Chapter 448: Vampires (4)

“Danny…” Warren sat down, his gaze like a blade. Although facts were already enough to make him lower his head, he still didn’t intend to relinquish his dignity as a descendant of a great family.

“Don’t let me see you again,” he said with nearly gnashing teeth.

But most importantly, he hadn’t expected that Xu Yangyi would be a Marquis. America had pitifully few Marquises. All the true elites were in Lesser Thousand Realms. It could be said that a major city had thirty Marquises, but this number wasn’t evenly split throughout the entire United States! As a matter of fact, a majority of states only had less than ten!

Even if Xu Yangyi was stronger, a Marquis still wouldn’t come to such a meeting place. And his grandfather was a real deal Marquis!

“I need you to do something for me,” Xu Yangyi got straight to the point. “Get your family elder to come see me. I have business I want to discuss with him.”

Danny silently gasped. He realized something… 

Presently, the Tullius Family was wildly celebrating because Laurent Tullius had broke through to Marquis a week ago. This allowed them to become a famous American family. The fact that this Chinese cultivator dared to speak with such a impudently calm tone only meant one thing… 

His realm… was greater than Laurent’s!

Mid Marquis?!

He felt the view in front of him swoon a bit. A mid Marquis… These were all awesomely renown feudal lords that could all be considered to rule over a state capital. It wasn’t a question that one could take charge over a first-rate state capital! And one was sitting in front of him right now? 

“You?!” Danny snapped his head up. His recent humiliation, still fresh on his mind, was interrupted by anger in a flash. He raised his head at Warren and gritted out, “What are you doing?! What qualifications do you have to use such a tone with a Marquis! Who do you think you are?!”

However, Warren erupted, “Even the House of Dracul’s direct descendants rely on our Tullius Family a lot. Right now, right here, in this meeting place! You say you want to see my grandfather, so you will?! It’s like you’re giving our Tullius Family charity! Remember clearly… we’re a Marquis-rank family now!”

“On top of that, you actually dare to injure my leg! Good… very good! I swear that I, Warren Tullius, will clearly remember this matter, and I will return it tenfold! Unless, you risk killing me here!” Warren glared at Xu Yangyi provokingly, laughing coldly as he braced himself. “Do you dare? Chinese man?”

“Mr. Warren! Danny immediately said and his heart chilled.

Nonetheless, Warren shouted over him, “Shut up! Danny you actually dare to play me? I swear, there’s no chance you’re hanging out in this meeting place anymore! Pack up your cheap psychedelic drugs and fuck off to another meeting place!”

Danny’s mouth opened and shut. Afterwards, he respectfully glanced at Xu Yangyi. He didn’t dare to speak.

Out of the goodness of his heart, he wanted to advise Warren to control his bossy mouth, but the Sir Marquis hadn’t spoken up. It wasn’t his turn to speak.

“I do.” Xu Yangyi indifferently poured a cup of alcohol. “I think I would kill your recently advanced Marquis in probably less than ten moves.”

Danny was stunned. Warren was stunned as well.

Soon, Warren burst into laughter, “A psycho… You’re a psycho! Who do you think you are? My grandfather’s a Marquis! Do you think you’re one as well! Just look at your pitiful qi! I can’t even sense it!”

Warren looked around. No one was paying attention to him. This point was strange, but he didn’t care. “You think you can rely on these kinds of petty methods to scare me? I’ll tell you, friend, you think of much. True power doesn’t require such a clumsy display…”

“Warren, he’s a Marquis.” At this time, a woman’s voice rang out at the door.

“Hahaha! This really is a massive joke… You! You’re!!!” As usual, Warren began to wildly laugh, yet he was suddenly startled.

A woman wearing a long cloak slowly walked in from the door. She was like a spectre. Her cloak completely hid her face.

In a twinkling, the entire meeting place went quiet.

Everyone looked at this woman with terrified eyes. On her cloak, the design of a fine crimson bat was as striking to the eyes as fire. And everyone present understood what this fine design represented!

The high echelon of the Dracul!

