Chapter 421: Dharmadhatu (25)

Bang bang! Bladevessel and Moonless’s moves tore Floatingcloud into pieces! But in the next second, a boundless fog spread out from Floatingcloud’s ruined body and gathered at the center of the square!

“Kill him!!!” Xu Yangyi roared. Presently, he was only twenty meters away from Floatingcloud! His longsword shook, and ten purple fire-dragons wildly stormed out!

The so-called Realm Spirit wasn’t the seal… so was it Bladevessel?

However, Bladevessel’s gaze flashed, and he formed seals. A plain and simple shield appeared with a boom! Its direction, though, wasn’t in defense of himself… instead, it fell down in front of Floatingcloud!

At the same time, a series of golden lights suddenly emerged in his left hand! An incredibly plain awl appeared, and following a savage cry, Bladevessel stabbed at Floatingcloud with all of his strength!

He… was just like a hunter that refused help from other hunters. As if he wanted to hunt his prey alone!

“He… he isn’t the seal, either?” Rocjourney gasped, and with a sky of azure light, his medicinal hoe quickly waved an azure sphere into existence. It blocked the wildly attacking puppet and exploded into golden light!

“Who’s the seal?” As he defended, he urgently looked over the square. The bloody battle of six Foundation Establishment cultivators was finally in full swing. His distraction, though, caused a hair-thin gap to suddenly appear in his azure light orb, and the puppet nearly took advantage and dove in!

“Teeheehee!” the puppet let loose a stream of diabolical hoots, its claws wreathed in two fire-dragons. Everywhere the dragons passed, the air became scorched! In their battleground, azure and red dyed the floor into a fifty-meter sea of burning fire. The power was unmatched!

In a moment, Rocjourney regained his wits, yet his heart became even more deeply worried.

“Who is it… Who in the world is it?! Why didn’t I sense a thing?! It’s not the puppet, and Bladevessel betrayed Floatingcloud first, but then he oddly blocked Fellow Daoist Wolfbane. Which side is he even on?! Could it be Moonless? This Bladevessel… is too fishy! Who even is he?!?!”

Bang bang bang! Xu Yangyi’s ten fire-dragons impacted against Bladevessel’s shield, and the shield swelled by several dozen meters in the blink of an eye. A behemoth’s face was carved on the shield, and it suddenly stretched its mouth wide open, swallowing all the fire-dragons in!

Rumble! The shield instantly broke! The fire-dragons, however, had also vanished without a trace. Bladevessel groaned and fell back a few steps. His face was completely red, and veins chaotically pulsed on his forehead.

Following his shudder, the awl stopped in midair at the same time. Numerous clouds were already swirling into Floatingcloud’s likness. Shockingly, Bladevessel called on the golden awl, and then clouds rumbled and surged!

“That’s… the Realm Anchor! That’s the Realm Anchor! Who are you?!?! How did you get your hands on the Realm Anchor?!?!” Rocjourney exclaimed.

Bladevessel laughed boisterously and looked gloomily at Floatingcloud. He rapidly retreated, yet his voice carried extreme excitement as he shouted himself hoarse, “Dream Walker… only I can touch it with my own hands… Everyone else… If one comes, then I will kill one!!!”

“Horseplague, assist me!!!” he shouted, and a red talisman abruptly brightened on his forehead. His entire body began to swell up like a balloon, and rifts began to grow on his body, one after another. Cracking sounds echoed through the plaza, and rows of snow-white teeth appeared in the rifts. Scarlet tongues contrasted his body into looking like a pack of wildly dancing devils!


“Floatingcloud… you are my prey!!! All you other insects, pledge allegiance to me!”

But at the same time, all of Moonless’s white hair stood on edge and transformed into a massive snow-white wolf’s head. And in that exact moment… the packs of countless white wolf-phantasms appeared around him!

“This…” Two manifestations glimmered on Xu Yangyi’s long sword, Star-Deity Sui and Star-Deity Jin. Two golden ten-meter-tall figures revolved at his right and left. Originally, they had shrouded the battlefield, but they were stiffly restrained.

“Senior Brother…” Xu Yangyi’s voice was somewhat choked with emotion. Afterwards, without any reason, his vision went red, and the two godly figures shimmered again! Both of them surged into the Animus Armament!

