Almighty Sword Domain

Almighty Sword Domain

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On Azure Phoenix Peak (青鸾峰上)
This novel tells the tale of Yang Ye, a ruthless yet loving young man who's driven by his desire to protect his loved ones. It's set in a world where most only value strength and gain above all else, yet Yang Ye who's shaped by his experiences during his youth proves to be unlike everyone else.
If killing wasn't for the sake of showing off, then it would be meaningless.
If living wasn't for the sake of showing off, then it would be no different than death.
Kill to the point corpses cover the world!

Show off!
Show off to the point of invincibility!
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Yang Ye's entire family relied on him to keep them safe, but just when everything seemed to be going well, misfortune struck in droves!

How will he overcome the odds and rise up to protect his loved ones?

117 Reviews
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4 years ago
Another novel translated by InVader.

Personally, I've always been a sucker for sword cultivation novels, and this one is pretty decent as far as those go.

Read this novel if: you don't mind harems, you don't mind stories where everyone is solely motivated by benefits, you enjoy faction building/having a main character who builds up a team of people around him, you like a main character who refuses to bow towards higher powers (even if it is unrealistic at times), and you like an MC who can jump power levels.

Don't read this novel if: You want a smooth sailing journey (this main character gets his front teeth kicked in A LOT, and it sometimes makes me wonder how much the author likes him). You don't like betrayals (none from loved ones yet). You want to avoid instances of those cliched, entitled young master types. You hate stories that produce a "Me against the world" kind of vibe (this story has it going strong at this point, about 300 chapters in).

All in all, this is a pretty good read. Not the best, but very far from the worse. If I were to compare it to some other ones that focus on sword cultivation: 3 steps below Desolate Era, and 1 step below Dominating Sword Immortal.

Mister fuzz
4 years ago
Not recommended
After finishing the raws, I have to say this is a solid C+/B- read. The MC is kind of a psycho (which is actually important to the story in itself) but he eventually mellows out a bit towards the end. The author isn't very good at closing out the major overarching story arcs and at points the plot doesn't fully develop itself well. Side characters and the harem members are literally just decorations to the story and are not handled well at all either. Also the power progression is a little weird and non sensical at times. As the story drags on many important abilities, characters, and plot points are soon forgotten such as his side profession. The pacing of.the story is atrocious as well, often going from 0 to 100 real quick within 3-5 chapters, especially towards the end. Finally the biggest nail in the coffin for me is how the author decided to handle the heroines of the story, specifically the little fellow went from someone who I had significant emotional investment in to a literal background character who gets mentioned like 8 times within 1000+ chapters.

Overall, it starts out as an interesting read with a lot of potential, though it ultimately falls flat on its face into mediocrity.

The translation team did an amazing job though so shout outs to them.

4 years ago
Not recommended
EDIT: If you are unsure about reading this novel, I'd recommend giving it a go for at least the first hundred or two hundred chapters. Yes I did drop this novel, but it was a very close thing (as explained below), and there are many parts which I disliked which other people may not find a problem with.

Basically, I'm saying to give the novel a try if you were considering it, especially for the first 100-200 chapters, since most of the problems I have with the novel don't even come up until the late 100s and other people may not find those as problems.

I'm just gonna start off my saying that I have very mixed feelings about this novel. There are parts that I like and parts that I don't like, and in my view, the parts I don't like outweigh those that I do like, which is why I dropped this novel.

Parts that I like:

1. The translation - Invader is a great translator, his grammar is top-notch and he always releases on time. He also releases bonus chapters fairly often, which is always a plus.

2. The premise of the story - It's a pretty generic sword cultivation story, just the way I like them. The MC is a boy who was trash because he "couldn't cultivate," but then he realizes that he is actually a genius cultivator and was only suppressed by a special one of a kind dantian. It's pretty generic, but it's written fairly decent and I enjoyed the novel at first.

3. His secondary profession (because all good MC's need to have some side profession that they are a godly talent at) is pretty well developed without basing the entire novel around it. It has a good mix of main cultivation/side job cultivation.

4. The fight scenes aren't too dragged out, yes they are somewhat long but they never got to the point where I was skimming through them because I couldn't stand it anymore.

The parts that I don't like:

1. The plot - At first the plot seems decent. However, once you reach a certain point, its just rinse and repeat, and its a somewhat annoying plot too. Imagine a generix CN plot, but the genericness squared. He goes to a new area. Insert random young master/famous guy/apprentice or student of a famous guy. Oh wow, the random guy is very arrogant and has angered the MC. MC: *Hold my drink* *Kills randm guy*

Random guy's teacher/dad/friend (you get the idea): "NO WAY OMG YOU DIDN'T JUST KILL (Character x). I NEED TO KILL YOU NOW"

*20 chapters later*

"wow the MC is too strong, lets go look for some stronger guy to back us up so we can kill him"

*repeat x10*

2. This also kinda goes with the point before, but the way that the random character antagonizes the MC is very forced and pretty ridiculous at times. For example, there is a certain point (I won't say where) where he pretty much decides to kill two people from his side profession Association who he had never seen before, since they questioned whether he was his master's student (and it wasn't like they were trying to obstruct him, they were legitimately asking since his master had never announced that he took the MC as his student, and the MC had no proof that he was the guy's student). In these circumstances, it would be pretty normal to question whether MC was really the guy's disciple would it not? In fact, it would be kind of worrying if they didn't, since his teacher was one of the best at the side profession in that region, so letting some random guy who no one has never seen before or heard of act as his student would be kind of weird. That's fully logical right? Not to the MC. He decides to kill them for offending him. Literally at the front door of the side job organization. In front of an elder of the association. Go figure. Keep in mind, this is all literally the day after that he decided to piss off and kill one of the personal guards of a prince of the country that he was in.

Basically, TLDR the plot is very repetitive and forced to the point where it's honestly painful to read.

Overall, although the story has it's good points, how repetitive the plot is and how forced it is was just too much for me to read. If you have no issue with repetitive plots/forced events, I'd honestly recommend the book, as its other aspects are pretty good (take this with a grain of salt though, since I usually have no issue with repetitive plots, but even I couldn't take just how repetitive this one was).

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