Chapter 432: Dharmadhatu (36)

Xu Yangyi didn’t speak because in his mind there was an orb of dense fog.

This secret of Arrival didn’t make sense. But whatever the case, he had to exert himself and explore; everything was a dense fog.

Or perhaps it could be said that his qualifications were still inadequate to know.

However, he took note of two places that were lighting up on the Eternal Alchemy Canon!

Among the pages, one was the ‘Divine Armory Chart’. The page was separated into dozens of classifications. A cursory sweep revealed that there were blades, spears, swords, halberds, and dozens of other relatively unknown weapons. In addition, there was a massive ‘side door’ system. It wasn’t lit up at all.

It was just that on the sword chart… there were ten swords!

And one of them was precisely Fishbowel!

The unsealed form, the true Fishbowel!

But elsewhere, at the side of the divine ability chart of the Nine Glorious Stars Descent’s tree-diagram, the Sixth Erosion of the Heavenly Opening Six Erosions was fully alight!

Its name wasn’t the Heavenly Opening Sixth Erosion, but rather a single character.


This was the true Heavenly Opening Six Erosions!

“After the five erosions are branded on the Emperor Armament in order, the character ‘Arrival’ appears… Nine Glories, the Navagraha? Nine symbols? Is that it?” [1]

“No wonder, no wonder the Animus Armament was put in Wei Zhongxian’s mouth… Maybe… Wei Zhongxian had another hidden setting that day. Once Danxia Temple was faced with collapse, maybe Wei Zhongxian wouldn’t be able to resist those who came. He would brand all five Heavenly Opening Erosions and then activate this sixth one!”

Xu Yangyi didn’t continue thinking.

Because in this moment… an aura of supreme valor rose up from his heart.

He was not alone, though, as Rocjourney and Moonless looked at him in shock.

This wasn’t their original determination!

Regardless of any person, everyone felt fear. Even Xu Yangyi did. This was why one would consider retreat. But right now, courage not of their own saturated everyone’s hearts. Against the broken Enihilus, only the word ‘kill’ existed!

Yet Enihilus was likewise astonished because in his heart… the word ‘escape’ arose!

This impossible word appeared in his heart!

“How is this possible?! This cannot be!” Cold sweat drenching his body, he clenched his fists in a deathly tight grip. “I… am merely wounded, but I still have a great contingency! Yes, I know that all who come here from Earth are outstanding geniuses! Perhaps I can exterminate several dozen middle Foundation Establishment cultivators, but I cannot kill several middle-stage cultivators who came here! However… I must win! I am Great Circle Foundation Establishment!”

“By only relying on my realm, I can crush them to death! That move just now, he definitely can’t use it over and over! If he could, he wouldn’t have been forced to act that way against Floatingcloud! Don’t tell me…” His eyes darted to the Fishbowel Sword, and his heart wildly palpitated beyond his control.

“This… could it be a… ‘Realm Boundary’-type magik treasure? Realm Boundary Treasures, the most rarely seen type?!”

“Within the bounds of a realm, they elevates oneself and weaken the enemy… such a magik treasure… such a magik treasure! Even if I’ve heard they only exist in other Greater Thousand Realms, I’ve never witnessed such a magik treasure! Y-Yet now, one has actually appeared before me!”

If Enihilus played video games, he would’ve used another kind of way to describe it.

A weapon with a halo of light!

In all video games, this was the hardest equipment to gain. Any gear, as long as it had a halo of light on it, was definitely an ultra-rare item. They wouldn’t follow a realm’s successes and failures, rises and falls. On the contrary, they would exist forever! They were especially terrifying!

The Fishbowel Sword, the Sword of Bravery!

One without bravery couldn’t wield it!

Presently, the throne room was as still as death.

After ages, Xu Yangyi gripped the sword. Just as his fingers barely touched the hilt, though, a sensation linked to his bloodline spread to the rest of his body.

The point of the sword was aimed straight at Enihilus.

Enihilus said nothing.

But several seconds later, he erupted into wild laughter and flung his head back to face the heavens. “Nonsense! Nonsense!!! All of this is NONSENSE!!!”

“Eight hundred years ago, who could’ve known of today’s events?!?!?! Who could’ve guessed Floatingcloud, mine, and Rocjourney’s appearances?! Who could’ve predicted that Floatingcloud would force a possession over the Dream Walker?! The Dream Walker and I share a life!!!”

“The symbol of ‘Arrival’ is certain… hehehe… hahaha! The insignificant surety of Arrival! Don’t think you’ll make me retreat! Neither is a magik treasure impossible for myself!!!” He lowered his head and looked at Xu Yangyi with blood-red eyes. “Could it be… that you think I don’t have a magik treasure?”