“S-She is…” The middle-aged DJ spinning vinyl looked at the woman in a daze. Without missing a beat, he cried out and crouched on the ground, his voice shaky, “The borough… borough overseer!”

“She’s the district overseer, Her Highness Tamamo!!!”

In an instant, an ear-piercing rattle rang out. In less than ten seconds, everyone in the bar had a knee on the ground. In their respect, each person held fanaticism, and shouted excitedly, “Her Highness Tamamo! Welcome, your grace!”

Xu Yangyi didn’t speak. Just now, he’d felt a trace of strangeness.

Middle Foundation Establishment.

This woman’s voice… was very familiar.

As if he’d once heard it many years ago, and it left him with deep memories.

In this moment, the music seemed to stop. And at the same time the music stopped, so did Warren’s heart.


Just now… Her Highness Tamamo had said with her own mouth… that this Chinese man was a Marquis!

“You… sir…” In shock, Warren turned his head and looked at the only person in the bar who wasn’t on a knee, grasping at straws to find words.

A half-second later, he almost dropped to a knee out of instinct. From head to toe, he shivered. He finally realized what the meaning was of Xu Yangyi saying that he could kill his grandfather Laurent in ten moves.

“Long time no see…” The woman towed her long cloak, and took step after step to arrive in front of Xu Yangyi. Her voice carried a kind of strange excitement. “It’s been over twenty years… no, thirty… I didn’t expect… that I would still be able to see you…”

No one present dared to speak. Only quite a few people’s gazes linked together. Why… did it appear that Her Highness Tamamo recognized this other fellow?

“You certainly don’t remember who This Throne is.” The woman’s voice was instilled with killing intent, not masked in the slightest. “Just like I didn’t expect that I would be able to meet you here as well… Heaven’s Will, all is of Heaven’s Will…”

“This Throne?” Xu Yangyi also stood up and looked straight at the woman. “You’re a Chinese cultivator? But you’re name belongs to a Japanese demon? I don’t remember where I met you either.”

“Heh heh heh…” The woman’s jade arm extended out from a changpao. She seemed to daintily cover her vermilion lips, her laughter gleefully joyous. “Of course you don’t remember… but I, over these past decades, have remembered you for every single day… Not a moment, not an instant, that I dare to forget…”

“If not for you… how could I be so miserable?!” She suddenly stepped forward, gnashing her teeth as she spoke, “Half-step Core Formation demoted to middle Foundation Establishment… A hundred-year foundation destroyed in one day, my demon core utterly ruined… Xu Yangyi, oh, Xu Yangyi… In these past decades the misery I have suffered cannot be repaid even if you died ten thousand times!!!”

Each person listened, shock in their hearts. Finally, someone whispered to the person beside them, “I heard… Her Highness Tamamo is Chinese. Because she committed a huge crime, she relied on the Dracul for protection… She was a quasi Grand Duke?”

However, as soon as he turned his head back, he was so frightened that he was terrified out of his mind!

At his side… almost everyone’s heads had already fallen to the ground! Headless bodies covered the floor with blood!

“Today, everyone must die.” She giggled delicately, and her long cloak flew upwards. Finally, her cloak was blown away, revealing her beautiful-looking face. “Any who have seen him must die here… Fellow Daoist Xu… I truly didn’t expect that you would actually cultivate to middle Foundation Establishment in these past decades. This Palace looked down on you too much… but only I can obtain the object you harbor!”

In that fleeting moment her cloak flew away, Xu Yangyi stared blankly. Yet in the next second, frenzied killing intent surged from his chest!

“Vermilion Snow…” He gritted his teeth, and his majestic spiritual pressure loudly erupted. He stared the fox-demon down, face to face, without falling back whatsoever. “So it was you!”

Yes… the Dracul’s overseer was Vermilion Snow, who had completely vanished after slaughtering an entire Heavens Law branch that day!

No wonder China couldn’t find her tracks. It turned out that she had illegally crossed into America at the time!

