family. Lü Boshe was the sworn brother of Cao Cao’s father. The story goes that Cao Cao thought the Lü family was going to betray him, or they were planning to betray him, so he killed them either in retaliation or mistakenly, depending which version of the story you believe. Later on, Cao Cao kills Lü Boshe down the road when he sees him after he kills the Lü family. An advisor named Chen Gong who joined Cao Cao witnesses this and questions Cao Cao why he killed the Lü family and Lü Boshe. In response, Cao Cao utters, “Rather than have the world’s people let me down, I’d rather let down the world’s people.” Chen Gong contemplates killing Cao Cao while Cao Cao is sleeping, but thinks such an action to be unrighteous, so he leaves Cao Cao in the middle of the night to eventually serve under Lü Bu.

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