Chapter 913 – An Ocean of Blood!

Everyone on the city walls was stunned when they say Yang Ye crying. Obviously, they hadn’t imagined that such a ruthless and powerful person like Yang Ye would actually cry…. Moreover, it was because of a demon beast!

As far as they were concerned, Yang Ye was definitely a man whose blood would flow but tears would never!

Yang Ye had only cried twice throughout his lifetime.

The first time was when his mother died, and the other time was this very moment. His feelings for the violet mink was impossible to be described with words. It could be said that if someone had to die between him and the violet mink, then he wouldn’t hesitate to choose himself!

He treated the violet mink’s life as more important than his own!

However, the violet mink had been heavily injured to such an extent right before his eyes.

As if she’d heard Yang Ye’s sobs, the violet mink slowly opened her eyes, and a trace of pain flashed through her eyes when she saw Yang Ye’s face covered in tears. She wanted to raise her little claw and touch Yang Ye, but she couldn’t raise it no matter what. She could only gaze at him with pain in her eyes, and then tears started flowing incessantly from her eyes just like Yang Ye!

Yang Ye wiped off the tears on his face and lightly placed his hands on the violet mink before the violet energy within him surged out and flowed into the violet mink. He spoke softly, “Don’t… don’t be afraid. You… you’ll be fine. You’ll definitely be fine. I… I won’t leave you on your own ever again. I won’t ever let you fight alone again, never….”

The injuries throughout the violet mink’s body started to heal slowly under the effects of the violet energy.


Meanwhile, a howl resounded through the sky. It resounded like a thunderclap and caused the surroundings to quake!

“Yang Ye! Get back here quickly! That’s the Welkin Wolf Demon King’s order to attack!” Shang Qingying quickly shouted in an anxious voice. She’d even shouted out his real name in her anxious state, but no one noticed it!

As soon as she finished speaking, the army of wolves raised their heads and howled in unison, and then all of them charged madly in Yang Ye’s direction!

Yang Ye held the violet mink in his arms as he stood up slowly, and then he pulled his shirt open and placed her beneath the folds of his shirt. After that, his figure flashed over to the yellow robed man and the white wolf which was on the verge of death.

He grabbed the yellow robbed man’s hair and the white wolf’s fur before flashing over to the city gates, and then he flicked 8 strands of sword energy and instantly nailed them to the wall.

“AH!! How dare you do this to me! My older brother will kill you! He’ll kill you!” The yellow robed man roared hysterically with fury, but his voice carried boundless pain because the area between his legs was still bleeding….

“Aowu!” The white wolf howled endlessly with misery. At this moment, there was no ferocity or viciousness in its eyes, and there was only fear and terror there!

“Ye Yang! Get in the city now!” A small gap had been opened between the city gates under Shang Qingying’s orders.

However, Yang Ye paid no attention to her. He just put the Herculean Sword away, and then started walking towards the army that was charging in his direction.

“Ye Yang! Quickly get back!” The expressions of the others on the city walls changed drastically when they witnessed this scene. They couldn’t deny that Yang Ye’s strength was extremely formidable. But no matter how strong he was, it was impossible for him to resist an army of a few million wolves. Or it should be said that besides a Saint Realm expert, no one could fight an army of a few million on their own. Moreover, there were even countless Monarchs and Half-Saints in the army!

Yang Ye paid no attention to them and just continued forward. It didn’t take long for him to be unable to go further. Because the imposing aura created by the charging army had obstructed his path. How terrifying was that aura? If it wasn’t for the protection from his 3rd level Heaven Rank sword intent, his would have probably been squashed by the aura!

There was a trace of fear and terror in the eyes of the wolves at the front of the charge when they saw Yang Ye walking towards them. However, they feared their king more. So, even if they feared Yang Ye, they didn’t dare to stop. Conversely, they even revealed a vicious and ferocious gaze in their eyes.

Yang Ye stopped on the spot while a Dao Rank sword appeared in his grasp, and his profound energy surged madly out of his body.

In next to no time, the army was just less than 30m away from him!

Suddenly, a wisp of viciousness surged out from Yang Ye, and then his figure transformed into a ray of light that shot forward. The wolves at the front of the charge were instantly slashed into two while Yang Ye was instantly drowned within the ocean of wolves. However, rays of light were flashed incessantly through the arm!

Every single ray of light took the lives of a few hundred wolves.

Yang Ye hadn’t noticed that it wasn’t just his eyes that were crimson red right now, even his hair had started to turn a shocking red color. At the same time, the Pearl of Baleful Blood which had fused into his forehead long ago had actually appeared once more. As soon as it did, the blood and baleful energy from the dead wolves were instantly absorbed by it.

