Chapter 981 – Sword Monarch Tingyun!

“You know me?” Yang Ye asked the same question again, and his voice carried a slightly curious tone. Because they were at least a few million kilometers away from Ocean of Clouds City, and he would arrive in the north by just continuing forward for another day or 2. Logically speaking, the people here shouldn’t know him. After all, the events in Ocean of Clouds City had only occurred a few days ago.

Yang Ye? The others by the old man’s side had puzzled expressions on their faces. Obviously, they hadn’t heard of him.

The old man revealed an unsightly smile as he said, “I’ve heard a little about Young Master Yang…. Right, this is a misunderstanding. Orbit City has no intention of causing trouble for Young Master Yang. I represent the city to apologize to Young Master Yang for what happened just now. I hope that you’ll be able to forgive our mistakes!”

As he spoke, he flicked a spatial ring over to Yang Ye and said, “It’s just a small token of my intentions. I hope Young Master Yang will accept it!”

All the others around the old man were utterly dumbstruck!

Even though they didn’t understand why the old man acted like that, not one of them stepped forward and made noise about it. After all, they’d lived for over a thousand years, so they had the ability to discern the situation.

Yang Ye glanced at the spatial ring, and he noticed that there actually were 500,000 extreme-grade energy stones within it. He glanced at the old man and put the spatial ring away without refusing it at all, “Then I’ll be taking it!”

He was about to leave once he finished speaking.

“Stop right there!” However, the man in luxurious robes suddenly roared with fury.

However, he’d only just finished speaking when the old man instantly appeared before the man in luxurious robes, and then he slapped the man once more.


The old man had clearly not held back this time, and the man in luxurious robes was slapped down from midair and smashed into the ground.

After he slapped the man away, the old man gazed at Yang Ye and smiled, “The young are ignorant. I’m sorry you had to see that, Young Master Yang.”

Yang Ye glanced at the old man, and then he vanished into the horizon.

The old man immediately heaved a huge sigh of relief when he saw Yang Ye leave, and cold sweat gradually appeared on his forehead.

Meanwhile, a figure shot into the air from below. It was the man in luxurious robes.

At this moment, his face had warped severely, but others could still notice the savage expression that covered his face.

The man in luxurious robes gazed at the old man and spoke ferociously, “Elder Lin Yu, I’ll fight you to the death if you don’t give me an explanation right now!”

One of the other old men spoke abruptly, “Elder Lin, we need an explanation as well!”

The old man called Lin Yu said, “Do all of you know who he is?”

The man in luxurious robes spoke ferociously, “I don’t know who he is. All I know is that he was merely a Half-Saint, but Elder Lin Yun, you actually groveled before an ant like that! You even hit me for a piece of trash like that! Elder Lin, allow me to be honest. That’s a disgrace to our city. If you don’t give me an explanation right now, then I won’t stop until I kill you!”

Lin Yu glanced at the man and said, “Situ Yuan, once we get back to the city, I’ll be suggesting that the city governor removes you from your position as the Junior City Governor.”

The expressions of everyone here changed upon hearing the old man, and it was especially so for Situ Yuan. He was the Junior City Governor right now, so he would be the City Governor of Orbit City in the future. However, if he lost that position, then he wouldn’t be able to gain control of the city in the future!

He would just snicker if anyone else spoke these words, but he couldn’t avoid feeling horrified when Lin Yu spoke those words. Because Lin Yu was the person his grandfather trusted the most, and if he hadn’t been furious to the extreme, he wouldn’t have dared to speak like that to Lin Yu at all.

“Elder Lin, that shouldn’t be necessary, right?” Meanwhile, another old man spoke abruptly, “What exactly was that young man’s background? Why are you so afraid of him?”

