Chapter 430: Dharmadhatu (34)

As the four Rocjourneys approached Enihilus, the demon monk’s eyes snapped open, and he roared furiously, “Break!!!”

DONG! A sharp echo rang out. In his body, ten thousand swords seemed to scream in chorus! Following this sound, black qi ripples abruptly scattered away, with him at the heart of the waves! But like a spring sun turning to snowfall, Rocjourney’s four silhouettes were shredded down to pieces, transforming into motes of spiritual light and vanishing.

“I am very disappointed.” Enihilus stared intently at Rocjourney. “Still, we were friends for centuries. I was telling you everything, and I have also watched you grow. I didn’t expect that with matters come to head you would actually be this decisive.”

“Since that’s how it is, I will send you on your way first!”

Just as his voice fell, black lights flashed out from his hand. Afterwards, a strange eye quietly opened on his palm and gazed straight at Rocjourney. “Buddhist Demise.”

Hum… A strange ripple spread out from Enihilus’s palm. Although called Buddhist, it was in fact demonic. Amidst raging qi, massive black palm that was fifty meters in size streaked towards Rocjourney, bringing with it rings of deep, serene Sanskrit symbols.

Crack crack crack! Wherever it passed, black veins were dragged out in the air. Rocjourney’s gaze chilled, and he sharply exhaled.

This move was fully locked onto him; he couldn’t avoid it! He could only rely on his qi to put up strong resistance!

“Without Flowers, Without Fruits!!!” Both of his hands quickly went to support his head. Where both his arms overlapped, a jade-green rune swiftly flickered, and the likeness of a tree was built around him. Between canopies of green leaves, flowers blossomed and flowers fell, leaves blooming in full and leaves withering. Amidst intersecting azure and yellow, a giant wall of qi that was around a hundred meters in size was formed!

But at the same time, Enihilus turned his head and fixed his eyes into the darkness. He laughed coldly and said, “You scoundrel, how dare you?”

In the next second, the eye on his forehead turned and blasted out a ray of pitch-black spiritual light. As it journeyed forth, the ray turned into a black spirit blade, and hacked straight down on the void!

Clang! The spirit blade rang out, and a crisp sound echoed from far, far away. In an instant, azure spiritual light came storming towards Enihilus!

Xu Yangyi’s protective qi cover was quickly made short work of. The demon monk’s blade shook him to the point that blood flowed from his seven apertures. Regardless, his speed didn’t slow. Since fleeing wasn’t an option, he would fight to the bitter end!

Without a moment’s pause, he clutched at a Qi Explosion Pill and swallowed it. Promptly, indescribable anguish bubbled all over his body like he was being burned, as if ten thousand knives were scraping his meridians.

His qi was rising… but it was very slow. It was nothing like the madness when he’d taken the pill before and charged into late Foundation Establishment in a flash. This time, he wouldn’t reach the door to the late stage, even after a long time! His qi was nothing more than a little denser than the middle stage.

“Fuck!” Xu Yangyi fiercely cursed. The Animus Armament in his hand was radiating four golden lights, four out of the Five Star-Deities glimmering in a chain. However, his left hand was already gripping another object.

Scarlet and black, its form was completely irregular. As he held it in his hand, it was even beating like a heart.

Pill fiend!

“Heavenly Opening…” He forcibly pushed out his meager qi and waved his sword. “Fifth Erosion!”

“Heavenly Opening Great Explosion!”

THUMP! All his qi converged like a tide into his sword, but he sprayed out a mouthful of blood. This phenomenon was his qi counterattacking!

His realm wasn’t enough!

Even though the supreme spirit stone was dishing out qi, this was an external force. And while he could still use the Heavenly Opening Great Explosion at middle Foundation Establishment, his realm was completely unstable. By imbuing more external force he could forcibly push through, but he would also injure himself.

Nevertheless, he didn’t care at all, and his figure blitzed through bloody mist. One strike. He clearly understood that he only had a chance for one strike!

If the Heavenly Opening Great Explosion wasn’t able to kill Enihilus, then he would be facing the next cooldown from using the Qi Explosion Pill. No one would be able to help them stall for half an hour!