Besides that, Yang Ye’s sword intent was starting to change. His sword intent had been Slaughter Sword Intent in the past, but the amount of ‘slaughter’ within it had been gradually diluted as his sword intent rose to the 3rd level of the Heaven Rank. Coupled with the fact that he hadn’t killed intentionally in order to improve that part of his sword intent. So, strictly speaking, his sword intent couldn’t be considered as true Slaughter Sword Intent for a very long time now!

But at this moment, the portion related to ‘slaughter’ within his sword intent had started to be brought alive, and it was growing stronger at an insane rate!

3rd level Heaven Rank sword intent could merge into space and move without making a sound. What about 3rd level Heaven Rank slaughter intent? If Slaughter Sword Intent was separated into its components, then it was actually sword intent and slaughter intent. However, Yang Ye had fused them in the past. Since they could be fused, they naturally could be split apart. At this moment, Yang Ye had split them apart!

Actually, it was his sword intent which had taken the initiative to split apart from his slaughter intent. After all, it was Quasi Void Rank sword intent!

As he killed more and more demon beasts and coupled with the fact that his mind was filled with the mad intent to slaughter and kill, the slaughter intent within Yang Ye gradually grew more and more terrifying. It didn’t take long for it to grow to the 2nd level of the Heaven Rank, and it was still growing stronger.

Slaughter intent was unlike sword intent. Sword intent mostly relied on comprehension and advancements in one’s mental state to attain a breakthrough. However, there was only one way to improve slaughter intent, and it was to slaughter!

If a person were to raise his sword and kill one after the other until millions or over 10 million were killed. Then even if that person didn’t comprehend slaughter intent, that person’s aura would absolutely not be inferior to someone who’d actually comprehended slaughter intent!

At this moment, it was a slaughter!

Yang Ye didn’t hold back at all, and sword energy was flashing both horizontally and vertically. Coupled with the Laws of Speed, and the suppressive effects of his 3rd level Heaven Rank sword intent and 2nd level Heaven Rank slaughter intent, not a single demon beast could stop Yang Ye!

In less than 15 minutes, Yang Ye had killed almost 200,000 demon beasts. Of course, such an amount of nothing in comparison to the army of wolves. However, it was sufficient to cause countless demon beasts to feel horrified. Because any demon beast that came close to Yang Ye would be killed in an instant, and even Half-Saints were no exception!

Their bodies were much stronger than human experts, but they were incapable of stopping Yang Ye’s sword!

The others standing on the city wall were utterly flabbergasted by this scene. They’d never imagined that Yang Ye would actually be able to charge into the arm on his own and slaughter it. After all, he was only at the Monarch Realm!

At this moment, many inner court students and cultivators at the Monarch Realm had the impulse to just knock their heads against a wall and die. After all, they were all at the Monarch Realm, but the gap between them was truly too huge.

During this period, some high rank Half-Saints within the army weren’t able to restrain themselves, and they intended to act against Yang Ye. However, they were stopped by the high rank Half-Saints on the academy’s side.

So, Yang Ye was still slaughtering like a madman.

As Yang Ye gradually killed more and more, his hair had turned completely red, and the sword intent and slaughter intent he emanated were occasionally separate and sometimes fused together as they suppressed the army of wolves before him. The army of wolves was truly incapable of fighting back before the dual suppression of his slaughter intent and sword intent.

It didn’t take long for many wolves to dare not approach Yang Ye. They would rather face the cannons and formations on the city walls than face Yang Ye. Because Yang Ye was like a god of slaughter right now.

Yang Ye’s eyes were closed right now, and only his sword was being swung without end.

At this moment, there was only a single thought in his mind, and it was to kill and annihilate everything before him!


After slaughtering around a few hundred thousand demon beasts, a strand of terrifying red light suddenly erupted from within Yang Ye. As soon as the red light appeared, the space in an area of almost 1km around Yang Ye actually turned completely blood red!

3rd level Heaven Rank slaughter intent!

Once slaughter intent merged into space, it wasn’t soundless like sword intent, and it had its own unique characteristics.

A monstrous aura of blood and slaughter lingered in an area of almost 1km around Yang Ye, and that aura caused many demon beasts in the surroundings to lay flat on the ground!

“Aowu!” Suddenly, a howl resounded from the sky.

As soon as it resounded, the wolves that were attacking the city in a frenzy stopped immediately, and then they retreated like a receding tide. Especially those wolves around Yang Ye and before him, they even wished for nothing more than to have a few more limbs!

The army charged swiftly, and it retreated swiftly as well. It only took a moment for the entire army to retreat into the mountain range.

However, Yang Ye was still chasing and killing them like a madman!

Just like that, he charged forward all alone with a sword that was already blunt, and he chased after the army of a few million wolves!

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