Chapter 395: Hell’s Mouth (2)

“High Spiritmaster Second Ox has come to report.”

“High Spiritmaster Third Tiger has come to report.”

“High Spiritmaster Fourth Rabbit has come to report.”

“High Spiritmaster Fifth Dragon has come to report.”

“High Spiritmaster Eighth Sheep has come to report.”

“High Spiritmaster Yu Fangluo has come to report.”

“High Spiritmaster Li Zhanchun has come to report.”

Names rang out in front of Xu Yangyi and Moonless. Apart from three spirit-masters left behind in Shangchen to guard the state, the Twelve Zodiac Beasts and five unrecorded spirit-masters now stood before the duo, solemn-faced.

A party of seventeen, this was their squad!

No… not just seventeen. After the seventeen high spirit-masters had finished reporting, the group separated. Afterwards, a group of men, ranging from middle-aged to old, walked over.

Zu Huai’en was at the lead, and walked in front of Xu Yangyi and Moonless. Unexpectedly, he bowed at a right angle and said in a low voice, “State-Magus Zu Huai’en of Shangchen has come to report his readiness to obey the Immortal Masters dispatch in all cases.”

The surrounding people’s gazes flashed. Afterwards, they dimly, yet ardently, tucked their fiery gazes away.

This place was the master conference hall of the Post Horse Station, over 300 square meters in size. There was a circular meeting table made out of real wood, and teas from various parts of the country were gathered. According to reason, with their status in Shangchen, they should’ve been sitting in soft chairs right now and sampling tea, everyone else at their beck and call.

Regardless, there was nothing.

At this moment, only two people sat up front, Xu Yangyi and Moonless. Everyone else could only stand. They didn’t have the qualifications to sit.

“State-Magus Cui Xusheng of Shangchen has come to report his readiness.” Cui Xusheng was a man around fifty years old. There was an evident trace of reluctance on his face. In the past, when was he not the one in high spirits? To be first hailed and then embraced? But now… in front of a young man and someone his age, he had to lower his voice and aura!

Moonless harrumphed. Just as he was about to say something, though, Xu Yangyi gently rocked his head.

Cui Xusheng stepped back and the remaining two people walked over. They were the same as Cui Xusheng. Although they hid it extremely well on their faces, one could still see a shred of unwillingness.

“Mu Yang, State-Magus Mu, has come to report his readiness.” After Mu Yang bowed, he walked to the side with a cold look. The remaining state-magus afterwards was the same.

“State-Magus Shao Yufeng of Mingyu.”

Everyone fell in line, and Xu Yangyi uttered, “I’ll make a declaration first.”

“In this place, there are no state-magi or high spirit-masters. All matters arranged by me and Fellow Daoist Moonless must be obeyed.”

Cui Xusheng couldn’t hold in a cold snort anymore, “Master Xu, I’ve been looking forward to meeting you for a long time. This is a society of law. Don’t tell me you aren’t planning on obeying the State Council’s suggestions?”

Unperturbed, Xu Yangyi looked over. “You have a suggestion?”

“I have a few minor…”

Before he even finished speaking, a violent squall suddenly rose up around Cui Xusheng! Once the gale passed, all the floor tiles, tables, and chairs around him seemed to have been shaved by a razor! Everything flipped over! Yet at the very center, he wasn’t even injured by a hair!

“Then hold it in.” Xu Yangyi picked up a teacup and pursed it to his lips. After he set it down, his gaze held a chilling touch. “A society of law?”

“In this place, the two of us are the law.” His blade-like gaze went over each person in the crowd. “I’m not asking you, I’m ordering you. Who gave you the wrong idea that you could talk things over?”

Stowing his gaze, Xu Yangyi lightly stroked the teacup. “Who else has a suggestion right now?”

Everyone couldn’t help but shudder in their hearts. This killing intent seemed tangible. It was too cold, and they didn’t have the slightest doubt that as long as they dared to speak up, their heads would immediately land on the ground in the next second!

Moonless’s face was an expressionless mask. This was rather normal. Concerning Foundation Establishment to Qi Condensation, this oppressive might was the basic attitude. This went back to the future possible interplanar trade with the Clearcloud Realm. Otherwise, how could these lower realm cultivators without inheritance have room to speak?

It could be said that in this twinkling, Xu Yangyi could truly regarded as having assumed a Foundation Establishment cultivator’s role.

Even in Xu Yangyi’s mind, Zhao Ziqi didn’t speak. In his view point, his big brother said these words all too normally. If this was Earth, a slap would send those who didn’t accept such a view into several years of seclusion. Who risked speaking out of turn? Even if the clan behind them had rights and privilege, infuriating a Foundation Establishment Senior over something wasn’t worth it. Currently… an insignificant Qi Condensation cultivator, one without inheritance and moreover divine abilities, actually dared to grumble before a Foundation Establishment cultivator. Wasn’t this a death wish?

Why? With what qualifications? Did he really believe himself to be like Xu Yangyi, with the Dao of Pills in hand?

Cui Xusheng clenched his teeth. Just as he was about to speak, however, the entire floor suddenly tremored!

Boom boom boom! Violent rumbling echoed throughout the building. The several state-magi and high spirit-masters cried out in alarm, almost tumbling onto the floor. Xu Yangyi and Moonless shared a glance, and a solemn wisp flashed through the back of their eyes. Their figures then flickered, and they both vanished from inside the room.

“Master Xu! Master Moonless!!!” Thirty seconds after they left, the door slammed open with a bang. The premier’s secretary dashed in, fat beads of sweat covering his forehead.

“Where are the masters?!” He shot a look inside the room with terrible anxiety, yet discovered that all the furniture was askew. On a table, several high spirit-masters were standing with trepidation.