But in this twinkling, Enihilus snapped his head around and looked at Xu Yangyi incredulously.

He sensed… a murderous will that seemed to cross a thousand years, incomparably strong… It could be said for those below Core Formation there was absolutely no path of escape, and it was now frantically approaching him!

Swoosh! In the next second, a ring of scarlet-red runes quickly appeared around him. At the same time, a burst of dark-red surfaced over the entire passage.

Like blood, like the crimson clouds of twilight, this redness shook one to their core!

“This…” A restless, wild palpitation took Enihilus’s heart. As a Great Circle Foundation Establishment cultivator, his anticipation for danger was far beyond those of the same stage. “Is it him?”

He suddenly looked at Xu Yangyi who was flying over like a cold star. Due to passing through the blood mist, the demon slayer’s body was dyed with flecks of blood. “He can actually use a divine ability that even makes me feel fear?”

“In his killing of Floatingcloud… I thought I clearly understood him. I didn’t expect this… He truly had another trump card?”

He had to dodge!

Unable to think more, he flickered away repeatedly, leaving behind silhouettes of himself in the air. His movements were erratic as he drifted around.

Swoosh… The giant palm he previously sent out loudly collapsed. The grave-faced Rocjourney was stunned, but then he looked where Xu Yangyi was charging over, his gaze fiery.

“This is Fellow Daoist Wolfbane’s killing move!” He came to an immediate realization. “He really is… terrifyingly strong!”

“We can’t stall for him to retreat anymore!”

“Fellow Daoist!” Before he even finished speaking, Moonless’s raspy voice was heard beside him. “Wolfbane might have no other choice but to use this move!”

“He didn’t give us advance notice, and just suddenly attacked. Clearly our triple support is too weak. It won’t do if one of us is missing. He fears that we won’t be able to hold on. With one person less, we’ll be quickly routed like a landslide! This is his supreme skill, and a supreme skill that he can only use once. What’s the point in me and you continuing to stay around?”

Rocjourney took a deep breath. In the next moment, he gritted his teeth and opened his mouth. An azure object fluttered out.

Rays of azure light curled around it, making it appear mysterious and divine. The bearded man gritted out, “This is my removed demon body… the bodhi seed! It is also my strongest attack!”

His hands blazed through a chain of seals, and the bodhi seed unexpectedly crack in the middle. Afterwards… a streak of azure light shifted to and fro in the air several times. It was like a strand of ebony hair, seemingly weak, yet its momentum was like lightning as it fired straight at Enihilus!

But in this moment, the head of this azure light had become an azure-clothed woman. Her eyes closed, she ventured west with her sword!

Moonless, however, slapped the crown of his head, and a foot-long little white wolf howled and came out.

“How could I have a demon spirit?” He was absent-minded for less than half a second, but his mouth involuntarily opened, “The cloudy summit whistles lonely with the frosty morning moon, the great plain traversed alone through snow, wind, and earth…”

“Awooo…” The wolf-spirit seemed to feel his summons. In a flash, it dashed out with a rumble! The power of its spiritual pressure caused all of Moonless’s clothes to rise up and flap in the wind.

In the instant it dashed out, the wolf-spirit became larger and larger! In the end, it turned into a giant wolf that was a hundred meters in size, bringing with it a savage howl as it bared its teeth to the void!

“Mongrel…” As Enihilus was dodging, both his eyes red, he was confronted by the trio’s desperate moves. And yet, he hadn’t expected that Xu Yangyi’s killing move would actually be so strong!

The attack was so powerful that it could threaten his existence!

However, Rocjourney’s body in itself is the seal. His removed demon body will have no minor effect on me. Perhaps… it is no less than that mongrel Wolfbane’s divine ability. In the end, how should I choose?! Enihilus noted to himself.

Bang bang bang! In the air, the sound of numerous breaking noises rang out. Due to the instability of Xu Yangyi’s realm, the activation for the Heavenly Opening Great Explosion was too slow. However, Rocjourney’s and Moonless’s supreme skills unexpectedly saw through all of Enihilus’s fabrications! They broke through all the mirages he left in the air and bee-lined to his true body!

