Chapter 441: The World’s Structure

“It’s because I know that we can’t go,” the woman said with certainty. “Don’t forget… New York is being overseen by Paladin Jenny and England’s House of Corvinus as well. America itself also has experts that are Marquis-level experts like us. Since that business in Nanzhou over in China shocked the entire world, the effect its made still hasn’t gone away. The Cultivation Court’s surveillance over the cultivation world is getting tighter by the day. If we act rashly, we’ll make the Corvinus and the Court realize something is up.”

“If it wasn’t because of this, and since that thing is so important, you think I wouldn’t want the two of us to get the coming glory? Maybe the Scarlet Grand Duke all the way in London would hurry over himself… and the state of America’s cultivation world is so messy. We both understand that very well,” the woman murmured, “There are so many secrets. Isn’t it to ensure that the other groups don’t figure it out?”

“Then how did the goods run into an accident?”

“Maybe it wasn’t an accident…” The woman crossed her legs in satisfaction. “I don’t believe anyone we know about would attack us. In New York, the Dracul can even find out if a dog is dead… I think it’s more like some Count randomly came across it. There aren’t any Marquises that are straight garbage.”

“As long as he doesn’t make a move on the ship, then it’s not a problem. But if dares to… then…” Her gaze flashed. “No matter who he is… the Dracul will find him and then squash him like a housefly.”

However, the situation on the Normandy was completely different from what they presently thought.

Everyone aboard acted just like nothing had happened. They did what they should have.

“One can only erase some of a mortal’s memories upon reaching Foundation Establishment. Unless the Cultivation Court comes to investigate, nothing’s being found out otherwise.” Xu Yangyi and Moonless were sitting on the ship. At this moment, there were actually two sofas made of real leather in the originally pitch-black storehouse. In front of them, a few fruits floated in the air, and there was even a first-rate bottle of imported wine.

In their surroundings, quite a few people were exercising. Unfortunately they all seemed to be blind. None of them could see them. Not a single person even went near them.

“It’s a pity, but who would go investigate a mortal, anyways, and see if their memories were erased by a cultivator?” Moonless smiled and said, “Fellow Daoist Wolfbane, what plans do you have once we reach New York?”

Xu Yangyi thought to himself, but shook his head. “Nothing. Now that you bring it up, this is my first time abroad.”

Moonless laughed and leaned forward a little. “That’s fine… I have some understanding of America. I am unsure, but would Fellow Daoist Wolfbane be willing to hear it?”

Xu Yangyi smiled and raised his glass. “I’d like to hear the details.”

Relaxed, Moonless lit a cigar and took a drag. “America’s mortal world is the most developed nation. But, its cultivation world isn’t much to consider.”

“It has no grand nation-protector array, or Core Formation Dao Masters, either. There are pitifully few Foundation Establishment cultivators, and Qi Condensation gather up in groups to warm themselves around a fire. All their cultivation arcane efforts come from England, but…” he paused and flicked his cigar. “America isn’t weak.”

“It doesn’t have its own Core Formation because its cultivation history is too short. The nation was founded just over 200 years ago, but it is wealthy. On top of that, it’s vast but sparsely populated.”

“Only about 80% might be actual Americans. It might not even be this much. British-Americans, Chinese-Americans, and so on have all immigrated over. The population isn’t big, creating many natural resources. On Earth, it is the country with the fourth largest area. It has many, many natural resources, but America’s government is quite clever. They exploited their abundant resources, and coaxed at least five Dao Masters. And their realms absolutely are not low. They’re at least above the middle stage.”

“Oh?” Xu Yangyi raised a brow. “Dao Masters would agree? Don’t they want for nothing?”

“Of course they would agree… For example… if the American government invited you and offered 50% of all the cultivation products of these two continents, would you be willing to agree? China cannot, because there are too many people. There are too many noble lineages, and even more demon clans. However, America can do something like this.”

Xu Yangyi mumbled for a brief moment, “Why don’t the Dao Masters just partition America?”

“They can’t…” Moonless shook his head. “Once established, any nation has a nation’s destiny. Such a thing is hazy, and just more of a legend to mortals. But to we cultivators, we know it truly exists. Once a nation and its destiny mutually prosper, perhaps some terrible calamity might descend. Of course this is just a legend, but no one dares to brave this danger. Still, based on just this legend, the Core Formation masters don’t risk moving. But that as well underestimates them too much.” 

“What is Core Formation? To fly to the heavens and escape the earth, to shift mountains and fill seas. If America didn’t have a single pittance of a hidden ace, they would be lambs staying for the slaughter against Core Formation.

Xu Yangyi was interested. “Hidden ace?”

“This hidden ace is explained in America’s history.” Moonless organized his words. “Within America’s confines, there are many people who became citizens later. They possess the noble blood lineage of other countries. Quite a few Americans even have the original bloodline of England or other countries. And in this great melting pot of nationalities of over 200 years to almost 300 years, there are some extremely secretive families who have entered America.”

He took a deep breath and raised two fingers. “I speak of two rather famous clans. Fellow Daoist surely has some impression.”

