Chapter 433: Dharmadhatu (37)

Swoosh… Enihilus easily turned around. Very soon, the muscle on his back started to frantically wriggle. In the wake of his crazed laughter, endless black fog gushed out!

Hum… Hum… Amidst intense trembling, the fog swiftly combined and transformed. Fast as lightning it spread, swiftly occupying the entire space! It made one feel as if they’d dropped into the darkness.

Space seemed to quiver as the darkness crept forth. Ten seconds later, Xu Yangyi’s gaze faintly drew back. Across from him, Enihilus no longer held a trace of humanity. On the contrary… 

He was an enormous butterfly!

His two wings were no less than a hundred meters long, composed out black mist. Within him, red Nightmares outlined picture scrolls of hell, but in the middle of the two wings, where a butterfly’s body should’ve been, there was an old monk as thin and wizened as kindling, his entire body only half a man in size. Three arms grew out from both sides of his abdomen, six in total. He resembled an insect, calmly suspended there.

It was so silent that one could even hear the wind.

This was the final destination of the Clearcloud Realm’s Nightmares, this was the true origin of all of the Clearcloud Realm’s terrors.

Like spirits of the dead, Nightmares wound around the Dream Walker’s body. Two wings stretched wide open and formed a nightmarish vortex!

Xu Yangyi tightly held onto Fishbowel. Everyone was prepared to battle. Because surprisingly… no one felt a sliver of spiritual pressure from the Dream Walker! They couldn’t figure out its realm!

“What’s going on?” Moonless gritted out, “Shouldn’t it be late Foundation Establishment? Why isn’t there a speck of qi?”

“It’s not that there isn’t.” Xu Yangyi’s gaze turned solemn. “But rather its qi seems to be on a different plane of existence. We just can’t sense it.”

He imperceptibly glanced at the Fishbowel Sword. It… was humming! As if it had encountered a great enemy!

This hadn’t even happened with Enihilus a moment ago!

“No qi… in other words, we have no way to tell where its attacks are going to come from?” Moonless’s chest heaved up and down. “This thing… is too ominous. It’s just towering there peacefully. I can even sense a kind of indescribable oppression!”

Xu Yangyi didn’t reply.

He had an even more dreadful speculation.

That the Dream Walker’s attacks would come from ‘nothingness’ to ‘reality’! They would come from the dreamland, without virtually any prior indication!

This was the same as wasting everyone’s spiritual senses before the fight even started!

Swoosh… In this moment, the old monk at the center of the butterfly wings slowly opened his two eyes. They were pale-white without pupils, and swept over everyone without any anger. All of a sudden, he laughed, “I didn’t expect… that there would be a day of my awakening…”

“Enihilus… I didn’t think you would be so useless,” he snickered darkly. “I think back to that year when the grand Horseplague nearly seized Wukong’s foundation, but now you can’t even take care of a few little brats.”

“Speak less rubbish,” Enihilus said heavily, “Careful of that youngster in camouflage… the item in his hand is not simple. Although its seal was just recently undone, I have only felt such a sharp feeling from Wukong’s Gold-Banded Staff. I forgot to tell you, but that is a Realm Boundary Treasure.”

“A Realm Boundary Treasure?” The old monk’s gaze suddenly lit up with a touch of fiery ardor, and he locked his eyes on Xu Yangyi. “I have just recently awakened… yet you present me with such a rarely seen treasure? Hehe… in that case, I won’t be impolite.”

Just as his voice fell, a giant skull suddenly brightened over Xu Yangyi, Rocjourney, and Moonless! Shockingly it was an old monk!

A mouth of sharp teeth filled an area of thirty meters. All of it was formed of qi, and it fiercely chomped down on the trio!

“Get out the way!!!” Xu Yangyi yelled, and everyone dodged. His heart sunk a little.

Without hand-seals, without the mobilization of qi, the attack truly was without the slightest omen, abrupt in its arrival!