“Smelting God Art…” The demon slayer breathed in deeply. Swoosh! The longsword swiftly turned gold from white! Golden light flowed everywhere, and hacked straight down on Bladevessel who was in front of Floatingcloud!

“Earthmother’s Divine Art… Moving Mountain!!!” Bladevessel still hadn’t completed his demonization. His body had merely swelled up like a balloon. In an instant, he had already become over ten meters in size. In the face of the longsword radiating golden light, a feeling of extreme danger spread through his spiritual sense. Immediately, his hands came together, and a manifestation likewise formed behind him.

A hazy woman came into view. With a wave of her hand, in front of Bladevessel, a loud, sudden boom rang out in the air wherever the longsword’s sword-light passed. In the next moment, a great mountain formed of spiritual light descended with a rumble!

“Fuck off!!!” Xu Yangyi snarled, “First you betray Floatingcloud, and then you betray us! Who are you?! Which side are you on?! If you won’t get lost, then I’ll kill you without mercy!”

“Hahaha!” Bladevessel faced up and laughed gleefully. Afterwards, his reddened eyes looked to Xu Yangyi. “It doesn’t matter who I am. You are still unworthy of knowing… The Dream Walker is my prey! Apart from myself, I’ll kill anyone who blocks me!!!”

“Chop!” Xu Yangyi didn’t waste words, his tongue lashing out with an explosive roar. Without warning, a ring of golden light erupted all around him! In the instant he made contact with the spiritual light mountain, a massive crash rang out, and the mountain disintegrated into dust!

But regardless, the speed of the radiance was consequently quite slow.

“Well met…” Bladevessel flung his head back again and laughed wildly. Like a demon, he flew a dozen meters back, his voice drifting over from afar. “But today’s lead role isn’t you. On the contrary…”

“IMPUDENT!!!” Before his voice even fell, a shout of towering fury came from the void. Floatingcloud was already reforming at lightning speed! Unable to contain his rage, he slapped out. “Palm Opens The Universe!!!”

Swish… In the wake of his voice, his palm became larger and larger. A perfectly round black-white Taiji vaguely appeared under his hand. Under the pressure of his palm, the faint sound of rolling thunder echoed in the sky!

This was the might of Foundation Establishment. The surrounding hundred meters was his entire domain!

“Trifling insects, you actually dare to challenge me in vain!” The momentum of this palm far outstripped Xu Yangyi’s halo of light, even causing his halo to lose color. The ground fissured inch after inch, and Floatingcloud’s furious voice was like rolling thunder. “If I don’t subject you to a death of a thousand cuts then I am rash to call myself the God Creator!”

“It’s creation in a dream, but you still have the nerve to call yourself god?!” Xu Yangyi didn’t flee at all, staring dead-on at the hand. But not only did he not flee, he stepped forward. “Insect… I’ll make you see an insect’s strength!”

“Heavenly Opening… Third Erosion!”

This erosion wasn’t from his use of the Smelting God Art. As he spoke out, frost inched out and spread under his feet. A cold, fear-inducing air rocketed into the sky! Even under the pressure of the round Taiji, it crackled in the air!

In the sky… limitless frost materialized in vast blankets!

Swoosh! Another manifestation appeared behind him. However, this manifestation was a black man and black ox. The man was dressed in a white Daoist robe. The manifestation appeared simple and crude, but in the moment it appeared all divine abilities seemed to be erased for a second!

Star-Deity Zhen! [1]

“Apart from the sixth erosion that hasn’t shown up, the first five erosions of the Heavenly Opening Six Erosions correspond to the Five Star-Deities. On top of that… the Animus Armament has to be used to reveal the Heavenly Opening Six Erosion’s actual power… Yes, back then Wei Zhongxian had the lower half in his mouth! This point… has always been on my horizon, but I only paid attention recently!” [2]

Although Xu Yangyi had integrated and fused multiple areas of study during his ten years of bitter cultivation, he didn’t have the opportunity to reveal his sword. It wasn’t until the Nightmare nest he’d encountered in the passage did he finally execute the fusion of the first, second, and third erosions with the Smelting God Art. Right now, this was the third erosion!