“Assistant Meng, what happened?” Mu Yang forcibly restrained the worry in his heart and asked in a heavy voice.

The assistant gritted his teeth and strode over to a window. With a swoosh, he pulled the curtain open. In an instant, everyone inside the room fell into a daze.

“Is this…” After no less than ten seconds passed, State-Magus Cui walked over to the window with an unsteady gait. With his dreadfully shaking finger he stroked the window glass, and his voice unknowingly hitched up. “The end of the world…?”

In Baizhai City, every street, plaza, and cellar was set up with tents. There were no cars. All those able to come to Shangchen took refuge in this final shelter. At the top of buildings… parking lots… tent after tent made for a shocking sight. In this moment, countless people came out of the tents because of the violent shaking.

“My god…” A young man was reading a book in a tent. After the ground suddenly quaked, all lighting equipment died out. He stared blankly for a second and then flung the book aside. He darted out of his tent and was rendered dumb on the spot.

“Wheeze…” In front of him, a pale-faced old man was foolishly looking ahead. Soon after, without the slightest awareness, he brought his palms together.

There were even more people with them. Without exception, all of them listlessly took in the catastrophic sight.

Baizhai City was an ocean city. Right now… in the direction of the harbor, far, far away on the horizon… a massive tsunami was surging over!

 Under the black clouds that blotted out the sun, this tsunami was at least ten thousand meters tall! It seemed to draw up all seawater! And yet this tsunami was not alone… wherever the giant wave passed, the dry land of the Clearcloud Realm actually began to turn backwards! And every place that turned backwards was decomposed into motes of spiritual light by a strange power! Tracts of land were swept into the massive wave!

Swoosh… A mountain range curled up like a pastry roll and then transformed into a sky of white lights. A city was rolled in and was likewise turned into ashes without so much as a whisper. It seemed as if countless people… ten million, or even a hundred million, tumbled into this tall rolling structure as if they were ants. In the same vein, they all became spirit light and vanished! 

Silent, not one person made a sound. There were only terrified faces and pairs of wide eyes. Their hearts almost stopped beating due to extreme fear.

Armageddon, one only featured in movies, truly emerged before them now!

“Huff…” In the sky, Moonless coldly gasped. “What power… This is far beyond that Hollywood movie 2012… This… This realm is truly being destroyed!”

“A fiend throughout the heavens… a demon to destroy a world… Great Sage Sun… What disastrous entity was sealed?!”

“Just by barely waking up, a situation like this was caused?”

Xu Yangyi remained silent and watched the tide at the horizon with a fiery gaze. It was slow but didn’t stop for any rest. It was like an unshakable titan. Wherever it passed, the Clearcloud Realm’s everything became a deathly still void!

Yet at this time, a stuttering voice suddenly echoed at his ear side.

“Hurry… hurry… it’s going to wake up soon… I can sense it… It’s already about to wake up… i-in seven more days at most…”

The Realm Spirit!

Xu Yangyi pulled back his gaze and inhaled deeply. “It… isn’t awake yet?”

“Not yet…” The Realm Spirit’s voice shuddered uncontrollably. “But soon, very soon… I can even feel that its consciousness is starting to touch the world!”

Xu Yangyi took a heavy breath. In the following moment, without a wasted word, he became a stream of light and rushed straight to the Post Horse Station.

Swoosh! His figure appeared in the room again, but this time no one was surprised. All of them were at the window side, watching everything outside in a daze.

Moonless’s silhouette appeared in the next instant. He looked at everyone and lightly coughed.

No one reacted.

He cycled his qi and snorted coldly. Only then did everyone shiver and react. Regardless, each person wore helpless despair on their faces.

“It’s over… over!!!” a spirit-master suddenly began to shriek. “The world’s going to end! It’s all over! How… how could this happen?! How the hell could this happen?! God! Run… we have to run! If we wait here we’ll only die! Don’t stop me!”

Swish! His voice yet to fall, blood spouted in a wide arc. He was squarely bisected at the waist by an azure stream of light, and his split corpse landed across the ground. Blood splashed everywhere.

Crimson blood finally made everyone calm down a little. The space between Xu Yangyi’s five fingers pulsed with azure light. “Life and death are just separated by a line. If you seriously still risk ruining morale, you’re not staying.”

Moonless didn’t stop Xu Yangyi. In fact, the tip of finger just now had also pulsed with a wisp of white light. It was just that Xu Yangyi acted faster.

Xu Yangyi’s gaze swept through everyone like a knife. Each person he met with his gaze shifted their eyes away. State-Magi Cui, Mu, and Shao furthermore didn’t dare to meet his sight.

The chicken killed to warn the monkey, an example had been made. Now, the blood forced them to simply accept their situation.

Xu Yangyi pulled back his gaze. He snorted coldly and said faintly, “Top of the building.”

Immediately, his figure disappeared where he stood.

Everyone stared blankly and quickly walked out. Moonless mumbled for a few seconds and followed as well.

Twenty minutes later, on top of the Post Horse Station, a great mansion that was no less than several thousand meters all around, Xu Yangyi, Moonless, and the others were already prepared. In total, they were twenty-three.

In the middle was a flying magik artifact that was about thirty meters in size. It was in the shape of a skylark, perched on the roof.

Xu Yangyi stood on the skylark’s head, his gaze peering deep into the horizon. Under black clouds, a jade-blue line of silver reached the sky and touched the earth. Endless white light glimmered. Without the ocean’s tranquility, there was only the clamor of death. Truly, it could be said to be a landscape of stony upheaval and clouds in collapse, raging waves pounding the shore, and a whirling tempest of snowfall.

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