“Even if it is a Realm Boundary Treasure, a magik treasure at Initial Completion, how great of a realm boundary’s power does it hold? Hehehe… right now, you are not the wielder of a magik treasure, but a boy delivering a gem!” he cackled. Afterwards, his elbow bent at an inconceivable angle, and he inserted his hand into his neck.

“Hehehe… I truly should thank you. This is a Realm Boundary Treasure…” Sharp pain caused his eyes to redden, but from his back, his hand pulled out his own spine little by little. “If your Realm Boundary Treasure was nourished for ten years, I would undoubtedly have to give way in the face of greater power, but now? Hehehe, I shall take this burden!!!”

Swoosh! His spine was wreathed in black fog as it was pulled out, but surprisingly it wasn’t a spine. Instead… it was a bone-white saber!

“That’s… a physique treasure?” Surprised, Moonless looked at the rays of treasure light spilling out from Enihilus’s bone-white saber, and took a deep breath. “Using the body to refine a treasure… this is the final step of a cultivator who doesn’t have a magik treasure embryo! Yes… he meditated here for centuries, how would he get an embryo? But he was actually able to endure such suffering?”

A physique treasure was different from a magik artifact.

It was completely different, but this was a difference of nature.

On both sides, the light emitted from the Fishbowel Sword and the bone-white saber wasn’t intense. Still, the light gathered without scattering away, and illusory talismans floated up and down in the surroundings. If a comparison had to be insisted upon, it was like a player in blue-named equipment standing in front of a player with purple-named equipment. However, the gear of the player with blue-named equipment came with its own special effect!

From time to time, such low-key lavishness dazzled the eyes. Plus… any cultivator could sense that the profound mysteries contained within a magik treasure wasn’t something that could be disguised at all.

“Huff…” Enihilus sighed deeply. The tip of his saber was diametrically opposed to the Fishbowel Sword, without the slightest avoidance. He laughed coldly and said, “Great Circle and middle-stage, as you are such a middle-stage to harbor a serious treasure, I don’t know how many times I would’ve killed you. Today… I will not let you die a good death.”

“I shall give no opportunity to beg forgiveness, trash… Perhaps if you plead under my foot I will let you die intact…” he snarled and hacked down with the saber with his lone arm!

No one could hear the words he mumbled as he gnashed his teeth. “Especially… after the surety of Arrival…”

“Arrival… The symbol of Arrival... An Arrival striding across 800 years… You are better off dead!”


A white rainbow cut jade!

In the air, this saber left behind a white scar, long-lasting and enduring! Moreover, when the saber was sent forth, an intense, heart-tearing roar rang out, accompanied by a pale ten-meter-sized spectre. In the wake of the saber’s flourish, the spectre came and went in the blink of an eye!

“Wooo…” A mournful cry echoed through space, but what welcomed it was also transient. A tall assassin of ancient times brought forth the Sword of Bravery. Amidst rising black mist, a sword pierced out! 

Swoosh! In kind, a white scar was left in the air. As the Fishbowel Sword thrust out, the sound of many tracts of water was unexpectedly heard. The surrounding space grew fuzzy bit by bit, and the sword came as it left, without a trace. It was fleet-footed like a deer hanging its horns on a tree at night, as to avoid the evil-hearted, and like a dragon roaming the great sea. [2]

Clang! Xu Yangyi’s and Enihilus’s magik treasures had already returned to their hands in the next second. In the moment of collision, however, a sharp noise filled the air!

“Gasp…” Moonless and Rocjourney both exhaled sharply. On one side was a magik treasure refined by a body of the highest mysteries, and the other side was an Emperor Armament that brought forth anomalies. As both sides attacked, they surprisingly left no mark behind, only sound!

“How can this be?!?!?!” After Enihilus drew back his bone saber, he shockingly discovered an extremely small nick, even smaller than a grain of rice, on the blade’s edge! “My body was conferred through a celestial’s grace! Enormous suffering must be endured to refine a physique treasure, but that sword actually managed to crack it?”

“I… do not accept this!!!”

In less than a second, over a dozen sharp clanging noises exploded between the duo! The clash of metal screamed through the air.

Xu Yangyi’s gaze was like fire. Enihilus was unaware, but he knew that the Fishbowel Sword… wasn’t only limited to this pittance of might! Since after the sword and saber clashed for the first time… he investigated the sword and saw a row of characters emerge!

“Certain Kill!”

This was the Fishbowel Sword’s exclusive divine ability!

No, this was a passive divine ability!