“This…” The distant Bladevessel’s eyes suddenly brightened. He hurriedly judged the following situation and wordlessly retreated several dozen meters away. “Such a strong move… That Floatingcloud who’s actually weak… might be injured!”

“Devour Flesh!!!”

Xu Yangyi’s sword sang, a shooting star hurtling through the vast sky!

The resplendent glint of a sword rushed straight to the center of the Taiji! Furthermore… after this sword-light shot out, it didn’t vanish. Instead, starting from the bottom, it gradually froze!

Crash! The massive Taiji palm unexpectedly answered and broke! It became endless fragments of black and white, which sprinkled through the air. The sword’s momentum, however, didn’t lessen! It surged at Floatingcloud, who was behind the great palm!

To everyone’s surprise, Floatingcloud’s move didn’t have the least bit strength! It only possessed form!

“As expected, his Great Circle cultivation isn’t solid! It’s full of holes!” Xu Yangyi’s gaze flashed. In the next second, Floatingcloud’s figure loudly splintered apart and became endless white mist again!

But this time, the white fog suddenly fled to an even more distant space!

Floatingcloud… didn’t want to fight!

His guess wasn’t wrong!

“That’s how it is, eh… So the Dream Walker isn’t so easy to forcibly possess!” Xu Yangyi laughed brightly and became a stream of azure light, launching right at Floatingcloud!

“ROAR!!!” But at this time, a massive mouth filled with dense rows of white teeth appeared from the endless darkness. It chomped down with all of its strength!


Xu Yangyi didn’t stop, because he saw that at the same time of this roar, a furious howl also came from the other side!

BANG!!! The massive mouth didn’t manage to succeed. Over ten meters in size, two wolf claws fiercely propped open the mouth’s upper and lower jaws, allowing Xu Yangyi to dart through like lightning!

Two large dark-green eyes matched hundreds of scarlet-red eyes that were closely packed enough to make a claustrophobic person go insane. Two 200-meter-sized monsters charged at each other in sync, emanating the most primal might!



Countless tongues flurried through the sky! On the other side, an entire body of white hair stood on edge! Like a ceaselessly spinning Taiji, two demons of similar realm howled non-stop and found each other’s weak points. All that was awaited was the strike of lightning.

A true decisive struggle of Foundation Establishment demonbeasts!

“Begone!!!” Bladevessel’s hundreds of maws thundered, “You know nothing! Don’t stop me!”

A scarlet tongue stretched out in a great wave and licked wolfish lips. “You want to get through? Fine, but you’ll have to beat me first!”

“YOU!!!” Bladevessel looked at the swiftly fleeing mist in the air with reddened eyes and said trilly, “Do you know… who I am?”

“What do I care who you are!” Moonless shouted, “First you betrayed Floatingcloud and then you betrayed us… You treacherous cur, you are not to be trusted!” [3]

Bladevessel closed his eyes, the anxiety in his heart like a great blaze. If he couldn’t obtain the Dream Walker… then everything would be a waste… 

“Good…” Bladevessel said hoarsely, “in that case… I’ll send you on your way!”

“Yellow River Flips Wave!!!” With a booming shout, rays of earthen-yellow qi spat out from countless open mouths, concealing the entire world!

The second fight had taken form!

The first was Rocjourney versus the puppet! Azure light and fire illuminated the plaza into a green and red world.

The second fight was between two greater demons. One was like a tadpole, covered with great maws and black scales on its entire body, floating through space. The other was stark-white like snow, myriad talismans on its body. The massive heavenly wolf fiercely glared at its foe.

The third fight… With Xu Yangyi behind and Floatingcloud ahead, blue and white lightning streaked above the two demons!

If a Qi Condensation cultivator was here, perhaps they would be dumbfounded. But regardless of any battle, the qi given off was enough to turn them into flying ash if they were swept up!

1. The god of Saturn.

2. Five Star-Deities: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn.

3. “Treacherous cur”, I debated whether to leave this untranslated or not. This insult is actually “三姓家奴” or Three-surnamed slave”. This is a reference to Lü Bu of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Lü Bu’s original surname is Lü. And then he betrayed his original surname to serve under a warlord surnamed Ding. He betrayed Ding for another warlord named Dong. In the end, he betrayed Dong as well. Thus, a betrayal of three surnames.

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