Chapter 31: Assailing the Middle Stage (3)

In Heavens Law, everyone who was of the initial stage of Qi Condensation, be they a teacher or leader, were completely without hope to break through, so they had come to teach others and become educators. Although 99% of students had never witnessed what a cultivation breakthrough looked like, at this present moment, he knew.

Chapter 31: Assailing the Middle Stage (3In Heavens Law, everyone who was of the initial stage of Qi Condensation, be they a teacher or leader, were completely without hope to break through, so they had come to teach others and become educators. Although 99% of students had never witnessed what a cultivation breakthrough looked like, at this present moment, he knew.

It was legion. A myriad rays of qi that were milky-white in color faintly radiated a splendid brilliance that formed a maelstrom of spiritual light that was approximately twenty meters wide. It slowly spun in the sky above the arena. Like a moon deity sprinkling starlight filling the Milky Way, beneath the four mighty and simple characters of unrivaled beneath the heavens, it was like a dream or fantasy! 

“Who is it… Who could it be!” He fiercely clenched his fist, looking before him incredulously.

He, Chu Zhaonan, could be considered a successor of his ancestors’ knowledge. Moreover, his name was considered one that could shake China. At the mention of China’s Chu Clan, a great majority of people in China would have to give face. As for him, he was the third-generation scion of the Chu Clan, a person of great background. In the past eight to nine years, to this day, there was still somewhat of a gap in distance from his qi sea flooding over. He hadn’t expected that one of his peers would surprisingly make a breakthrough on the day before the Qualifier in this contest for supremacy between lion kings!

Yes, Xu Yangyi had already been in seclusion for four days. He hadn’t sensed it, but in the real world, four days had hurriedly passed on by. At the center of the maelstrom of spiritual light like that of the stars, he appeared to be insignificant, so much that he felt powerless. This was because everything was not of his control.

Simultaneously, the consecutive bangs of eight stone doors opening rang out, and eight grim-faced youths appeared on the arena at nearly the same time. No one spoke. This scene was so beautiful that it made no one dare to breathe loudly. A camouflaged youth gritted his teeth: “Amazing… Truly amazing… Which city’s champion is this? They actually charged into the middle stage the day before the Qualifier!” 

“Perhaps it isn’t a champion?” A girl looked at the ceaselessly revolving qi vortex in the sky with an impassioned gaze, clenching her teeth.

“Impossible!” This time, everyone spoke in unison. 

They were all champions, and they all had their own pride! They didn’t fully understand their fellow students, but it was impossible that someone else was making a breakthrough here! It had to be a champion, it could only be a champion!

“It’s him…” Chu Zhaonan’s gaze past over everyone, and his heart ached terribly.

He had long ago anticipated it could possibly be Xu Yangyi. In kind, there wasn’t another reason, only a kind of premonition. But after he saw with his own two eyes that of the people that had come out that Xu Yangyi wasn’t one of them, and that the other’s stone door was still shut, a kind of feeling that could be called envy swiftly filled his entire heart.

Why? Why is it that I, Chu Zhaonan, cannot compare with him? Why was he able to bring his qi sea to the brink? Every month, I eat heavenly treasures and study arcane efforts that all who are present cannot learn. By what reasoning has he walked ahead of me?! I do not accept this!

“Who is it?” A champion asked.

“Scram…” Chu Zhaonan shut his eyes, feeling the waves of sharp pain in his heart and issued a lone word from throat.

“Hehe…” The other student let out two hollow chuckles, and just as his laughter fell, his entire being suddenly charged forth like an arrow let loose from its bow!

In the blink of an eye, he halted in place. This was because of the rune-covered silver pistol that had been drawn exactly level to his forehead. Not one second more, not one second less.

“Too weak…” Chu Zhaonan’s eyes went slightly red and he gritted his teeth, laughing: “Too weak… Too weak, too weak!”

“And you dare to call yourself a champion?!”