“The first, is the House of Corvinus.”

“The second, is the House of Dracul.”

Xu Yangyi began to ponder. He did indeed have some impression of these two families, but he didn’t remember anything specifically.

“Hehe, looks like Fellow Daoist doesn’t understand the way things are abroad,” Moonless laughed, “In that case, I’ll explain. The Corvinus are a clan of werewolves. The Dracul are vampires.”

“The lairs of these two clans are in England, but as early as 200 years ago, they moved to America with a heavy heart. The majority of their income is from the business of vassal families and territory, all in America itself. They certainly wouldn’t allow other Dao Masters to touch America. They moreover wouldn’t allow a partition. They are the American government’s hidden ace. And the American government cleverly exploits this lever. Through the families, they realized there were even more Core Formation supremes. This is why America is now a picture of peace.”

Xu Yangyi asked, “These two families… can resist all the other Dao Masters?”

“Yes.” Upon reaching this point, Moonless’s expression became grave, and he said in a low voice, “Wolfbane, it looks like you aren’t quite familiar with these things. I’ll warn you of a few things. In this world, there are some families you absolutely must not offend.”

“China’s Kong Clan, the descendants of the Sage Confucius. In their clan, it is no question there are Core Formation! There is a likelihood over 50% that an old ancestor who transcends Nascent Soul exists! In China, Shandong is a forbidden region. Even if the Ten Great Core Formation divide the land, they all avoid Shandong.”

“India’s Ashoka Dynasty. Egypt’s House of Tutankhamen. Greece’s House of Ptolemy. Europe and America’s House of Dracul and House of Corvinus. And… the entire Vatican City!”

“These families, apart from the world’s major religions, are the true, most apex families. Outside of anything unexpected, do your best not to get involved with them, because there is an extreme chance that each of them is hiding an old Nascent Soul monster. Do you now understand why the Dao Masters aren’t willing to prod the hornet’s nest that is America?”

Xu Yangyi memorized all these names in his heart. Mumbling to himself for a long time, he then said, “In that case, according to what you’ve said, in reality, America’s cultivation world is managed by the Dracul and the Corvinus?”

“That’s right, and the accumulated grievances between these clans are incredibly deep. A great battle once every fifty years is basically unavoidable. Legend says that the Dracul’s founder was Cain, and the Corvinus’s founder was Abel. They were respectively the first and second son of Adam and Eve. From birth to death, they hated each other with a passion. This feud cannot be prevented. If you want to keep getting by in America, Fellow Daoist, you must take note of this at all cost.” [1]

“In addition, America is quite open-minded towards cultivators. As long as you’re willing to join and swear a Great Dao-Heart Oath—that’s our saying—then you will obtain incomparably generous treatment…” He glanced at Xu Yangyi with seemingly deep meaning. “Presumably, you entered ‘Inside’ with some kind of unofficial method, and you have committed a crime, yes? Living in America from now on is a pretty good choice. At the very least, America’s government would definitely hate to return a middle Foundation Establishment cultivator to China.”

Xu Yangyi wordlessly nodded. He certainly wanted to return to China, but living secretly in America right now was a pretty good choice.

“Oh, that’s right, one more thing. Vatican City exists in each of America’s major cities, and each city has a Church of Holy Light. If you’re looking for someone you can’t find, they might be hiding in one of their churches. But I can tell you, Fellow Daoist, that the Church of Holy Light has existed since the beginning of America’s Founding. In olden times, it had an awesome name…”

Moonless paused, as if with some lingering fear, and eventually said in a hushed tone, “The Inquisition.”

“Although they’re much better now, America’s most important cities are definitely over seen by a cultivator at or above Foundation Establishment. Maybe they are Vatican City’s paladins and inquisitors. There are things which are considered ‘heresy’ in Catholic belief…” he laughed coldly and pointed at himself and Xu Yangyi. “They are quite more unreasonable than cultivators. You must exercise great caution.”

“Lastly, because America has no great nation-protector array, the power of other countries’ cultivators can’t be reduced. Added with being the world’s most developed nation and a nation with a lot of cultivation resources, this place is a land of mingled fish and dragons. There is everything. Certain hidden lineages and schools also live in seclusion within. In short, this place is a paradise, a messy and disorderly paradise. Only true cultivation powerhouses can swim like a fish in water here.”

Silent, Moonless finished speaking. Xu Yangyi thoughtfully pursed his drink to his lips. By listening to Moonless’s explanation, he truly understood the distribution of foreign powers.

And during this period before he reached Core Formation, he had some plans. No matter what was said, he had now returned to Earth. There were too many holes that could be drilled in this world that he was very, very familiar with.

Nonetheless, at this time, his spiritual sense suddenly moved a bit.

“Oh?” He raised a brow and looked towards a corner of the ship in surprise.

Over yonder… an exceptionally ancient qi, carrying a soaring bloody aura, was permeating out little by little.

1. Adam and Eve are figures in the Christian Bible known as the first man and woman. Cain and Abel are their children, and are also considered the first murdered and the first to die, respectively.

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