“It is I!!!” Vermilion Snow laughed heartily, and she slowly floated into the air. Underneath her cloak, nine fox tails coiled around her, and streaks of black qi emanated from her. “I snuck into Japan and changed my name to Tamamo, and then I snuck into America… Fellow Daoist Xu… you truly did injure me so wretchedly!” [1]

“I was grand half-step Core Formation, below ten and above the myriad masses! I was actually forced by you, an insignificant Qi Condensation insect, to flee China… Xu Yangyi, oh, Xu Yangyi… If I didn’t just happen to be this borough’s overseer, if I didn’t rely on the Dracul for protection, if that lowly slave-girl Vanessa hadn’t sought me out… how could I meet you again today?!”

“If I don’t tear you to shreds, if I don’t take your skull as my wine goblet… How can I free myself from my disgrace that day?! How could I free myself from my heart’s great hatred!!!”

Xu Yangyi said coldly, “How did you recognize me?”

“Hehe… we have such deep destiny, and I have been in intimate contact with you. How could I not recognize you? This is the Thousand Illusions, right… If I wasn’t close, I still wouldn’t have recognized you. But that day, my blood and yours touched. Direct contact. The Thousand Illusions is useless.”

Without further wasted words, needless of anything else to say, they stared at each for a brief moment. Time seemed to pause, but instantly shatter. Prompt in action, Vermilion Snow flipped her jade-white hand, and an enormous black palm appeared in the air. Bringing with it a sky of ghostly wails, it rushed Xu Yangyi!

Crash… She hadn’t held back at all! Everything was annihilated into cinders wherever the giant palm passed! In nearly a blink, countless cultivators in the bar evaporated away!

On that day, she, who possessed a bit of Core Formation might, had killed thousands. So today, how could she care for the lives of a few insignificant foreign cultivators!

“That year…” Xu Yangyi didn’t move. Instead, he looked this palm, sighing with terrible sorrow in his heart. “I had to think about how I would survive your palm… but today…” His gaze suddenly flashed, and he also waved his palm and roared angrily, “I can put you to death here!!!”

BOOM!!! The spiritual pressure of two middle Foundation Establishment cultivators fiercely collided! In that moment of collision, black and azure qi ripples wildly exploded at the nexus! It was like a blade had cut apart the entire meeting place! Even those who luckily hadn’t died to Vermilion Snow’s palm still died under these qi waves.

Only the dumbstruck Warren and Danny hadn’t died.

Xu Yangyi still needed them, so he protected them.

Swish… Qi ripples spread. Vermilion Snow’s somewhat reddened eyes had already became slits, and she looked at Xu Yangyi with violently surging killing intent. As for Xu Yangyi, his killing intent hadn’t lowered by the slightest as well. He stared right at Vermilion Snow.

“That year, I swore an oath that some day in the future I would surely behead you under my sword.” Behind Xu Yangyi, the phantasm of a white tiger now appeared. “Have you picked out a grave?”

“Hehehe… brat, you have just recently advanced into Foundation Establishment. How dare you be rude to me!” Vermilion Snow coldly laughed as she gnashed her teeth, “The heavens above… I’ll see you off to a perfect sky burial. I’ll have you know the fundamental difference between a genius such as myself and a dreg like you!”

“Don’t think that an insect can transform into a dragon. Even if you evolved countless more times, you’d still be a vulgar maggot.”

As soon as her voice fell, the two of them turned into streaking lights and soared straight to the horizon!

And in downtown New York, at the very top of the 381-meter-tall Empire State Building, Vanessa and a bald man raised their hands at the same time the streaking lights rushed into the sky!

At the building’s summit, no less than ten man-sized bats were hanging there!

“You have profaned the Holy Object… Seeing it is your wrongdoing…” Vanessa murmured.

“If you were part of the Dracul, perhaps your life could be spared, but you aren’t… So take your grievances and confess in hell!”

“The Primogenitor’s Holy Coffin must not be divulged in the slightest! Night Bats, rise!!!”

1. Perhaps you picked it up earlier, but the name Tamamo is based off the Japanese demon Tamamo-no-Mae, as Xu Yangyi points out. In legend, Tamamo-no-Mae is an infamous Nine-Tailed Fox. In some versions of the legend, it is the same fox that caused trouble in both China and India before going to Japan.

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