In any case, this was still a cooperation of three Foundation Establishment cultivators!

“Mongrel.” Enihilus fiercely clenched his teeth and became even faster!

But at this moment… he suddenly came to a halt.

“This…” In his heart, a premonition of extreme danger approached. All around him, streaks of blood-colored qi seemed to rise up like steam!

The Heavenly Opening Great Explosion was formally activated!

“So strong!” Moonless’s and Rocjourney’s gazes lit up at the same time, ecstasy filling their hearts like an ocean. No one had expected that Xu Yangyi’s absolute strike would actually be this strong!

“As expected… all those able to enter this place are supreme geniuses! If I’m not careful, then I’ll be overturned… Even if I am Great Circle Foundation Establishment, I fear this coming move will seriously injure me!”

“Thousand Wolves Solitary!” Moonless finally cried out.

Without any further hesitation, layer after layer of the Heavenly Opening Great Explosion’s murderous will locked down on Enihilus, causing him to become sluggish. It was with this sluggishness that Moonless’s and Rocjourney’s two supreme reserve skills were now chasing after him!

“AWOOO!!!” The wolf-spirit’s howl quaked the heavens. In the following moment, it split from one into two, two into three, and from three into a countless number! Like a tide, the wolf pack charged Enihilus!

“Bodhi Of The Wondrous Tree!” Rocjourney’s fists tightly clenched together, veins bursting against his skin. With the joining of his hands, his azure light quickly brightened, and the sword in the azure-clothed woman’s hand surprisingly turned into the branch of a Seven-Jeweled Wondrous Tree. Fields of flowers bloomed, and a rainbow of light shined upon the Heavenly Opening Great Explosion’s red omen. It made for a brilliant expanse. [1]

Enihilus froze in step. There was no way he couldn’t stop. Three divine abilities were boxing him in from three directions. He was confident that he could resist Rocjourney’s and Moonless’s attacks, yet as space strangely reddened, crisis locked down on his movements. The attacks were continuously layering over each other. 

He looked at Xu Yangyi, who was swiftly darting over. The demon slayer had already coughed up blood a few good times, and was stuffing his mouth with a constant stream of medicinal pills. Still, Xu Yangyi’s speed didn’t fall by a hair.

“Bereft Of Buddha, Devoid Of Demon…” Enihilus sucked in deeply and his palms came together in the void. From his palms, a swastika floated into view. He simply couldn’t disdain Xu Yangyi’s move.

Swoosh… The swastika became larger as it spun more and more. Waves of Brahmic chants swept through the air, but the sound was odd. It was like a spectre. Very soon, a massive golden bell formed around him and safely defended him.

“CLOSE!!!” he roared furiously. Just as his palms were about to come together in the middle, though, the view before him suddenly blacked out!

No… not blacked out. He realized that his spiritual sense… had been blocked!

“How is this possible?!?!” The instant sneak attack even caused violent shock to Enihilus’s heart. He’d never encountered such weird circumstances!

He quickly realized that this was an offense spiritual-sense divine ability, but… what kind of offensive spiritual-sense divine ability didn’t attack the spiritual sense, but instead blocked it?

In a spark of flint, everyone saw it. In Enihilus’s daze, just as he was about to complete his divine ability, he was suddenly turning illusory. With the qi supply cut off and the seals interrupted, the divine ability was naturally on the verge of falling apart!

“GREAT OPPORTUNITY!!!” Rocjourney looked up and screamed angrily, “KILL!!!”

Above his Seven-Jeweled Branch, another tree appeared! A sapling of the twin sal-trees grew out, azure light like a tide!

“KILL!!!” In kind, Moonless’s mind trembled. A thousand white wolves cloaked in raging flames assumed formation and took aim at Enihilus!

They likewise responded to the power of Xu Yangyi’s move!

One attack… It was quite possible that the demon slayer only had enough spiritual force for this move!

1. “七宝妙树”. “Seven-Jeweled (Treasure) Wondrous Tree), so this is an artifact featured in Investiture of the Gods. Because of this novel’s popularity, this tree is present in a lot of different media. I have linked the Chinese in case you want to copy-paste for more visual.

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