Lin Yu turned around to look towards the direction of Ocean of Clouds Academy, “A war has broken out between Welkin Wolf Mountain Range and Ocean of Clouds City. The city governor was worried that our city would be affected, so he sent me to investigate. I stayed there for some time, and I noticed something there. Regardless of whether it was the demon beasts or the humans there, all of them were discussing a single person, Yang Ye! So, my curiosity made me investigate him.”

“He was just a Half-Saint!” Situ Yuan spoke coldly, “What’s there to investigate?”

Lin Yu said, “It’s very normal for you to have not heard about him. Because he only rose to prominence recently. However, you should have heard of the Dao Order and the Ocean of Clouds Academy, right?”

“Of course!” One of the old men by Lin Yu’s side spoke in a low voice, “Elder Lin, stop beating around the bush. What exactly is his background that it actually made you so afraid of him!?”

Lin Yu replied, “Yang Ye was just at the Exalt Realm not too long ago. At that time, conflict arose between him and the Dao Order, and the Dao Order used its Hell’s Coffin against him.”

“The Hell’s Coffin!” One of them cried out involuntarily, “The Dao Order wanted to fight him to the death?”

Lin Yu said, “Do you know what the outcome was? Every single expert the Dao Order sent was annihilated. In the end, he went to the Dao Order and challenged all of its geniuses. Besides Qing Daofu, every other genius who faced him died at his hands….”

Lin Yu spoke about all Yang Ye’s deeds in the south.

Once he finished speaking, all of the others had cold sweat on their faces.

“Quasi Void Rank sword intent, a body that’s even stronger than a demon beast in the same realm of cultivation, and he even slaughtered the entire secret court of the academy….” One of the old men spoke bitterly, “His strength is probably not inferior to the 5 top geniuses!”

Lin Yu spoke coldly, “He was only at the Monarch Realm when I returned. Yet now, he’s a Half-Saint. We would have definitely died if he wanted to kill us just now! I know that all of you don’t believe me, but just ask yourself this question. How strong are all of you when compared to those monstrous geniuses of the Ocean of Cloud Academy’s secret court? Perhaps their cultivations were inferior to us, but their combat strengths were definitely not inferior to us. However, Yang Ye slaughtered all of them by himself, and he was only at the Monarch Realm then!”

One of the old men laughed bitterly, “No wonder there wasn’t a shred of fear on his face when he faced all of us….”

Meanwhile, one of them suddenly said, “Right, he seemed to have been pursuing Saint Li Yun just now, right?”

All of them were stunned when they heard this, and then cold sweat started flowing down their faces.

One of the old men gulped and spoke with disbelief, “Could he have been pursuing Saint Li Yun and was trying to kill him?”

All of them felt a strand of indescribable coldness sweep through their bodies upon hearing these words.

It was especially so for Situ Yuan. At this moment, his face was ghastly pale. He hadn’t thought about that just now, but once he heard the old man, he recalled how Li Yun was the one who was fleeing. So, if Yang Ye was truly pursuing Li Yun, then it meant that he was halfway into his grave when he stopped Yang Ye just now!

“This matter isn’t ordinary, and the slightest mistake might cause us to be dragged into the war in the south!” Lin Yu spoke solemnly, “Come, let’s return to the city and immediately report this to the city governor!”

All of them nodded and vanished on the spot.

Orbit City.

Yang Ye snuck into the city. He didn’t go after Li Yun because he felt that Li Yun was with the other Saint within the city.

He was waiting for a suitable opportunity to arrive!

After he entered the city, Yang Ye made inquiries throughout the city. He found out that Orbit City was actually the border between the south and the north. He would arrive at the territory of the north if he passed through Orbit Ocean that was situated at the north of the city, and the city was named after the ocean that separated the north and the south.

In other words, Li Yun just had to leave the city and pass through the Orbit Ocean to arrive at the north. At that time, Yang Ye would have no chance to kill Li Yun.

So, his only chance to kill Li Yun was to seize the opportunity he had while Li Yun was still in Orbit City. Otherwise, there’ll be no end to his future troubles if Li Yun was allowed to escape!