Bang! The butt of the gun immediately sent the champion spraying blood and flying back. “You’re nothing but trash in comparison to him.”

He used his crimson eyes to stare rigidly at the stone door. Suddenly, the maelstrom of qi in the sky moved. Like summertime fireflies hazy in their visibility, the entire maelstrom of qi charged towards the stone door neither urgently or slowly. As if the stone door didn’t exist, the qi rays weren’t halted in the slightest and charged inwards!

Swoosh… On the level above, in the Heavens Law branch office, the sound of a machine echoed through the air. Upon hearing this noise, everyone set down their work and astonishingly stared at the tremendous human face in the air as it slowly opened its eyes.

Countless zeroes and ones streamed through its green eyes. In the next second, a mechanical voice indecipherable between man or woman echoed out with the 1.5 hectare room.

“Abnormal qi fluctuations detected. A student has assailed a realm. Repeat, abnormal qi fluctuations have been detected. A student has assailed a realm…”

At this instance, everyone was stunned. A Qi Condensation student breaking through a minor boundary wasn’t a big fuss. However… Foundation Establishment in a century! Since it was dared to be claimed as Foundation Establishment in a century, this was a average figure that the cultivation world had investigated! To be precise, it was 72.34 years!

In a great realm, there were three minor boundaries. Initial stage, middle stage, late stage, and the Great Circle was in fact only a title. It was the apex of the late stage. In other words… a single boundary was on average around 23 years!

“This… This came from below?!” A woman wearing glasses took her hand out from the pocket of her white coat and looked down beneath her feet in amazement: “A decade… Does that mean someone charged into the middle stage of Qi Condensation in a decade?!”

No one responded because how could this question that circled in all of their hearts be given voice to?! In the branch, there were two Foundation Establishment cultivators, the branch master and the deputy branch master. How could the other Qi Condensation cultivators not be aware of how long it took for them to break through to a minor boundary?

Ten years? Hehehe… Those that had broken through in twenty years could be grasped at here and there. Those that took thirty years constituted a dime a dozen!

If it wasn’t on the account that cultivators could change the appearance of their age, the branch would’ve become a camp of grannies and grandpas long ago. But now, on the second level beneath their eyelids and feet, in one of the stone rooms of the Unrivaled Beneath the Heavens Arena, someone had surprisingly broken through a minor boundary in a decade!

“A genius…” the eyes of several old men that were arguing hotly flashed. They looked beneath their feet in excitement as if they could see through it: “A genius… second only to that genius Sunnihilator!” 

“Sunnihilator broke through a boundary in five years! Foundation Establishment in thirty! Now… there’s actually a genius that broke through a boundary in a decade beneath our feet?!”

“Damn… Nantong Province has picked up a treasure this time!” 

“It’s not known which city’s champion it is!”

“Why can’t it be someone else?”

“Someone else? Hehe, can others accomplish what champions cannot?”

Within a lobby, Firecloud who was originally in the middle of holding a pair of small silver scissors and leisurely cutting a cuban cigar, suddenly stopped his hand. He shut his eyes somewhat suspicious, doubting whether or not his senses had made an error.

In the next second. Swish! Swish!

In a different room, the same sound of the two great Foundation Establishment cultivators, Sunnihilator and Shadowslay, stood up simultaneously without consultation, looking at the ground beneath their feet in pleasant surprise!

In the Unrivaled Beneath the Heavens Arena, someone had broken through a boundary! Ten years… They had at most been treading the path of cultivation for ten years! And at this kind of moment, one had surprisingly broken through a boundary!

“This is truly… an unexpected joy!” Sunnihilator kneaded his cigar into smithereens. The smile on his face was so clear, as if he wanted his gaze to penetrate through the floorboard, staring unwaveringly beneath his feet.