“Something’s off!” Just as the mouth opened to bite the three of them, the Fishbowel Sword suddenly shivered. Afterwards, Xu Yangyi’s eyes followed the blade and looked to where Rocjourney was!

None of them had been hit, but at the fleeing Rocjourney’s side… countless blackish-red butterflies quietly appeared!

“Pointing East, Striking West!” Without almost any consideration, Rocjourney flew up. But on the other side, Moonless likewise howled and lunged forward like lightning!

The Dream Walker was also aware that Rocjourney was its seal!

“Ten Cardinals Purg…” Xu Yangyi clenched his teeth, and qi poured into the Animus Armament. In the next second, however, all his meridians released an unendurable lamentation!

The side effects of two Qi Explosion Pills flared in sync. Right now, he couldn’t muster too much qi! He wasn’t even enough to cast a divine ability anymore!

“No, I can’t use the Ten Cardinals Purgatory again! I only have one shot! The final opportunity to use a divine ability… Before that, my hidden cards have to hit the Dream Walker’s body!”

“Good bye.” The monk’s gaze was devoid of sorrow or joy. With a slight smirk, he looked at Rocjourney who was in the middle of countless spirit butterflies. “This is the killing move that I specifically evolved in these hundreds of years to deal with the seal. As long as the other half is missing, you’ll no longer have any place to fear…”

“Three Realms Fantasies!”

BOOM! All the spirit butterflies ignited simultaneously, and Xu Yangyi and Moonless both roared.

“Hold on!!!”

“Bodhi Flower Blooms!” Rocjourney also knew that now was the most pivotal moment. No one had imagined that the Dream Walker’s move would be so strange! Without the faintest qi ripple, he’d actually been intercepted halfway. All his hidden trumps were now on display!

Swoosh… A golden nine-petal flower blossomed under his feet. Each petal brought forth its own radiance. Red, orange, yellow, azure, blue, violet, black, and white, nine rays of light firmly protected him! But in the next second, a towering rumble was heard from outside this light!

The spirit butterflies actually seemed to be destroying themselves, slamming into the light curtain one after another!

With every collision, the light screen shimmered by a fraction. Rocjourney knew that it wouldn’t be able to hold for too long. His anxious gaze looked far away, but in this instant two giant wings completely encircled him.

The space within the Nightmares and beyond the Nightmares had become two separate worlds.

“You think you can still flee today?!” the Dream Walker laughed boisterously, “I have waited for this day, waited for no less than several hundred years! I have imagined no secular possibility; how could I give you such an opportunity?!”

Rustle… His six arms all weaved seals. On the butterfly’s body, crimson talismans suddenly glimmered! Afterwards, all of them encircled Rocjourney and detonated!

Rocjourney coldly gasped. Each butterfly was surprisingly equal to an initial Foundation Establishment cultivator! He turned his head and sent his desperate gaze outside the butterfly wings. The hare rose and the falcon descended. He only had a scant few seconds. Unless Xu Yangyi broke through to Core Formation right now, then he wasn’t coming out of this!

BOOM!!! At the center of the butterfly wings, a heaven-shaking rumble sounded. The explosion was much weaker than the Heavenly Opening Great Explosion, but a much weirder mushroom cloud rocketed up!

The ocean of butterfly wings jolted. Afterwards, the Dream Walker’s cheer of exultation rang out from inside. At the same time though, he quickly saw that a chunk had actually been forcibly torn out of his wings!

“How can this be?” Astonished, he looked at the gap in his wings. There, two ravaged, coldly glinting Nightmare wings streaked right out from the middle, like shooting stars overtaking the moon! “That boy fought Floatingcloud first and then Enihilus. He actually still has qi to cast divine abilities?”

“If he truly was this strong, then it wouldn’t have been a bitter fight each time! Even if he’s overdrafting himself now, it’s impossible that he still has qi!”

In their hearts, Xu Yangyi and Moonless were both extremely anxious!