“Instructor Yang, please do meet me at the City Governor’s Estate!” Suddenly, a voice resounded through the sky of the city.

Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly upon hearing this. Because it was a Saint who spoke those words! In other words, they knew that he’d entered the city. Of course, that Saint was definitely not aware of his precise location. Otherwise, that Saint would have just sent him a sound transmission. However, it did make Yang Ye become vigilant because he was sure that he hadn’t exposed his aura or left any tracks.

He hesitated for a moment before he shot towards the City Governor’s Estate.

Since they knew that he was in the city, there was no need to continue concealing himself.

Yang Ye traveled to the City Governor’s Estate without experiencing the slightest obstruction. Even when he entered through its entrance, the 2 high rank Half-Saints that were standing on guard there hadn’t stopped him at all, and they even nodded slightly to him instead.

Yang Ye walked towards the grand hall in the estate.

Meanwhile, a young girl around the age of 5 or 6 suddenly ran over to him. She had pigtails, and a chubby little face. She was very cute.

There was a small wooden sword in the little girl’s hand.

Yang Ye was slightly stunned when he saw her. Meanwhile, an old man suddenly appeared in front of the little girl. Yang Ye knew the old man because it was that old man, Elder Lin Yu, from before.

The little girl suddenly spoke, “You’re Yang Ye?”

Yang Ye’s gaze descended onto her, and then he nodded.

The little girl suddenly raised her wooden sword at him, and then a strand of sword intent surged out from within her, “I want to challenge you!”

5th level sword intent? Yang Ye was quite stunned. He hadn’t expected this little girl who was just around the age of 5 or 6 to actually possess 5th level sword intent! Yang Ye was truly quite shocked by this. After all, he was still playing in the mud at such an age!

Lin Yu smiled with embarrassment and said, “This is the city governor’s granddaughter. She’s very fond of the sword. I told her a little about you, and she really admires you!”

Yang Ye rubbed the little girl’s head and said, “Why do you want to challenge me?”

She spoke in a clear and melodious voice, “Because I would be able to learn a huge number of things!”

Yang Ye gazed at her for a long time before he asked, “Why do you like the sword?”

“I like it because I like it. There’s no need for a reason!” She blinked and said, “Do you accept my challenge?”

As he gazed at this naïve little girl, Yang Ye thought about Little Yao, Bao’er, and his daughter, Nianxue.

He remained silent for a long time before he took a deep breath and restrained his thoughts, and then he smiled at her, “There’s no need to challenge me. I’ll give you something if you’re willing to kiss me. You’ll definitely like it.”

The little girl hurriedly shook her head, “Mother said that girls can only kiss people they like. I don’t like you now. So… so why don’t you give it to me first, and I’ll kiss you if I like it. Alright?”

Yang Ye was amused, “That won’t do. It’s too valuable. I won’t give it to you unless you kiss me!”

“How valuable is it?” The little girl asked, “Tell… tell me about it, and I’ll see if it’s worth it. I would truly be suffering a loss if it isn’t worth it.”

Yang Ye chuckled, squatted down in front of her, and then whispered a few words in her ears. It didn’t take long for her eyes to open wide, and then she hurriedly kissed Yang Ye on the cheek as if she was absolutely afraid that he would go back on his word.

Yang Ye roared with laughter, and then he stood up and placed his right hand on her head. A few breaths of time passed before he rubbed her head, “It all depends on your own fortune!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he grinned, moved past her, and walked towards the grand hall.

Meanwhile, the little girl suddenly turned around and knelt in Yang Ye’s direction. She kowtowed on the ground and said, “Situ Tingyun will never forget Big Brother’s great kindness!”

Yang Ye didn’t know that something he did on a whim would actually cause a Sword Monarch to appear in this Stellar Region.

The only Sword Monarch since time immemorial, Sword Monarch Tingyun!

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