On a building in the Triumphant Virtue Plaza, a silver nine-tailed fox that had shut its eyes to recuperate opened them up by a sliver and sniffed suspiciously: “It’s somewhat familiar… Truly an aptitude that incites the envy of men…” For the first time, it stood up. Its haughty gaze of unparalleled arrogance carried a trace of extreme jealousy as it looked across at the public park. “Come on… those human dregs... will soon undergo their ceremony and enter the true world… So what if it’s a genius… Hehe… Of the fallen geniuses, there are far, far too many…” 

“The entrance passage to the Unrivaled Beneath the Heavens Arena has presently been closed off. I repeat, the entrance channel to the Unrivaled Beneath the Heavens Arena has presently been closed off…” Heavens Law’s neutral voice was without sorrow or joy as it echoed through the entire room. There wasn’t anyone that was in opposition. 

However, at this moment, inside a large surveillance room, there were three people without the faintest of smiles on their faces. 

“Number 1, Xu Yangyi.” Deputy Branchmaster Qi’s voice carried a hoarseness to it and his voice was extremely complex: “The probability of his success in breaking through to the middle stage of Qi Condensation…” He personally moved his hand to press down on the button without pause. After a long time, he turned his head back to gaze at the two people behind him: “80%”

Chu Tianyi and Fang Tansheng were sitting behind him. There wasn’t anyone else. It appeared that it wasn’t a matter of concern to them, their faces without consternation like an old, dried-up well.

“How long has it been?” Chu Tianyi questioned serenely, looking at the scene of the several hundred qi ray revolution rush through a stone door of the Unrivaled Beneath the Heavens Arena on the monitor. The lighting concealed the wisp of madness hidden beneath his eyes.

“Ten minutes. After all, it is only the breakthrough of the initial stage of Qi Condensation.” Deputy Branchmaster Qi sat down with an ashen face. He was somewhat regretting that even if this grade of aptitude was not equal to Sunnihilator, it was absolutely levels above the standard! One that if was set free, the Big Three wouldn’t allow the other to have! 

An army of a thousand was easy to raise, but it was difficult to find a good general! However… he was even more understanding from the start of several nights ago that he couldn’t let this person seize the top ranking. 

Such a cultivator would be better off dead later on. If he didn’t die, and in case became a big shot, the matter this time would be a thoroughly planted seed. A trace of regret emerged within his heart for the first time.

Thud… As he was lost in thought, a a cloth-wrapped bag was set down in front of him. Chu Tianyi pulled his hand back, his expression like always as he made an inviting gesture. Deputy Branchmaster Qi forced down the complicated thoughts in his mind, and just as he opened the bag to take a look, he coldly gasped!

On the inside, there was a stone, round as a sphere. The size of a fist and entirely transparent, it was a bit worn. However, it wasn’t the same as an ordinary stone… Inside the stone, white qi had already condensed into a liquid, taking the form of a vortex revolving inside the stone! By merely holding it could the boundless qi accumulated within be felt!

“This supreme item…” In his heart, another wave came forth again before the first wave had yet to settle. He undeniably knew why this item had been taken out this time.

“Stop the connection of qi in the Unrivaled Beneath the Heavens Arena.” Chu Tianyi’s face was covered in wrinkles and a wisp of iron-blooded ruthlessness flashed through his sagging eyes: “Although I don’t know… how this insect’s battle strength compares to Zhaonan after attaining the middle stage, this disparity ought to continue to exist for all eternity.”

“Ordinary people cannot climb to the heavens, nor should they hold such an extravagant hope.” His words were quite brief, but they contained a staunchness and killing intent that even made Fang Tansheng secretly shift his body away. This murderous aura was too sharp, making him somewhat uneasy.

“If it is completely stymied, the Heavens Law’s avatar will sense it.” Deputy Branchmaster Qi practically hadn’t give it much thought and immediately put the spirit stone into his pocket.

“Then find a way that it won’t sense it!” Chu Tianyi stood up. As a person whose position had stood at the apex of China for the past several decades, his might erupted in a flash: “Old Qi, I demand it to be absolute! The item this time can only return to my Chu Clan!”

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