“Charge!!!” Xu Yangyi snarled angrily, “Don’t hold back! Moonless, as soon as Rocjourney dies, both of us will follow him in death!”

Swoosh! Xu Yangyi waved his hands and a roar echoed behind him. The manifestation of a white tiger appeared. Between its twin claws, and wherever it passed, cracks emerged through space!

Ruuummmble! He was just like a bulldozer. An expanse of black scars trailed him in his wake.

“Physique art? He actually has a physique art! How is this kid’s fortune so powerful?!” The Dream Walker looked on in a daze. In passing, he immediately looked at Rocjourney who was over seventy meters away!

These seventy meters were crucial to deciding victory and defeat!

As long as Rocjourney died, he wouldn’t have anything to fear!

“DROP DEAD!!!” His six arms swung up at the same time. In each hand, a backwards-spinning swastika, wreathed in streaks of black qi, madly spun!

“Demon Seeks Buddhist Heart!”

“Stay your hand!” Moonless howled. They were only fifty meters away from Rocjourney, but a hundred meters was in striking range of divine abilities!

All that remained of the protective cover shielding Rocjourney was a meager streak of azure light. As long as it was hit again, it would be enough to break it into pieces and cause him heavy injuries, at the least! 

The six black swastikas screamed downwards. Nightmares lingered upon them and black light soared into the sky, but already… blood was flowing out from his seven apertures. He was without any further power to resist.

His qi sea was trembling… In Rocjourney’s reddened vision, he saw two people rushing over, but he could only muster a bitter smile at the crook of his mouth.

“Light And Shadow Roaming!” Just as the swastika was about to slam down, a beam of light suddenly exploded out from Moonless. It surprisingly traversed several dozen meters, and fell under the six swastikas in the blink of an eye!

Xu Yangyi was slightly dazed, but soon ten meters of white light erupted from his hand! The white tiger behind him reared its head back and roared furiously. The Dream Walker’s butterfly wings cracked apart inch after inch!

Life and death would be spelled in an instant!

Rocjourney couldn’t be allowed to die!

The Dream Walker was also stunned, but he then loudly roared, and his six swastikas approached Moonless at lightning speed!

“Chasing Wind, Seeking Moon!” On the brink of crisis, a domain of white light exploded out from Moonless. Unexpectedly, his facial features swiftly aged along with the light! Still, in the next second as he was about to clash against the six swastikas, his figure blurred. He’d surprisingly flown back as he vomited blood, to where he’d vanished before in the region’s garden area!

But at the same time, the six swastikas all disappeared into thin air!

Moonless, who was flying away and spitting out blood, was already an old man with white hair!

The Dream Walker looked at his hand in shock. He’d never entertained the possibility that he truly wouldn’t kill Rocjourney just now. Soon, bursts of a tearing sensation spread through his butterfly wings. He lifted his head and saw that Xu Yangyi’s power was already like a frenzied tiger! The white tiger manifestation was only thirty meters away from Rocjourney!

Yet shockingly, what Xu Yangyi was aiming for wasn’t to rescue Rocjourney, but rather to pierce straight into the Dream Walker’s body!

He was besieging the Dream Walker to save his ally! [1]

“Even if I don’t have qi right now! As long as I hit you, I’ll definitely kill you!” Xu Yangyi’s voice shook the entire Nightmare space. Along with the white tiger’s snarl, he resembled a war-god descended.

The Dream Walker only brushed a cold eye over Xu Yangyi. In a twinkling, he distinguished the severity of the situation.

Xu Yangyi simply couldn’t kill him! He hadn’t foreseen that Moonless would be able to resist his first move, but Rocjourney truly could seal him!

“Six Desires Extermination!!!” Without hesitation, a blood-red eye opened between the Dream Walker’s eyes. A sailing wave of black lightning hacked right down at Rocjourney!

“I… bestow you death!”

1. This is an idiom. “The State of Qi encircled the State of Wei to save the State of Zhao!” These states date back to the Warring States period.

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