“Any magik treasure, any organism, any living creature has an extreme fatal point.” Xu Yangyi gritted his teeth and received Enihilus’s second slash. “And Certain Kill can see through this point, and deliver certain death with one strike!”

“Regardless of the opponent’s realm, regardless of their divine artifacts, only if they surpass me by a great realm! In the same realm, through the amount of times I’m in contact with the enemy, Fishbowel will penetrate the enemy’s mortal weakness. And then… all I need is one hit!”

And what of the amount of times the Fishbowel Sword had met Enihilus’s physique treasure?

Xu Yangyi’s movements made for the most perfect answer. Saber and sword gave form to two silver globes that were ten meters all around. Not even a splash of water could get through!

Enihilus became increasingly surprised. He could feel… an indescribable power, a power that he couldn’t resist, creeping over his bone saber. Maybe he could persevere to kill Xu Yangyi, maybe… 

But in spite of this, the terror in his heart continued to bloom. The Certainty of Arrival… the Certainty of Arrival! These three words seemed to hang over his head like a blade. His initial confidence had also been nicked by Xu Yangyi’s attack, the breach rapidly spreading over his heart.

“He’s already an arrow at the end of its flight. There’s no need for me to clash with him… I’ll kill him completely… I must make sure to kill him completely in one strike!”

Before his train of thought even settled, he swung his saber out. This saber was also instilled with a divine ability! Wherever the blade went past, there was no gale in the air, but instead a swath of hell that appeared before the eyes.

Swoosh swoosh swoosh! Saber shadows rained down at various angles. In an instant, a yellow spring wound around Enihilus’s body, but he himself stood on the brink of crisis. He fluttered away and retreated.

Everyone was stunned.

Anyone could see that Xu Yangyi wouldn’t be able to last for too long! Perhaps ten minutes or thirty minutes at most. The Qi Explosion Pill’s effect was so evident, and so was its side effects. Anyone could sense that Xu Yangyi’s qi was ceaselessly plummeting!

Maybe… he wouldn’t even be able to keep his middle Foundation Establishment cultivation half an hour from now!

But still… Enihilus didn’t dare to gamble!

He was afraid. He understood the prestige of the cultivator who enlightened him all too well. As a prophecy from 800 years ago descended, the courage he’d drummed up with great difficulty swiftly vanished like smoke because of the effect of him discovering that he couldn’t kill Xu Yangyi at first and the addition of the Realm Boundary Treasure.

The Fishbowel Sword’s realm boundary expanded the uneasiness in his heart.

“You should rejoice…” As he flew away, Enihilus grinded his teeth and said, “It has been so many years… you will be the first to witness the Dream Walker’s total form…”

“The Dream Walker and I are now a complete body, a mirror of two sides. Since you are such a thorn, I will have the Dream Walker’s true body see you off on your journey…”

“Go die… this time, I can be sure to kill you!”

No man was perfect. Nobody could be considered whole. The situation was so urgent. With Fishbowel’s realm boundary and the reappearance of a prophecy from 800 years ago, Enihilus made the choice he believed to be the most correct.

He had sustained heavy injuries, and by handing these matters to the Dream Walker he could be absolutely safe.

“It is a pity about that great treasure…” His gaze greedy, he glanced at the Fishbowel Sword with blood-red eyes. “A bright pearl cast before a swine, for it to fall into the hands of a waste such as you, who is doomed to die… In the end, it will belong to the Dream Walker’s collection. It is a pity… too much of a pity!”

Yet in this instant, he didn’t discover that Xu Yangyi’s gaze was suddenly twinkling!

Yes… Rocjourney hadn’t made a move all along, waiting for this opportunity!

No one could be sure whether the bearded man would be able to seal a Dream Walker that was forcibly possessed or fused. As long as the Dream Walker’s true body didn’t appear, no one dared to make this heavy stake!

“Enihilus is worried… Yes, with so many unexpected mishaps, anyone would be worried. He wants to do things on the safe side… but there’s no way he expected this point!”

“The other seal definitely came… Perhaps Floatingcloud thought there was only one seal, so he wasn’t able to hold back the Dream Walker, but I know. Someone that I’ve had deep contact with; there is someone else!”

“Since it wasn’t Bladevessel or the Realm Spirit, it can only be him!”

1. So looking back I kinda feel like an idiot for not noticing this, but I got lucky since I followed the translation literally. The “Nine Glorious Stars” is a concept in Hinduism and Hindu astrology known as the Navagraha. They represent both deities and planets, but as the ancient people viewed and understood them. Actually, I’m not sure if I made a note of this myself in the past.

2. The deer idiom was explained a long time ago. The deer do this so they don’t get shot.

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